Public and Local Acts of the Legislature of the State of Michigan

W. S. George, 1872
Includes regular, special, adjourned and extra sessions

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Página 123 - Majesty shall enjoy the use of the St Clair Flats Canal on terms of equality with the inhabitants of the United States, and further engages to urge upon the State Governments to secure to the subjects of Her Britannic Majesty the use of the several State canals connected with the navigation of the lakes or rivers traversed by or contiguous to the boundary line between the possessions of the High Contracting Parties, on terms of equality with the inhabitants of the United States.
Página 73 - Until such fences and cattle-guards shall be duly made, the corporation and its agents shall be liable for all damages which shall be done by their agents or engines, to cattle, horses, or other...
Página 94 - The term corporations as used in this article, shall be construed to include all associations and joint stock companies having any of the powers or privileges of corporations not possessed by individuals or partnerships.
Página 109 - ... tax shall be used for any other purpose than that for which it was raised, without a vote of two-thirds of the tax-paying voters of the district.
Página 96 - At any meeting of the board of trustees, a majority of the trustees shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but a less number may adjourn from time to time...
Página 128 - Resolved (the Senate concurring), That our Senators and Representatives in Congress be requested to use all honorable means to...
Página 39 - ... at its annual election, or at a special election called for that purpose by the council, as provided in this act, and shall be determined as two-thirds of the electors voting at such election by ballot shall decide.
Página 142 - ... town, whose duty it shall be to preside at such meeting, appoint a clerk, open and keep the polls, and exercise the same powers as justices of the peace when presiding at town meetings...
Página 104 - SEC. 5. The Governor may make a provisional appointment, to fill a vacancy occasioned by the suspension of an officer, until he shall be acquitted, or until after the election and qualification of a successor.
Página 147 - I do hereby Certify the foregoing to be a true Copy of the Original...

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