Key to Clark's Normal Grammar: In which the Analyses of the Sentences in the Grammar are Indicated by Diagrams, and the Examples of Grammatic Fallacies are Corrected

A.S. Barnes, 1872 - 153 páginas

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Página 34 - ... limits of a single term of study, while sacrificing nothing that is essential, and nothing that is usually retained from the study of the larger manuals in common use. Thus the student has rare opportunity to economize his time, or rather to employ that which he has to the best advantage. A notable feature is the author's charming "style," fortified by an enthusiasm over his subject in which the student will not fail to partake.
Página 32 - ... avoidance of verbiage and unimportant matter, particular attention to 'analysis, and a general adoption of the simplest methods, Mrs. Willar-d has made the best and most attractive elementary Astronomy extant. Mclntyre's Astronomy and the Globes, • - 1 53 A complete treatise for intermediate classes.
Página 2 - Without exception it may be said that no volumes of the same size and character contain a collection so diversified, judicious, and artistic as this. It embraces the choicest gems of English literature, so arranged as to afford the reader ample exercise in every department of style. So acceptable has the taste of the authors in...

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