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From the far-off isles enchanted

Heaven has planted
With the golden fruit of Truth;
From the flashing surf, whose vision.

Gleams Elysian
In the tropic clime of Youth ;

From the strong Will, and the Endeavor

That forever Wrestles with the tides of Fate ; From the wreck of Hopes far-scattered,

Tempest-shattered, Floating waste and desolate ;

Ever drifting, drifting, drifting

On the shifting
Currents of the restless heart;
Till at length in books recorded,

They, like hoarded
Household words, no more depart.


FROM "THE PELICAN ISLAND." Light as a flake of foam upon the wind Keel-upward from the deep emerged a shell, Shaped like the moon ere half her horn is filled : Fraught with young life, it righted as it rose, And moved at will along the yielding water. The native pilot of this little bark Put out a tier of oars on either side, Spread to the wafting breeze a twofold sail, And mounted up and glided down the billow In happy freedom, pleased to feel the air, And wander in the luxury of light. Worth all the dead creation, in that hour, To me appeared this lonely Nautilus, My fellow-being, like myself, alive. Entranced in contemplation, vague yet sweet, I watched its vagrant course and rippling wake, Till I forgot the sun amidst the heavens. It closed, sunk, dwindled to a point, then

nothing; While the last bubble crowned the dimpling eddy, Through which mine eyes still giddily pursued it, A joyous creature vaulted through the air, — The aspiring fish that fain would be a bird, On long, light wings, that flung a diamond.

shower of dew-drops round its evanescent form, Sprang into light, and instantly descended. Ere I could greet the stranger as a friend, 1 Or mourn his quick departure on the surge,


A WEARY weed, tossed to and fro,

Drearily drenched in the ocean brine, Soaring high and sinking low,

Lashed along without will of mine ;


A shoal of dolphins tumbling in wild glee, Fresh wreaths from the coral pavement spring, Glowed with such orient tints, they might have Like the terraced pride of Assyria's king; been

The turf looks green where the breakers rolled ; The rainbow's offspring, when it met the ocean O'er the whirlpool ripens the rind of gold ; In that resplendent vision I had seen.

The sea-snatched isle is the home of men, While yet in ecstasy,I hung o'er these,

And mountains exult where the wave hath been. With every motion pouring out fresh beauties, As though the conscious colors came and went But why do ye plant, 'neath the billows dark, At pleasure, glorying in their subtle changes, The wrecking reef for the gallant bark ? Enormous o'er the flood, Leviathan

There are snares enough on the tented field, Looked forth, and from his roaring nostrils sent Mid the blossomed sweets that the valleys yield; Two fountains to the sky, then plunged amain There are serpents to coil ere the flowers are up, In headlong pastime through the closing gulf.

There is a poison drop in man's purest cup, These were but preludes to the revelry There are foes that watch for his cradle breath, That reigned at sunset : then the deep let loose And why need ye sow the floods with death? Its blithe adventurers to sport at large, As kindly instinct taught them; buoyant shells, With mouldering bones the deeps are white, On stormless voyages, in fleets or single,

From the ice-clad pole to the tropics bright ; Wherried their tiny mariners ; aloof,

The mermaid háth twisted her fingers cold On wing-like fins, in bow-and-arrow figures,

With the mesh of the sea-boy's curls of gold, The flying-fishes darted to and fro;

And the gods of the ocean have frowned to see While spouting whales projected watery columns, The mariner's bed in their halls of glee ; That turned to arches at their height, and seemed Hath earth no graves, that ye thus must spread The skeletons of crystal palaces

The boundless sea for the thronging dead ? Built on the blue expanse, then perishing, Frail as the element which they were made of :

Ye build - ye build — but ye enter not in, Dolphins, in gambols, lent the lucid brine

Like the tribes whom the desert devoured in their Hues richer than the canopy of eve, That overhung the scene with gorgeous clouds,

From the land of promise ye fade and die

Ere its verdure gleams forth on your weary eye ; Decaying into gloom more beautiful Than the sun's golden liveries which they lost :

As the kings of the cloud-crowned pyramid, Till light that hides, and darkness that reveals

Their noiseless bones in oblivion hid,

Ye slumber unmarked mid the desolate main,
The stars, - exchanging guard, like sentinels
Of day and night, — transformed the face of While the wonderand pride of yourworks remain.

Above was wakefulness, silence around,
Beneath, repose, — repose that reached even me.
Power, will, sensation, memory, failed in turn ;

My very essence seemed to pass away,

Like a thin cloud that melts across the moon,
Lost in the blue immensity of heaven.

