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uch ach 28 .i. quando plurimi periunt uno morbo.i.ltiathecai .i.::: naichrid :: 29 1. nimthuisle .i. nitharda tuisliud form 30 .i. am innas .i. drochirnas 31 .i. medarfis .i. medrasinfiss 32 .i. bodarfis .i. buadres infis disponitur .i. erchor :: bodras sechmac 33 .i. arcechniarnbas 34 .i. arthenid 35 .i. artr^thond [in marg.] Arthrethan .i. arthrethond quia fenmt periti nautse conideai intress tonu bides naues 36 .i. toirnes 37 .i. arcach:: liiid eca 1. arcaoA ni nabagliiid 38 .i. bas inill 39 .i. fil cowanbthib 7 coreuathaib 40 .i. ti domt6rithin 41 .i. dia maith 42 .i. etir la 7 aidchi 43 .i. ar irchor gaithe 44 .i. fluminibus 45 .i. imluadfe 46 .i. molada 47 .i. roerbaig 48 .i. mathe 49 .L frecraid 50 .i. dia 51 .i. erbagess .i. asandena baig 52 .i. ocdiaguide .i. oc guide de 53 1. sethach 54 .i. conaris 55 .i. atchim 56 .i. roatchius

fo. 19. b. Epscop sanctan serca sruith milid aingel cloth glan gel* rosoera mochorp fortalmain ronoeba manmain fornem Rombith oroit let amaire roptrocar ri nime dim arguin arguasacht argabud a.crist fordon&dud dlin Ateoch inrig s6er suthain 6engeinne de diarfethim rommain argaibthib ge"raib mace rogenair imbethil.


I beseech (the) wonderful King of angels, for it is a name that is

mightiest,b God (be) to me, behind me,0 God on my left, God before me, God

on my right! God to help me,—a holy invocation—against every danger that 1

risk (?): Let a bridge of Life be under me, God Father's blessing over me! 5 Let (the) high Trinity raise us, to every one a holy death (be)

A noble Holy Spirit, (the) strength of heaven, God Father, Mary's

A great King who knows our crimes, a sinless God above the world.
(Be) for my soul against every sin-of-falsity, let not demons'

anguish (?) touch me.
May God with me repel every sadness! May Christ minister to

my sufferings! 10 May apostles come around me! May (the) Trinity of witness4 come

to me!
May a flood' of mercy come from Christ whose songs are not hidden,
Let not death touch me nor misery, let not plague nor disease.
Let not a hard fall touch me, apart from God's Son who gladdens,

who vexes,

• MS. gel glan.

b Nomen quod est super omne nomen, Phil. II. 6, and see Acts IV. 12; X, 43.

0 lit. at my track (lorg). The gloss is darmesi, leg. dar-m-is-si.

d Quoniam tres sunt qui testimonium dant in ccelo: Pater, Verbum et Spiritus Sanctus. Ioannis V. 3.

e tolam seems to mean diluvium in Z. 980,

Let Christ protect me against every iron-death, against fire, against

sea that roars,* 15 Against every deathpool that is dangerous to my body, with awful

storms: May God at every hourb come to me against wind, against swift

waters! I will utter praises of Mary's Son who fights for white fights :° Elemental God will answer, "a corslet4 which battles against

my....." In praying God of (the) heavens let my body be enduring," penitent: 20 That I may not go to awful hell, I beseech the King whom I have


May Bishop Sanctain—love thou the sage, the soldier of angels,

famous, pure, bright— Save my body on earth, sanctify my soul in heaven! May I have a prayer by thee, O Mary; let heaven's King be merciful

to us! Against death wound, against danger, against peril, 0 Christ, on thy

protection (be) we! I beseech the King, noble, eternal, God's only child, to await (!) us. May the child who was born in Bethlehem protect me against

keen perils!

* torbaa .i. toirnes, "W. twrf, tyrfain.

b Seems a genitive of time. So in Lib. Hymn. ed. Todd, p. 22, cachet darddin ' every Thursday,' cacha satharn ' every Saturday,' Ibid. p. 33: gacha maidne ' every morning,' gacha nona 'every evening' O'Don. Gr. 381. So in A.S. ussa tida 'in our times', thces dages ' on that day.' It is needless to quote examples of this genitive in Greek.

0 ar bagafinna, i.e. I suppose, "for good causes".

a lUrech from Lat. lorica: cf. Eph. VI, 14: State ergo induti

loricam justitiae.

• compare the following gloss from H. 3. 18 p. 540, copied by Siegfried sigid .i. buan ut est oc digde de don [leg. de nimib] mo corp rop sigid saethrach rl.


