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Christ to protect me to-day,

Against poison, against burning, against drowning, against

Until a multitude of rewards come to me!

Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ in me!

Christ below me, Christ above me, Christ at my right, Christ at my

Christ in breadth, Christ in length, Christ in height!

Christ in (the) heart of every one who thinks of me,
Christ in (the) mouth of every one who speaks to me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me!

I bind myself to-day to a strong virtue, an invocation of (the)

I believe a Threeness with confession of a Oneness in (the) Creator

of [the Universe].

Domini est salus, Domini est salus, Christi est salus.
Salus tua Domine, sit semper nobiscum.

Before adding a few notes to this remarkable hymn (with which compare the incantation in the twelfth Assembly of Hariri), I will here give the only other copy (B) which I have seen. It occurs in the copy of the so-called Tripartite Life of Patrick, preserved in the Bodleian (Bawl. B. 512, fo. 7 a. .i.). The beginning is unfortunately lost.


neurt acroctha cowaadnacuZ

neurt aeiseirgi ccmafreasgabaiZ

neurt athoiniuda fribrithemmts mbratha.

Atto[m]riug neurt graid hiruphin
inerlattaid aingiul
ifrestal nanarchaingiul
ifrescisiu nesergi arcend focraici
inernaigthi uasalathrocfe
itaircetlaib fathi
ipreceptaib apstal
inirisib faismedach
inendccai ndehingen
ingnimaib fer firioin.

Atto[m]riug neurt nime
soillsi gr^ine
etrochta dsci
luathi gaithi
fudomna mara
tairismigi talmcwi
cobsaidi alech.

Atto[m]riug indiu neurt d6 dom luainairecht

cumachta nde ' dom cortgbail

ciall nde ' domthur

rose nde ' dom imcaisin

cluas nde domelstecht

hnathar Ade ' doinerlabrai

lam nde- domimdegail

intech nde ' domremthechtus

Sciath d6 domimditen

sochraiti de' domanacul

arindledaib demna

araslagib dualacfe

arfoirmdechaib* acnid

arcechnduine miduthracair dam

ice'in anoccus

inuathud isochaicfi

Tochuiriur etrvm indiu innahule neurtasa fri cech neurt
namniis netrocar fristai dom churp 7 domanmain
fri taircetlaib saebfathe
fri ssebrechtaib ban 7 goband 7 druad
fri cech fis aracuiliu corp 7 anmain dam

Crist domimdegail ar cech neim
arloscuo' arbadudh arguin
co-n-imraib ilar fochraici

Orisilim . crist remam. crist immdegaid. crist innvm. crist lsum

crist vasum. crist dessvm. crist tuathvm.

crist illius crist ipsius [sic] crist ineras

crist hicride cech duine rodomscrutadar

crist angin cech duine rodomlabradar

crist iruscc cech duine rodomdecadar

crist icluais cech duine rodomcluinedar

Domini est salus. Domini est salus. [christi est salus.]
Salus tuab domine sit semper nobiscum°. amen.


Atom/ring, for ad-dom-riug, the verb adriug—1 alligo' with the infixed pron. dom 'me' not 'to myself (cf. atomaig (ad-dom-aig) 'me impellit' Z. 336) : adriastar, the s-fut. or conj. passive of this verb, is in O'Dav. 53. the ring, which is also found in con-riug (gl. ligo) Z. 440, is =Lat. ligo : niurt, better neurt in B, is the dat. sg. of nert gen. neirt, LU. 112" a neuter o-stem. For the omission of a governing preposition cf. caeur .i. do caer, Corm. s.v. gaire, setaib F6l. Ap. 12, cetaib ib. May 12, trib cetaib ib. Ap. 12, trib nonbaraib Tain b6 Fraich, dofotha

"ci.foirmtech (gl. invidus).
b MS. Salus xpi tua. ° MS. uobiscum.

tairr tein Corm. s.v. Lethech. togairm a neut. n-stem, dat. sg. togarmim Z. 266. trinoit irregularly for trinoite (as in Fiacc's hymn, 1. 42) : cf. the genitives posit and superlait, Z. 234 and inna stoir Ml.

t/reodataid dat. sg. of treodatu,/6isitin (as I conjecture) dat. sg. offoisitiu 'confession': cf. cretem oenatad cqfoisitin tredatad supra p. 101. 6endatad gen. sg. of dendatu. in dulemain 'in (the) Creator.' O'Donovan translated this by 'of the Creator,' but this -would be in duleman. I take in to be the prep, and didemain to be the dat. sg. Perhaps in may be the article in the locative sg. and didemain in the same case, dail seems the gen. sg. cf. dal, which, however, I have not met. It is probably cognate with lalZakoG, hailcikfia and means universe, Kdofiog.

