Letters and Journals of Jonathan Swift

Kegan, Paul, Trench & Company, 1885 - 292 páginas

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Página 148 - The reason I write to you is, because I cannot tell it to you, should I see you ; for when I begin to complain, then you are angry, and there is something in your looks so awful that it strikes me dumb.
Página 174 - Although her knowledge, from books and company, was much more extensive than usually falls to the share of her sex ; yet she was so far from making a parade of it, that her female visitants, on their first acquaintance, who expected to discover it by what they call hard words and deep discourse, would be sometimes disappointed, and say, "They found she was like other women.
Página 15 - Varina, how imagination leads me beyond myself and all my sorrows ! It is sunk, and a thousand • graves lie open ! — No, madam, I will give you no more of my unhappy temper, though I derive it all from you.
Página 5 - I have behaved myself just the same way ; and I profess, without any other design than that of entertaining myself when I am very idle, or when something goes amiss in my affairs.
Página 147 - If you are in Ireland while I am there, I shall see you very seldom. It is not a place for any freedom, but where everything is known in a week, and magnified a hundred degrees. These are rigorous laws that must be passed through ; but it is probable we may meet in London in winter, or, if not, leave all to fate, that seldom cares to humour our inclinations.
Página 221 - You mortally hate writing, only because it is the thing you chiefly ought to do; as well to keep up the vogue you have in the world, as to make you easy in your fortune : You are merciful to every thing but money, your best friend, whom you treat with inhumanity.
Página 191 - French, and the rest. But principally I hate and detest that animal called man ; although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth. This is the system upon which...
Página xvi - ... he was stopped of his degree for dulness and insufficiency ; and at last hardly admitted in a manner little to his credit, which is called in that college speciali gratid, on the 15th February 1685, with four more on the same footing : and this discreditable mark, as I am told, stands upon record in their college registry.
Página 133 - ... among those who liked or disapproved the proceedings then at court, and that I was known to be a common friend of all deserving persons of the latter sort when they were in distress...
Página 27 - I find nothing but the good words and wishes of a decayed ministry, whose lives and mine will probably wear out before they can serve either my little hopes, or their own ambition.

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