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Irish Glosses.—A mediaeval Tract on Latin Declension with examples explained in Irish. To which are added the Lorica of Gildas and the Gloss thereon and a selection of Glosses from the Book of Armagh. With a Commentary, Notes and Indices Verborum. Printed for the Irish Archaeological Society, Dublin, 1860.

Pascon Agon Arluth (the Passion of our Lord), a Middle-Cornish Poem, with a translation and notes. Transactions of the Philological Society, 1861-2.

Three Irish Glossaries—Cormac's Glossary, O'Davoren's Glossary, and a Glossary to the Calendar of Oingus the Culdee. With a Preface and Index. London: Williams and Norgate, 1862.

The Play of the Sacrament: a Middle-English Drama, with a preface and glossarial index. Berlin: Asher & Co., 1862. •

Gwreans an Bys (the Creation of the World), a Cornish Mystery, with a translation and notes. London: Williams and Norgate, 1863.

The Old-Welsh Glosses and verses in the Cambridge Codex of Juveneus. Beitraege zw vergleichenden sprachforschung, IV. 385-483. V. 142,143.

Fit Adamndin (the Vision of Adamnan), with a translation and notes.

Simla, 1870. ■ j . »'

. -v * ■«

Beunans Meriasek: the Life of S. Meriasek, Bishop and Confessor, a

Cornish Drama, with a translation and notes. London: Triibner

& Co., 1872.

In the press. Felire Oingusso Cell Be: The Calendar of Oingus the Culdee. In three texts, with a Translation and Glossary.

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I Have three objects in printing this book—one, to save the contents of my transcripts of the glosses at Turin, Milan and Berne from the destruction which in this country anything solely entrusted to paper MSS. must sooner or later meet with: another, to give those excellent German philologists who, like Schleicher and Ebel, have expressed a desire for trustworthy copies of OldIrish compositions, material on which they may work with confidence; and, thirdly, to lay the first stone of the cairn which I hope to raise to the memory of my beloved friend and teacher,


W. S.

Calcutta, 28th April, 1866.


This book has been re-arranged, revised, and augmented. It is now divided into three parts, glosses, prose and verse. Except in the case of the extracts from the Milan codex and the Book of Deir, the Irish has been carefully collated with the original MSS. or photographs thereof. The additions comprise many new glosses from Milan, glosses from Vienna, the Dull Laithne, the glosses in the Trinity College copy of the Liber Hymnorum, the Irish ■ prefaces, the Amra Choluimbchille and Adamnan's Prayer from the same MS.

My grateful acknowledgements are due to Chevalier Nigra for copious extracts from the Milan codex, to Mr. Hennessy for aid in deciphering some of the obscurer passages in the Trinity College copy of the Liber Hymnorum, and to Mr. Bradshaw for collating the glosses in the Southampton Psalter. To Monsignore Moran also I am indebted for a loan of his transcripts from the copy of the Liber Hymnorum lately belonging to the library of S. Isidore's, Rome, but now preserved in the Franciscan monastery,

Merchant's-quay, Dublin.

W. S. Dublin, Uh February, 1872.

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