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Somerset. Pontoosuc.

So. Acton. Pottersville,

So. Amherst. Pride's Crossing, Southampton. Princeton.

So. Ashburnham. Princeton Depot. So. Attleboro. *Provincetown.

Southboro. *Quincy.

So, Braintree.
Sub station No. 1 So. Brewster.

(110 Copeland St.). *Southbridge. Randolph.

So. Byfield. Raynham,

So. Carver. *Reading.

So, Chatham. Ridgehill.

So. Chelmsford. Riverside.

So. Dartmouth. Rochdale.

So. Deerfield. Rochester.

*So. Dennis. Rock.

So. Duxbury. Rockland.

So. Easton. Rockport.

So. Egremont. Rowe.

So. Essex. Rowley.

Southfield. Royalston.

*80. Framingham. Russell.

So. Gardner. Rutland.

So. Groveland. Sagamore.

So. Hadley. *Salem.

So. Hadley Falls. Salisbury.

So. Hanover. *Sandwich.

So. Hanson. Santuit.

So. Harwich. Saugus.

So. Hingham. *Saxonyille.

So. Hyannis. Scituate.

Bo. Lancaster. Sea View

So. Lee. Seekonk.

So. Lincoln. *Sharon,

So. Middleboro. Sheffield.

So. Natick. *Shelburne Falls. So. Royalston. Sberborn.

So. Budbury. Shirley.

Southville. Shirley Centre. So. Walpole. Shrewsbury.

So. Wareham. Bilver Lake.

So. Wellfleet.

So. Weymouth.
So. Yarmouth.
State Farm.
Sterling Junction,
Still River.

Tapleyville. *Taunton. Teaticket. Templeton. Tewksbury. *Thorndike. Three Rivers. Topsfield. Townsend. Townsend Harbor. Truro. Tufts College. *Turner's Falls. Tyngsboro. Upton. *Uxbridge. Vineyard Haven. Waban. *Wakefield.

Wales. *Walnut Hill.

Walpole. *Waltham. Waquoit. Wardhill. *Ware.


West Hanover. Warren.

West Harwich. Warwick.

West Hingham. *Watertown.

West Mansfield. Mount Auburn Sta. *West Medford. tion.

West Medway. *Waverley.

Westminster. Wayland.

Westminster Depot. *Webster.

West Newbury. *Wellesley.

West Northfield. Wellesley Hills.

Weston. Wellfieet.

Westport. Wellington.

West Rutland. Wenham.

West Springfield. Wenham Depot.

Weet Stockbridge. West Acton.

West Stoughton. West Barnstable. West Sutton. West Berlin.

West Tisbury. *Westboro.

West Townsend. West Boylston.

West Upton.
West Bridgewater. West Wareham.
West Brookfield. West Warren.
West Chelmsford. Westwood.
West Dennis.

West Yarmouth.
West Duxbury. Weymouth.
West Falmouth. Weymouth Centre.

Weymouth Heights.

Whately. *West Gardner. *Whitinsville. West Groton.


Wilbraham. Wilkinsonville. Williamsburg. *Williamstown. Williamstown Station. Williamsville. Willimansett. Wilmington. Winchendon. Winchendon Springs. *Winchester. *Woburn. Wollaston. Wood's Holl. *Worcester.

Stations. *A (49 Main Street). *B (Webster Square). *C (Quinsigamond). *D (Greendale).

1 (8 Millbury Bireet).
2 (Lake View).
3 (580 Southbridge

4 (236 Front Street).
Yarmouth Port.

SPECIAL DELIVERY. Every article of mailable matter bearing a special-delivery stamp, in addition to the lawful postage, will be entitled to an immediate delivery by messenger at any post-office in the United States. The price of the special-delivery stamps is ten cents each. They are sold by postmasters in any required amount and to any person who may apply for them; but they can be used only for the purpose of securing the immediate delivery of mail matter addressed to and received in the mails at any post-office. Under no circumstances are they to be used in the payment of postages of any description, or of the registry fee; nor can any other stamps be employed to secure special delivery except the special delivery stamps. The special-delivery stamp must be in addition to the lawful postage; and letters not prepaid with at least one full rate of postage, in accordance with the law and regulations, must be treated as held for postage, even though bearing a special-delivery stamp.

Registered letters will be entitled to immediate delivery, the same as ordinary letters, when bearing a special-delivery stamp in addition to the full postage and registry fee required by the law and the regulations.

Special-delivery letters will be delivered by messengers within the carrier limits of a free-delivery office between the hours of 7 A.M. and 11 P.M.; and within a radius of one mile from the post-office at all other offices between 7 A.M. and 9 P.M.



The rates for all foreign countries (except Canada and Mexico) are as

follows: Prepayment optional, except for registered articles, but on printed mat.

ter and samples postage must be at least partially prepaid. LETTERS, 5 cents per 15 grammes, a weight very slightly over one-half

ounce. Post CARDS, 2 cents each. PRINTED MATTER, 1 cent for each two ounces or fraction. Limit of

weight, 4 lbs. 6 oz.; limit of length, except to Great Britain and Germany, 18 inches. To Great Britain and Germany, 24 inches, also

18 inches square. COMMERCIAL PAPERS (Insurance Documents, Way Bills, Invoices,

Papers of Legal Procedure, Manuscripts of Works, etc.), the same

as for printed matter, but the lowest charge is 5 cents. SAMPLES OF MERCHANDISE. — The rate is the same as for printed mat.

ter, but the lowest charge is 2 cents. Limit of weight, 8 oz.; limit of length, 12 in.; breadth, 8 in.; depth, 4 in. Except to Great Britain, the British Colonies, France, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Argentine Republic, Egypt, Hawaiian Islands, Austria, Hungary, and

Italy, to which countries the limit of weight is 12 oz. To Canada, comprising Provinces of Ontario and Quebec, British

Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, the postage for letters, merchandise and printed matter is the same as in the United States. All matter for Canada must be fully prepaid, except letters, which must be prepaid at least

two cents. To Mexico the poetage for letters and printed matter is the same as in the

United States. All mail matter may be registered to the above places upon prepay.

ment of eight cents for each address, besides the postage. UNMAILABLE ARTICLES. - All articles prohibited from domestic mails

are also excluded from foreign mails.

Postal cards and letters addressed “Around the World" are unmailable;

as also are letters or packets containing gold or silver substances, pieces of money, jewelry, or precious articles, except that gold or

silver coin may be sent by mail to and from Canada. Liquids, - ardent, vinous, spirituous or malt, - poisons, explosive and

inflammable articles, and envelopes and postal cards upon which

obscene language is written or printed. No letter or circular concerning lotteries, so-called gift concerts, or other

similar enterprises, offering prizes, or concerning schemes devised and intended to deceive and defraud the public, for the purpose of obtaining money under false pretences, shall be carried in the mail. Any person who shall knowingly deposit or send anything to be conveyed by mail in violation of this section shall be punishable by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars nor less than one hundred dollars, with costs of prosecution.

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