EVERY one,

By instinct taught, performed its little task,
To build its dwelling and its sepulchre,

From its own essence exquisitely modelled ;

There breed, and die, and leave a progeny,

Still multiplied beyond the reach of numbers, Toil on! toil on! ye ephemeral train,

To frame new cells and tombs, then breed and die Who build in the tossing and treacherous main; As all their ancestors had done,

and rest, Toil on! for the wisdom of man ye mock, Hermetically sealed, each in its shrine, With your sand-based structures and domes of A statue in this temple of oblivion ! rock,

Millions of millions thus, from age to age, Your columns the fathomless fountains' cave, With simplest skill and toil unweariable, And your arches spring up to the crested wave; No moment and no movement unimproved, Ye 're a puny race thus to boldly rear

Laid line on line, on terrace terrace spread, A fabric so vast in a realm so drear.

To swell the heightening, brightening, gradual

mound, Ye bind the deep with your secret zone, By marvellous structure climbing towards the day, The ocean is sealed, and the surge a stone,



A point at first Left by one tide and cancelled by It peered above those waves; a point so small Egypt's dread wonders, still defyi. I just perceived it, fixed where all was floating ; Where cities have been crumbled And when a bubble crossed it, the blue film Scattered by winds beyond the Li Expanded like a sky above the speck ;

Or melted down into the mud of That speck became a hand-breadth ; day and night and cast in tillage o'er the corn-s It spread, accumulated, and erelong

Where Memphis flourished, and Presented to my view a dazzling plain,

reigned ; White as the moon amid the sapphire sea ; Egypt's gray piles of hieroglyphic Bare at low water, and as still as death,

That have survived the language wł But when the tide came gurgling o'er the surface Preserving its deed emblems to th 'T was like a resurrection of the dead :

Yet hiding from the mind what t From graves innumerable, punctures fine Her pyramids would be mere piny In the close coral, capillary swarms

Her giant statues, wrought from r Covered the bald-pate reef;

But puny ornaments for such a p

As this stupendous mound of cata Erelong the reef o'ertopt the spring-flood's height, Filled with dry mummies of the h And mocked the billows when they leapt upon it,

JAME: Unable to maintain their slippery hold, And falling down in foam-wreaths round its verge. Steep were the flanks, with precipices sharp, Descending to their base in ocean gloom.

THE CORAL GROT Chasms few and narrow and irregular Formed harbors, safe at once and perilous, DEEP in the wave is a coral grove Safe for defence, but perilous to enter.

Where the purple nullet and gol A sea-lake shone amidst the fossil isle,

Where the sea-flower spreads its l Reflecting in a ring its cliffs and caverns,

That never are wet with falling di With heaven itself seen like a lake below.

But in bright and changeful beau

Far down in the green and glassy Compared with this amazing edifice,

The floor is of sand, like the mout Raised by the weakest creatures in existence,

And the pearl-shells spangle the f What are the works of intellectual man? From coral rocks the sea-plants li Towers, temples, palaces, and sepulchres ;

Their boughs, where the tides an Ideal images in sculptured forms,

The water is calm and still below, Thoughts hewn in columns, or in domes expanded, For the winds and waves are abse Fancies through every maze of beauty shown ;

And the sands are bright as the si Pride, gratitude, affection turned to marble, In the motionless fields of upper a In honor of the living or the dead ;

There, with its waving blade of g What are they ?- fine-wrought miniatures ofart, The sea-flag streams through the Too exquisite to bear the weight of dew, And the crimson leaf of the dulse Which every morn lets fall in pearls upon them, To blush, like a banner bathed in Till all their pomp sinks down in mouldering relics, There, with a light and easy moti Yet in their ruin lovelier than their prime !

The fan-coral sweeps through the Dust in the balance, atoms in the gale,

And the yellow and scarlet tufts Compared with these achievements in the deep,

Are bending like corn on the upla Were all the monuments of olden time,

And life, in rare and beautiful for In days when there were giants on the earth. –

Is sporting amid those bowers of s Babel's stupendous folly, though it aimed

And is safe when the wrathful spi To scale heaven's battlements, was but a toy,

Has made the top of the wave his The plaything of the world in infancy;

And when the ship from his fury The ramparts, towers, and gates of Babylon,

Where the myriad voices of ocean Built for eternity, – though, where they stood, When the wind-god frowns in the Ruin itself stands still for lack of work,

And demons are waiting the wrec And Desolation keeps unbroken Sabbath ;

Then, far below, in the peaceful s Great Babylon, in its full moon of empire,

The purple mullet and gold-fish ri Even when its “head of gold” was smitten off

Where the waters murmur tranqu And from a monarch changed into a brute

Through the bending twigs of the Great Babylon was like a wreath of sand,


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