The American Flora: Or History of Plants and Wild Flowers, Containing a Systematic and General Description, Natural History, Chemical and Medical Properties of Over Six Thousand Plants

1855 - 3 páginas

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Página 5 - Youth at school might be compared to shrubs in a garden, which will sometimes, though rarely, elude all the care of the gardener, but, if transplanted into a different soil, may become fruitful trees. With this view, therefore, and no other, the bearer was sent to the university, where it was possible that he might meet with a climate propitious to his progress.
Página 115 - Instead of taking off so large a portion of the young shoots, and training in a few only, to a considerable length, as is usually done, and as I should myself do to a great extent, in the vicinity of London, and in every favourable situation, I preserve a large number of the young shoots, which are emitted in a proper direction in early spring by the yearling wood, shortening each where necessary, by pinching off the minute succulent points, generally to the length of one or two inches. Spurs which...
Página 113 - All the varieties of the Peach produce their fruit upon the young wood of a year old, the blossom buds rising immediately from the eyes of the shoots. The same shoots seldom bear after the first year, except on some casual small spurs on the two years' wood, which is not to be counted upon. Hence the trees are to be pruned as bearing entirely on the shoots of the preceding year, and a full supply of regular grown shoots must be retained for successional bearers. Cut out the redundant shoots, and...
Página 40 - I have had a cancer of the lip entirely cured by it ; a scirrhosity in a woman's breasts, of such a kind as frequently proceeds to cancer, I have found entirely discussed by the use of it ; a sore a little below the eye, which had put on a cancerous appearance, was much mended by the internal use of the Belladonna ; but the patient having learned somewhat of the poisonous nature of the medicine, refused to continue the use of it, upon which the sore again spread, and was painful ; but, upon a return...
Página 12 - The most flattering compliment which he received was from the King of Spain, who invited him to settle at Madrid, with the offer of an annual pension for life of 2000 pistoles, letters of nobility, and the free exercise of his own religion. He, however, did not accept of this offer, but answered, that if he had any merit, his services were due to his own country.
Página 104 - ... on hardier sorts. To produce strong flowers, requires some attention in pruning : old wood should be yearly cut out, and the young shoots thinned and shortened according to their strength, and whether number or magnitude of flowers be desired. Where very large roses are wanted, all the buds except that on the extreme point of each shoot should be pinched off as soon as they make their appearance, and the plant liberally supplied with water. Some roses are cultivated on a large scale for commercial...
Página 114 - ... suffered to spring, pinch or cut them off, with such as are disorderly. Retain a competent supply of some of the best well placed side and terminal shoots, to remain for selection at the winter pruning. Nail or lay in the reserve close to the wall, at their full length, and so train them all summer. The winter pruning may be performed at the fall of the leaf, or at any time in moderate weather till February or March. It comprises a regulation both of the old and young wood. Carefully preserve...
Página 110 - At what period it was introduced into Greece is uncertain. The Romans seem to have brought it direct from Persia, during the reign of the Emperor Claudius. It is first mentioned by Columella, and afterwards described by Pliny.
Página 4 - From the very time that he first left his cradle, he almost lived in his father's garden, which was planted with some of the rarer shrubs and flowers ; and thus were kindled, before he was well out of his mother's arms, those sparks which shone so vividly all his lifetime, and latterly burst into such a flame.
Página 116 - ... and if all were to remain, it would hurt the trees in their future bearing ; therefore they should be timely thinned, when of the size of large peas, or half-grown gooseberries. There should be a preparatory thinning at the time of stoning, and a final thinning afterwards, because most plants, especially such as have overborne themselves, drop many fruit at that crisis. Finish the thinning with great regularity, leaving those retained at proper distances, three, four, or five, on strong shoots,...

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