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Printed for the EDITOR, and fold by J. WENMAN, No. 144, Fleet-strect,

and all other Booksellers in Great Britain and Ireland.


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Contents of the THIRD VOLUME.

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On Mr. Elijah Fenton


On Mr. Gay, in Westminster-abbey, 1732


Intended for Sir Ifaac Newton, in Westminster-abbey


On Dr. Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester

On Edmund Duke of Buckingham, who died in the Nineteenth Year

of his Age, 1735


For one who would not be buried in Westminster-abbey

Introduction to the Memoirs of Martinus Scriblerus

Memoirs of the Extraordinary Life, Works, and Discoveries of Mar-

tinus Scriblerus

Chap. I. Of the Parentage and Family of Scriblerus, how he

was begot, what Care was taken of him before he was born, and

what Prodigies attended his Birth


Chap. II. The Speech of Cornelius over his Son, at the Hour of his



Chap. III. Shewing what befel the Doctor's Son and his Shield, on the

Day of the Christ’ning


Chap. IV. Of the Suction and Nutrition of the Great Scriblerus in his

Infancy, and of the first Rudiments of his Learning

Chap. V. A Dissertation upon Playthings

Chap. VI. Of the Gymnastics, in what Exercises Martinus was edu-

cated; something concerning Music, and what fort of a Man his

Uncle was


Chap. VII. Rhetorick, Logick, and Metaphysicks


Chap. VIII. Anatomy

Chap. IX, How Martin became a great Critick


Chap. X. Of Martinus's uncommon Practice of Physick, and how he

applied himself to the Diseases of the Mind


Chap. XI. The Case of a young Nobleman at Court, with the

Doctor's Prescription for the same

Chap. XII. How Martinus endeavoured to find out the Seat of the Soul,

and of his Correspondence with the Free-Thinkers

Chap. XIII. Of the Secession of Martinus, and fome of his Travels

Chap. XIV. Of the Discoveries and Words of the Great Scriblerus, made

and to be made, written and to be written, known and unknown

I 22

LETTERS of Mr. POPE and several of his FRIENDS.

LETTERS to and from Mr. Wycherley from the Year 1704 to 1710.

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