A Treatise on Currency and Banking

Grigg & Elliot, 1840 - 323 Seiten

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Seite 250 - Such as shall be conveyed to it in satisfaction of debts previously contracted in the course of its dealings.
Seite 202 - ... to carry on the business of banking by obtaining and issuing circulating notes in accordance with the provisions of this act; by discounting bills, notes, and other evidences of debt...
Seite 243 - ... as he may from time to time deem necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this act, and of such form as he may prescribe. Such blank circulating notes shall be countersigned, numbered and registered in proper books to be provided and kept for that purpose in the office of said...
Seite 248 - The names and places of residence of the shareholders and the number of shares held by each of them. Fifth. The fact that the certificate is made to enable such persons to avail themselves of the advantages of this Title.
Seite 250 - Such as shall have been purchased at sales upon judgments, decrees or mortgages obtained or made for such debts; and it shall not be lawful for any company incorporated as aforesaid to purchase, hold or convey real estate in any other case or for any other purpose...
Seite 249 - ... transferable on the books of the association in such manner as may be prescribed in the by-laws or articles of association ; and every person becoming a shareholder by such transfer shall, in proportion to his shares, succeed to all the rights and liabilities of the prior holder of such shares, and no change shall be made in the articles of association...
Seite 249 - It shall be lawful for any association of persons organized under this act, by their articles of association, to provide for an increase of their capital, and of the number of the association.
Seite 248 - Such persons, under their hands and seals, shall make a certificate which shall specify: — 1. The name assumed to distinguish such association, and to be used in its dealings.
Seite 223 - That a committee be appointed to inquire whether it be expedient to make any amendments in the laws which regulate the coins of the United States and foreign coins." On the 26th of January, 1819, Mr. Lowndes, as chairman of the committee appointed under this resolution, made a detailed report, favorable to a change in the mint proportion. This report was accompanied by a bill, providing as follows. 1. That there should be retained by the...
Seite 289 - A committee of the Senate of that State, appointed in December, 1819, to inquire into the extent and causes of the present general distress, ascribe it, as we do, to the improvident creation of so many banks, as will appear from the following extract from their report : "At the following session the subject was renewed with increased ardor...

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