Leigh's new picture of England and Wales [ed. by T.G.B.].


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Seite 704 - The Principles of Practical Perspective, or Scenographic Projection ; containing Universal Rules for delineating Designs on various Surfaces, and taking Views from Nature, by the most simple and expeditious methods : To which are added, Rules for Shadowing, and the Elements of Painting. By Richard Brown, Architect and Professor of Perspective. Illustrated by fifty-one plates. Royal 4to. 21 2s The Fourteenth Number of the " British Gallery of Pictures...
Seite 702 - Primitive Nations, and of all the Countries and People mentioned in Sacred History. To which is prefixed, an Introductory Essay, concerning the Origin, Occasion, Character, and Meaning of each Book or Writing in the Holy Bible; wherein also the most difficult Subjects of the Mosaic History...
Seite 702 - Scripture Genealogy from Adam to Christ, exhibiting in a Series of Thirtysix Engraved Tables, a Distinct View of the Nation, Tribe, Family, Lineal Descent, and Posterity of every Person mentioned...
Seite 298 - They are generally in the form of a cross, with a tower in the centre ending in a cupola or spire, and with high pitched roofs.
Seite 55 - Billiard and other rooms are also prepared for the reception of those gentlemen who prefer games of skill, or hazard, to the more boisterous diversions of the turf; and excellent accommodations for visitors may be found in the numerous inns with which the town is provided.
Seite 244 - CASTLE was situated on the east side of the town; and though the buildings are now reduced to a few massive fragments of wall, the remains are still sufficient to evince the ancient strength and importance of this fortress. The ramparts are very bold, and the ditches still wide and deep, particularly on the north and east sides, though partly filled up by the lapse of centuries.
Seite 704 - Views in Suffolk, Norfolk and Northamptonshire; Illustrative of the Works of Robert Bloomfield; accompanied with Descriptions: to which is annexed, a Memoir of the Poet's Life, by EW Brayley.
Seite 90 - French-horns and clarionet* be introduced : softer music than such loud wind instruments would scarcely have power to vibrate. The effect is now wonderfully changed : the sound of a cannon is heard in bursts; it is the music only of thunder. But the continuation of musical sounds, forms a continuation of musical echoes, which, reverberating around the lake, are exquisitely melodious in their several gradations, and form a thousand symphonies, playing together from every part. The variety of notes...
Seite 697 - Description of the Monuments and most distinguished Works in Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, both Ancient and Modern, of that celebrated City and its Environs. By Marien Vasi.
Seite 91 - The precipices seldom overshoot the water, but are arranged at some distance ; and the shores swell with woody eminences, or sink into green pastoral margins. Masses of wood also frequently appear among the...

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