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20 In Glendalough" a cross was suffered so that he possessed peace after trouble.

Saint Brigit was not sleepy, she was not changeful about God's love:

The holy-one neither bought nor gained profit of this world.

What the King wrought of miracles for St. Brigte

Hath not been wrought for man where ear of anyone living hath heard. 25 The first calling to which she was sent in spring in a chariot,

She took not from her guests' food, she diminished not their substance.

Her (caldron's) charge of bacon after this—one evening—high was the marvel!

Although the dog was satisfied thereout, the guest was not mournful.

On her day of reaping well reaped she—fault was not found there with my pious one: 30 There was fine weather always in her field—though on the world fell a storm.

Bishops who visited her, not trifling was the danger to her

If it had not been that the King increased the cows' milk threefold.

She herded on a day of storm sheep amid a plain:

She spread afterwards her hood in (the) house on a sunbeam.b 35 The hard youth besought her, Brigit, for love of her King:

She gave seven wethers from her,0 her flock's number she lessened not.

It is according to my lorea if I should relate what she did of good:

Marvellous for her the bath which she blessed: about her it was red ale.0

She blessed the pregnant nun, she was whole without poison, without illness: 40 There was a greater marvel another (time)—of the stone she made salt (for the poor).

came do fuacraybr patric ~]for a muime to go and clean the oven in the palace of Dumbarton, and Patrick is said to have been lestar togaifri fuacra ftrindi amal p6l 'a choice vessel for proclaiming truth, like Paul.'

glen dd loch 'glen of two loughs,' seems irregular: dd locho, or dd locha, is the gen. dual of loch, an u-stem=facws.

0 See as to similar miracles, Thorpe, Mythol. London, 1852, II., 259, III., 269.

0 aliquis nequam adolescens ... mutato semper habitu ad earn septies veniens septem ab ea verveces in una die detulit, etc. Cogitosus c. 8 in Colgan's Triadis Tlmwmatwrgae ... Acta, Lovanii, 1647, p. 522.

d so-us, from so-fus, as cubus' conscientia' from con-fus, dims ' to know' from dtirfus and remfms 'prescientia,' from rem-fius.

0 leprosi cervisiam petentes ... aquam ad balnea paratam... in optimam convertit cervisiam et abundanter sitientibus exhausit, Cogitosus, c. 9.

I have not told, I tell not, what the holy creature wrought. She blessed the table-faced man," so that his two eyes were clear. A dumb girl was brought to Brigit—it was one of her miracles— Her hand went not from her hand until her speech was clear. 45 A marvel of (the) bacon she blessed—it was God's power that

secured it :b It was a full month with the dog: the dog marred it not. There was a greater marvel at another time! a bit she asked from

the (caldron's) charge° Spoiled not her scapular's3 colour, (though) it was flung hot into

her bosom. The leper begged a boon of her: it was good for him that she

granted it: 50 The choice6 of the calves she blessed: (the) choice of the cows it

She afterwards sent her chariot northward to the hill of Cobthach

The calf with (the) leper in (the) chariot, the cow behind the calf.
The oxen that had gone away from her—well for them had anyone

turned them— Against them rose the river, at morning they came home. 55 Her horse separated head from bridle when they were running

down hill: The yoke was not uneven—God's Son helped the royal hand. A wild boar frequented her herd—northwards the beast drove

it: Brigit sained (him) with her staff, with her swine he took his

stay. A hog, a fat pig which was given her, over Magh Fea*—it was a

60 Wolves hunted it for her until it was in Uachtar-gabra.

She gave the wild fox for grace of her vassal the wretched :h
To a wood it went although the hosts pursued.

