Studies in European and American History: An Introduction to the Source Study Method in History


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Seite 283 - Governments, like clocks, go from the motion men give them ; and as governments are made and moved by men, so by them they are ruined too. Wherefore governments rather depend upon men, than men upon governments.
Seite 263 - Assembly and the authority thereof, that the conferring of baptisme doth not alter the condition of the person as to his bondage or freedom...
Seite 246 - ... Roughly speaking, it took a century of Indian fighting and forest felling for the colonial settlements to expand into the interior to a distance of about a hundred miles from the coast. Indeed, some stretches were hardly touched in that period. This conquest of the nearest wilderness in the course of the seventeenth century and in the early years of the eighteenth, gave control of the maritime section of the nation and made way for the new movement of westward expansion which I propose to discuss....
Seite 282 - I do not find a model in the world, that time, place, and some singular emergencies have not necessarily altered, nor is it easy to frame a civil government that shall serve all places alike.
Seite 268 - It is ordered, that Josias Plastowe shall (for stealing four baskets of corn from the Indians) return them eight baskets again, be fined £5, and hereafter to be called by the name of Josias, and not Mr. as formerly he used to be ; and that William Buckland and Thomas Andrew shall be whipped for being accessary to the same offence.
Seite 282 - That in clearing the ground, care be taken to leave one acre of trees for every five acres cleared, especially to preserve oak and mulberries for silk and shipping.
Seite 271 - Item, that none shall sell their houses or allotments to any new comers, but with the consent and allowance of those that are appointed allotters.
Seite 283 - That the governor and" Provincial Council shall erect and order all public schools, and encourage and reward the authors of useful sciences and laudable inventions in the said province.
Seite 282 - And forasmuch, as it is usual with the planters to over-reach the poor natives of the country, in trade, by goods not being good of the kind, or debased with mixtures, with which they are sensibly aggrieved, it is agreed, whatever is sold to the Indians, in consideration of their furs, shall be sold in the...
Seite 260 - Be it further enacted and confirmed, that ft ree trade be allowed to all the inhabitants of the collony to buy and sell at their best advantage; and that all acts concerning ingrossing be from henceforth repealed and made void.

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