An Account of the Life and Writings of James Beattie: Including Many of His Original Letters, Volume 1

E. Roper, 1824 - 492 páginas

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Página 100 - Shoot the trembling chords along ; Sword, that once a monarch bore, Keep the tissue close and strong. Mista, black terrific maid, Sangrida, and Hilda, see, Join the wayward work to aid : 'Tis the woof of victory.
Página 5 - Thy shades, thy silence now be mine, Thy charms my only theme; My haunt the hollow cliff, whose pine Waves o'er the gloomy stream; Whence the scared owl on pinions gray Breaks from the rustling boughs, And down the lone vale sails away To more profound repose.
Página 268 - Reynolds, who was the intimate and beloved friend of that great man ; the friend whom he declared to be " the most invulnerable man he knew ; whom, if he should quarrel with him, he should find the most difficulty how to abuse.
Página 14 - Where be your gibes now ? your gambols ? your songs ? your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table in a roar ? Not one now, to mock your own grinning?
Página 37 - Goddess' pensive form was seen. Her robe of Nature's varied green Waved on the gale ; grief dimm'd her radiant eyes, Her bosom heaved with boding sighs : She eyed the main ; where, gaining on the view, Emerging from th' ethereal blue, Midst the dread pomp of war, Blazed the Iberian streamer from afar.
Página 101 - HELA'S drear abode. Him the Dog of Darkness spied, His shaggy throat he open'd wide, While from his jaws, with carnage fill'd, Foam and human gore distill'd : Hoarse he bays with hideous din, Eyes that glow, and fangs, that grin ; 10 And long pursues, with fruitless yell, The Father of the powerful spell.
Página 79 - Virgil ? and sometimes complain of sore eyes (though not of lippitude], like Horace ? Am I not at this present writing invested with a garment not less ragged than that of Socrates ? Like Joseph the patriarch, I am a mighty dreamer of dreams ; like Nimrod the hunter, I ani an eminent builder of castles (in the air).
Página 262 - The Doctor afterwards told me, that it was a most uncommon thing for a private man, and a commoner, to be honoured with so long an audience. I dined with Dr. and Mrs. Majendie, and their family, and returned to town in the evening, very much pleased with the occurrences of the day.
Página 162 - Its public entry was rather obscure, except only that Dr Hurd wrote a pamphlet against it, with all the illiberal petulance, arrogance and scurrility, which distinguish the Warburtonian school. This pamphlet gave me some consolation for the otherwise indifferent reception of my performance.
Página 22 - The meetings of this society were held weekly, and afforded the members (beside the advantages to be derived from a mutual communication of their sentiments on the common objects of their pursuit) an opportunity of subjecting their intended publications to the test of friendly criticism.

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