niurt neseirge, better neurt eseirge, for the transported n has no business after a dative sg. B. has neurt aeiseirgi 'to (the) virtue of his resurrection.' toniud, better, as in B. toiniuda. (O'Clery cited by O'Don. says "as ionann toiniud 7 teacht i.e. 'toiniud is the same as teacht 'coming').

ernaigthib=irnigdib Z. 578. huasalathrach gen. pi. of huasalathair 'patriarch,' a c-stem, A. S. hedhfader: Dr. Todd, wrongly, 'noble fathers': frescisin 'hope' 'expectation' dat. sg. of fresoisiu, a n-stem. See Zeuss 269. The word in Dr. Petrie's text is quite right,pace Toddii. failw, better fdtlte, as in saibfathe infra, gen. pi. of Jdith an i-stem cognate with Lat. votes, endgai, better enncai, is the dat. sg. of encae a derivative from ennac, which seems borrowed from, or cognate with, Lat. innocuus. firean, rectbfiridn = W. gwiriawn.

soilse, luathe etc. locatives sg. of fern, ia-stems. etrochta is a deriv. from etrocht 'bright' Leb. Brecc cited Lib. Hymn. ed. Todd 65. Ane 'splendour' (hitherto rendered 'force') is a deriv. from dn 'splendidus, igneus' (cf. Skr. agni, ignis) the dat. sg. f. of which (cosind-saigit din 'with the fiery arrow') occurs in the Milan codex, supra p. 24: dne (a fern, ia-stem) agrees beautifully with cuyXri for ayXirj, ayv-irf. For the loss of the g before n compare sen 'bless' (signa), etc. dene from dian 'swift.' Tairisem, tairissem, terissem Z. 7, S52, a fern, a-stem, gen. sg. tairisme, L. Brecc cited Lib. Hymn. ed. Todd 65 : tairismigi the reading in B. is the dat. sg. of tairismige a deriv. from the adj. tairismech 'cunstans' Z. 852, compar. tairismechu Z. 284, 1047. cf. also tairise (gl. fidelis) Lib. Hymn. 20. cobsaidecht a deriv. from cobsaid, con-fosaid.

reimcise (better remcissin) dat. sg. of reimcisiu, remcaissiu gen. sg. remcaissen 'providentia' Z. 268. For the form in e cf. oc-tuiste Z. 269, ren-airite Z. 599. With intech cf. Zend taka 'lauf,' Lith. takas 'path.'

ducdcfie (not dualchet) gen. pi. of dicalich Z. 83 (the opposite of stialig Z. 607,) dat. sg. dualig Z. 607, ace. sg. d&alaich Z. 1023, gen. pi. ddalclie Z. 1041. prefix du (=2tic), root AL, suffix aha.

estecht by metathesis for etsecht. erlabrai dat. sig. of erlabra 'speech' doratad erlabra dozachar ' speech was given to Zachariah,' Lib. Hymn. (= thucad irrlabra dozachar, Leb. Brecc). miduthrastar (B. midiithracair) an s-conjunctive or future from the verb miditthraccar which I have not met elsewhere, but midiithrachtaib, the dat. pi. of the cognate substantive miduthracht, occurs in Ninine's prayer, supra: cf. duthraccarsa 'opto' Z. 890. duthractar oh dunn (gl. malis hominibus) Z. 447. duthrlsed Z. 62,451. 'vellet.' midus, which O'Don. and Dr. Todd translate by 'who meditates,' is an impossible form: there is no such word as trastar, and, if there 'were, its initial t would not have been aspirated (thrastar) after s. sochaide abl. sg. of sochaide a fem. ia-stem.

nert ace. pi. of a neuter o-stem: compare for the absence of the usual final a (unquestionably borrowed from the fem. a-declension) inna olesa, Z. 354. 676, cether cet (400), secht cet (700) Z. 342, arm aili ' other arms' Z. 368, merribur 'membra' Z. 1006, na tri coecat ('the three fifties') Mace's h. na tri dath ucut (those three colours) Longes mac nUsnig.

arachuiliu from a verb archuilim with an obscure infixed pronoun which may be the neuter relative sing, or the personal pronoun of the 3d pi. neut. cf. arruculigestar .i. sechis arruneillestar (gl. pro[fa]nante) Ml. 63*. The root is the same as that of col, gen. cuil sin, incest, W. cwl' fault,' argwl 'a great crime,' Lat. squalor, caligo: as to the termination in -u see supra; anman should certainly be anmain (ace. pi. of anim) as in the Bodleian copy.

conomthair, con ' donee,' om infixed pron. Z. 336, tair 3d. sg. s-conj. of. *taircim cf. tairic (do-ar-ic) .i. tic, tair 'come!' Lib. Arm. tairsiu Sgl. Cone, tair set 'let them come.'

lius, sius, erus, derived respectively from *leth = vXarvs, *seth = W. hyd 'length' and er .i. vasal, cognate with Lith. per ' over.'