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She was clear in her goings: she was one mother of (the) great

King's Son." She sained the swift bird so that it played in her hand. 65 Nine outlaws she sained, who reddened their weapons in a pool of

gore: The man1" on whom they inflicted wounds, his body was not found. What she wrought of miracles there is not (one) who has rightly

counted: A marvel, she took Lugaid's dinner, (the) champion, his strength

did not lessen. An oak which the host lifted not at the other time—excellent,

famous! 70 Her son brought to her for Brigte to (the) place in which her house

was founded.° The pin of silver—not to be concealed—for evil against the Nia's

woman4 Was flung into (the) sea a cast's full length so that it was in a

salmon's belly. A marvel for her, the (poor) widow, who dwelt (?) in Magh Coil, Burnt the new weaver's beam on (the) fire cooking the calf. 75 Greater was (the) marvel than the other! the saint wrought (?) it: In (the) morning whole was the beam, at (its) mother the calf

suckled.° The treasure of silver which the artisan broke not, it was a marvel

for her! Brigit struck it against her palm so that afterwards it brake into

three.' It was put into a scale by the artizan, a marvel was found after

this, 80 It was not found that even one scruple (one third) was greater than another third.

• The gloss says ba hoen de matribus Christi Brigit. See Todd. Lib. Hymn. p. 64.

b It was only 'imaginem instar viri,' Cogitosus, cap. 23.

c Literally, I think, "her booth was dug," ro-cloth, root CAL is also found in the reduplicated form ce-chlatar 'they dug,' tochlaim, from do +fo + calaim, 'I dig,' Welsh palu, Corn. palas 'to dig,' Lat. pala: perhaps also in Ir. calad .i. cuan 'a haven' and claidhe 'a ditch': both is the W. bod, Corn. bod, bos.

fraicc dat. sg. of fracc=W. gwraig or perhaps gwrach. 'The Nia' (lit. champion) is said by the glossographer to be nomen proprium alicujus poetae. Lusting for a certain woman, he deposited with her sentem argentewm, quam dolose retraxit ilia ignorante et jecit in rnari. Brigit saves the girl from slavery and outrage by finding the pin in a salmon. Note that the gen. sg. niad is a dissyllable. So is the gen. sg. iach (in the next line, a c-stem)=esocis, gen. sg. of esox: W. ehawc, Z. 1114, 144, eavog, Corn. ehoc, Bret. eok.

dith .i. rodinestar: both verbs, like dinu, 'a lamb,' Bret. dena 'to suck,' from the root DHE 'to suck,' whence also Skr. dhenu 'a milch cow.'

'A third for each of the three lepers who asked her for a gift.


What she wrought of miracles, there is not a human being who

may recount them:
She blessed raiment* for Condla when he was taken to Latium.
When there was danger to her,b her Son before her did not fail her:
He brought (like) raiment in a coffer0 of sealskin in a chariot of

two wheels. 85 The vat of mead that was brought to her, there was no hardship to

every one who brought: (The vessel) was found beside (his) house : it was not observed there

with her. She gave (mead) for her vassal's benefit1 when he needed it: There was not found increase there, nor was a drop wanting from it. On us let Brigit's prayers be, long against dangers may she aid us! 90 May they be on her weaklings' side before going into (the) Holy

Spirit's presence!
May she come to us with a sword of fire at the fight against dark

flights (of demons)!
May her holy prayers convoy us into heaven's kingdom beyond

pains! Before going with angels to the battle, let us visit the church

running: Commemoration of God is better than any poem—victorious Brigit

loved not (the) world. 95 I beseech (the) patronage of Saint Brigit, with (the) Saints of

May they be between me and pain, (that) my soul come not to

The Nun that used to run over (the) Curragh, may she be a shield

against sharp weapons: She found not her like save Mary: we put trust in my Brige! We put trust in my Brige—may she be a protection to our host! 100 May her patronage work with me! may we all deserve escape! Christ's praise, a glorious utterance, adoration of God's Son, a gift

of victory, Of God's kingdom without denial be every one who has sung it, who

has heard it. Whoever hath heard, whoever hath sung, let Brigit's blessing be

on him: Brigit's blessing and God's be upon us together. 105 There are two nuns" in heaven, whom I rely on (?) for my protection, Mary and Saint Brigit: under (the) protection of them both be we! Sancta Brigitta etc.

* dillat .i. etach, W. dillad 'apparel,' Corn, dyllas, Bret, dilad.

b vestimenta .. episcopi Conlaith ... pauperibus largita est, Cogitosus, cap. 29.

0 criol: hence the Anglo-Irish and Scottish creel' an osier-basket.'

a cf. line 61.

e Caillig ace. dual of caillech, which is formed from caille (supra 1. 50) =Lat. pallium, W. pall.

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