[fo. 196.] Patraicc dorone innimmunsa. INaimseir loegaire meic ndil dorigned. Fad ad^nma hautem diadiden conamanchaib arnaimdib mbais robatar inetarnid arnacleircheib. Octts isluirech hirse inso frihimdegail cuirp7 anma ardemnaib 7 duinib 7 dualchib. Cech duine nosg^ba cechdia coninnithem l&r india nithairisfet demna friagnuis . bid ditin d6 arcechneim 7 format. bidcomna d6 fridianbas bidlurech diaanmain iaraa^tsecht. Patraicc rochan so intan dorata nahetarnaidi aracbinn 61oegaire nadigsed dosilad chreitme cotemraig conid annsin atchessa fiadlucht nanetarnade comtis aige alta 7 iarroe inandiaid .i. benen . 7 fceth fiada ahainm., Atomriug indfu niurt tr^n togairm trinoit

Cretim treodataid foisi[ti]n dendatad indulemain dail

Atomriug indiu niurt gene crist conabathius

niurt crochta conaadnocul
niurt neseirge cofresgabail
niurt t6niud dobrethemnas bratha

Atomriug indiu niurt grad hiruphin
inurlataid aingel
[ifrestul nanarchaingel]
hifrescisin eseirge arcenn fochraice
inernaigthib huasalathrach
itairchetlaib fatha
hipraiceptaib apstal
inhiresaib fuismedach
inendgai ndemingen
hingnimaib fer firean

Atomriug indiu niurt nime
soilse grene
etrochta snechtai
ane thened

de'ne 16chet (.i. lassrach)
luathe gaethe
fudomna mara
tairisem talmain
cobsaidecht ailech

Atomriug indiu niurt de* domluamaracht

cumachta de ' domchumgabail
ciall de' dommimthus
rose de' domreimefse
[fo. 20 a.] cluas de' dome'stecht

briathar de' domerlabrai
lam de dommimdegail
intech d6 domremthechtas
sciath de' domditin
sochraite de' dommanucul
arintledaib demna
araslaigthib dualche
arirnechtaib aicnid
arcechnduine miduthrastar" dam
icein 7 inocus
inuatned 7 hisochaide

Tocuirius etrum thra nahuile nertso

fricechnert namnas ne'tr6car fristi domchurp ocusdommanmain

* MS. midfisthrastar.

fritinchetla saibfathe
fridubrechtu gentliuchta
frisaibrechtu heretecda
frihimcellacht nidlachta
fribrichta ban 7 goband 7 druad
fricechfiss arachuiliu anman duini

Crist dommimdegail indlu

arneim arloscud arbadud arguin
conomthair ilar fochraice

Crist lim orist rium crist imdegaid evist innium
exist issum crist uasum crist dessum crist tuathum
crist illius crist issius crist inerus

Crist icridiu cechduine immimrorda
crist ingin cech6en rodomlabrathar
crist incechrusc nomdercsedar
crist incechcluais rodamcloathar

Atomriug indiu niurt tr^n togairm trinoit

Cretim treodataid fdisitin oendatad in dulemain [dail]

Domini est salus domini est salus christi est salus
salus tua domine sit semper nobiscum


Patrick made this hymn. In the time of Loegare son of Niall it was made. The cause of making it, however, was to protect himself with his monks against the deadly enemies who were in ambush against the clerics. And this is a corselet of faith for the protection of body and soul against demons, and human beings, and vices. Everyone who shall sing it every day, with pious meditation on God, demons shall not stay before him. It will be a safeguard to him against every poison and envy: it will be a comma to him against sudden death : it will be a corslet to his soul after dying. Patrick sang this when the ambuscades were set against him by Loegaire that he might not go to Tara to sow the faith, so that there they seemed before the ambuscaders to be wild deer and a fawn after them, to wit, Benen; and faed*fiada (' guard's cry') is its name.

I bind myself to-day to a strong virtue, an invocation of (the) Trinity.

I believe in a Threeness with confession of an Oneness in (the)
Creator of (the) universe.

I bind myself to-day to (the) virtue of Christ's birth with his baptism,
to (the) virtue of (his) crucifixion with his burial,
to (the) virtue of (his) resurrection with (his) ascension,
to (the) virtue of (his) coming to (the) Judgment of Doom.

[ocr errors]

I bind myself to-day to (the) virtue of ranks of Cherubim,
In obedience of Angels,
[In service of Archangels,]
In hope of resurrection for reward,
In prayers of Patriarchs,
In predictions of Prophets,
In preachings of Apostles,
In faiths of Confessors,
In innocence of holy Virgins,
In deeds of righteous men.

1 bind myself to-day to (the) virtue of Heaven,
In light of Sun,
In brightness of Snow,
In splendour of Fire,
In speed of Lightning,
In swiftness of Wind,
In depth of Sea,
In stability in Earth,
In compactness of Rock.

I bind myself to-day to God's Virtue to pilot me,
God's Might to uphold me,
God's Wisdom to guide me,
God's Eye to look before me,
God's Ear to hear me,
God's Word to speak for me,
God's Hand to guard me,
God's Way to lie beforo me,
God's Shield to protect me,
God's Host to secure me,
Against snares of demons,
Against seductions of vices,
Against lusts (?) of nature,
Against every one who wishes ill to me,
Afar and anear,
Alone and in a multitude!

So have I invoked all these virtues between me [and these]

Against every cruel, merciless power which may come

against my body and my soul:
Against incantations of false prophets,
Against black laws of heathenry,
Against false laws of heretics,
Against craft of idolatry,

Against spells of women and smiths* and druids,
Against every knowledge that defiles men's souls.

"See Rodwell's Koran, p. 179. Burton's First Footsteps in East Africa, p. 33.

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