[34 a. 1.] Locus huius artis draim cetta diambui inmordal and. INamsir seda meicc anmerech 7 sedan meicc gabran dorigned. Perso .i. dallan mac forgaill domasraigib maige slecht abr&fni C07inacht .. Tucait arroachtain richid do fein 7 aliis per se\ Tritucaite immorro aratanic colum cille ahalbain inherinn intansin .i. dofuaslucud scandlan moir meicc cindfaelad rig osraige frisindeochaid arathaigesom. Ocus doastud nafiled inh^rind. arrobass icdninnarba aratromdacht ,i. xxx. cha folanchl^ir 7 a .xu. foleithchleir .i. indollamain .i. da c^t d^c filed allin ut quidam dixit

[Hi a. 2.] Fecht domsel choba nacliar
hie ibur chind tracbta thiar
da, cet dec (filed) fosfuair
frisinnibar aniarthuaid.
Coindmed te(ora) mbliadom mbind
d6rat d6ib mael coba incing
. mer(aid) cola bratha bain

dochen^ol delbda demmain

[34. a. 1] Ocus doshithugud eterfiru herend 7 alban imdalriata. cotudchaid isxum colwm cule isinnairecht. 7 couerracht sochaide isindairiucht dofailti fris. 7 cotancatar nafilid doairfitivd d6.

[34 b. 1.] (A)idbse .i. ainm dochivl 1. dochr6nan dogniteis ermor fer n^rend immd.lle cided doscured and. Ocus ised on dor6nsat fir herend arachindsom isin m6rdail dromma ceta. cotanic miad merman d6. [d]eismirecht araidbsi. ut colm&n dixit .i. mac lenfni.

(L)uin ocelaib unge ocdirnaib

crotha banathech ocrothaib rigna

rige ocdomnall. dordd (o)caidbsi

adand occainndil. colgg ocomcoilggse (.i. claideb)

[34 a. 1] conid and sein asbert colum cille frihsed
Cormacc cain btiicha neoitb
nuse amoltha crina ash^oit.
ised rolegus rath crseth (.i. rath neicsi)
cen mair molthiar mairgg serthiar aed ..
Cain insug assas6eraigtnib° sugthfar
mairgg iniath ecnairc serthiar
arad cloth, cain inr£im riarait bf
dofuairthet moltha maini ..

[34 a. 1.] [I]Siarsein bui colum cille iccunchid scandlain foraad. 7 ni tharat do. cou£rbairtsom daua fri haad. ise nog£bad aasai immiarmeirge cebe bale imbeth. 7 rocomallad sainlaid..

Colman mac comgellan immorro dodal riata ise rue inmbreith .i. afecht 7 aslogad lafiru herend. arisslogad lafonnaib dogr^s. acain 7 acobach lafiru alban. 7 isfrisincolman sin dorigni colum cille inmb6ide intan ropo lenam bee he. 7 dixit Achubus con. aanim glan. asso p6ic dvit. dalle (1. talle) phoic dam.

7 asbert colum cille ise dogenad sithugud etirfiru herend 7 alban.

Tanic iarum dallan doacallaim choluim cille conidand rogab inremfbcul do. 7 nirelic colum cille do adenam secha sein (condernad) inamsir aheitsechta. asbert frimarb roboch(ubaid).

[34 a. 2.] Dorairgert tra colum cille indmasa 7 toirthe (intal)man dodallan darcend inmoltaso 7 niragaib dallan achtnem d6 fein 7 docechoen nodngebad 7 dofucfad etdr ceill 7 fogur

[34 b. 2.] Amra choluim cechdia

cebid nodngaba mallan
rombia indlaith find fia
rofr dia dodallan.

[34. a. 2] Cuin ro innub thdc 7 tu inailithri 7 messe inherinn (.i. ar ::: ) Tri (com)arthai immorro dorat colum cille d6 intan dogenad amolad comadmarcach eich alaid noinnised! do eitsecht coluim cille. 7 inc^tnafoccul noraidfed comadhe tosach inmolta. 7 ashuli dohScud d6 celn nobeth icade(nam)

Hicath fene din immidi rochanad inmoladso (ut) masl suthain dixit. Adfet immorro ferdomnach comarba [coluim cille.] isarshgi assail rochanad 6tha dtin nanairbed cosincrois ictig lomman

* .i. robris .i. maith robris/ein in cdininne LIT. 5\
b .i. gainne LU. 5b. • leg. soersaigthib (saigid, Z. 460) 1

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