The Vision; Or Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise

D. Appleton & Company, 200 Broadway., 1853 - 587 páginas

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Página 172 - And at the end of ten days, their countenances appeared fairer, and fatter in flesh than all the children •which did eat the portion of the king's meat. Thus Melzar took away the portion of their meat, and the wine that they should drink, and gave them pulse. As for these four children, GOD gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom : and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.
Página 25 - In the midway of this our mortal life, I found me in a gloomy wood, astray Gone from the path direct: and e'en to tell, It were no easy task, how savage wild That forest, how robust and rough its growth, 5 Which to remember only, my dismay Renews, in bitterness not far from death.
Página 43 - No greater grief than to remember days Of joy, when misery is at hand. That kens Thy learn'd instructor. Yet so eagerly If thou art bent to know the primal root From whence our love gat being, I will do As one who weeps and tells his tale. One day, For our delight, we read of Lancelot, How him love thrall'd.
Página 43 - Alone we were, and no Suspicion near us. Ofttimes by that reading Our eyes were drawn together, and the hue Fled from our alter'd cheek.
Página 43 - ' Bard ! willingly I would address those two together coming, Which seem so light before the wind. ' ' He thus : " Note thou, when nearer they to us approach. Then by that love which carries them along, Entreat; and they will come.
Página 25 - Have conned it o'er. My master thou, and guide ! Thou he from whom alone I have derived That style, which for its beauty into fame Exalts me. See the beast, from whom I fled. O save me from her, thou illustrious sage ! For every vein and pulse throughout my frame She hath made tremble.
Página 42 - As doves By fond desire invited, on wide wings And firm, to their sweet nest returning home, Cleave the air, wafted by their will along ; Thus issued, from that troop where Dido ranks, They, through the ill air speeding : with such force My cry prevail'd, by strong affection urged.
Página 31 - Through me you pass into the city of woe: Through me you pass into eternal pain: Through me among the people lost for aye. Justice the founder of my fabric moved: To rear me was the task of Power divine, Supremest Wisdom, and primeval Love. 19 Before me things create were none, save things Eternal, and eternal I endure. All hope abandon, ye who enter here.
Página 156 - Forth from His plastic hand, who charm'd beholds Her image ere she yet exist, the soul Comes like a babe, that wantons sportively, Weeping and laughing in its wayward moods; As artless, and as ignorant of aught, Save that her Maker being one who dwells With gladness ever, willingly she turns To whate'er yields her joy. Of some slight good The flavour soon she tastes ; and, snared by that, With fondness she pursues it; if no guide Recal, no rein direct her wandering course.
Página 121 - As more and more toward us came, more bright Appear'd the bird of God, nor could the eye Endure his splendor near : I mine bent down. He drove ashore in a small bark so swift And light, that in its course no wave it drank. The heavenly steersman at the prow was seen, Visibly written " Blessed " in his looks. Within, a hundred spirits and more there sat. " In Exitu * Israel de Egypto," All with one voice together sang, with what In the remainder of that hymn is writ.

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