General Laws of California, as Amended Up to the End of the Extra Session of 1906: Containing the Laws that are in Common Use in Full, with References to Other General Laws in Force, and Also to Special Laws, with Statutory History and Citations Up to and Including Volume 147, California Reports

Bancroft-Whitney, 1906 - 1912 Seiten
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Seite 638 - No person shall operate a motor vehicle on a public highway at a rate of speed greater than is reasonable and proper, having regard to the traffic and use of the highway, or so as to endanger the life or limb of any person, or the safety of any property...
Seite 537 - Notice of such election must be given by posting notices in three public places in each election precinct in said district for at least twenty days, and also by publication of such notice in some newspaper published in the county, where the office of the board of directors of such district is required to be kept, once a week for at least three successive weeks.
Seite 561 - ... an act to provide for the organization and government of irrigation districts, and to provide for the acquisition of water and other property, and for the distribution of water thereby for irrigation purposes...
Seite 827 - ... before or at the time of incurring such indebtedness provision shall be made for the collection of an annual tax sufficient to pay the interest on such indebtedness as it falls due, and also to constitute a sinking fund for the payment of the principal thereof, within twenty years from the time of contracting the same.
Seite 38 - Said application shall be signed by said employer or by a majority of his employees in the department of the business in which the controversy or difference exists, or their duly authorized agent, or by both parties, and shall contain a concise statement of the grievances complained of, and a promise to continue on in business or at work without any lock-out or strike until the decision of said board, if it shall be made within three weeks of the date of filing said application.
Seite 539 - ... bonds, till the day and hour named in the resolution. At the time appointed the board shall open the proposals, and award the purchase of the bonds to the highest responsible bidder; provided, however, that they may reject all bids.
Seite 345 - For any search of the files and records when no certified copy is made, the State Registrar shall...
Seite 383 - Such notice must specify the time of holding the election, the amount of bonds proposed to be issued, and said election must be held, and the result thereof determined and declared In all respects as nearly as practicable in conformity with the provisions of this act governing the election of officers: provided, that no informalities in conducting such election shall Invalidate the same if the election shall have been otherwise fairly conducted. At such an election the ballots shall contain the words...
Seite 392 - No Director or any other officer named in this Act shall in any manner be interested, directly or indirectly, in any contract awarded or to be awarded by the Board, or in the profits to be derived therefrom...
Seite 382 - The legal title to all property acquired under the provisions of this act shall immediately and by operation of law vest in such irrigation district, and shall be held by such district in trust for and is hereby dedicated and set apart to the uses and purposes set forth in this act...

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