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Página 34 - Indeed, bitter and earnest writing must not hastily be condemned ; for men cannot contend coldly, and without affection, about things which they hold dear and precious.
Página 293 - In Nature's -presence : thence may I select Sorrow, that is not sorrow, but delight ; And miserable love, that is not pain To hear of, for the glory that redounds Therefrom to human kind, and what we are.
Página 97 - Government, against subjects of Portugal, or any other individuals residing in this country, founded on the occupation of Portugal by the French troops in the month of December 1807, which may not have been paid up, are cancelled, and all sequestrations laid upon their property, moveable or immoveable, are removed, and the free disposal of the same is restored to the proper owners.
Página 324 - Since therefore the knowledge and survey of vice is in this world so necessary to the constituting of human virtue, and the scanning of error to the confirmation of truth, how can we more safely, and with less danger scout into the regions of sin and falsity than by reading all manner of tractates, and hearing all manner of reason ? And this is the benefit which may be had of books promiscuously read.
Página 275 - Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay To mould me man ? Did I solicit thee From darkness to promote me...
Página 171 - The outermost and all-embracing circle of benevolence has inward concentric circles which, like those of the spider's web, are bound together by links, and rest upon each other ; making one frame, and capable of one tremor ; circles narrower and narrower, closer and closer, as they lie more near to the centre of self from which they proceeded, and which sustains the whole.
Página 182 - The French army shall carry with it all its equipments, and all that is comprehended under the name of property of the army...
Página xiv - Concerning the Relations of Great Britain, Spain, and Portugal, to each other and to the common Enemy, at this crisis, and specifically as affected by the Convention of Cintra, the whole brought to the Test of those Principles by which alone the independence and freedom of Nations can be preserved or recovered.
Página xxxvii - I did in my hasty youth presume to use the great and venerated personality of WORDSWORTH as a sort of painter's model ; one from which this or the other particular feature may be selected and turned to account : had I intended more, above all, such a boldness as portraying the entire man, I should not have talked about " handfuls of silver and bits of ribbon.