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Reraig76 faithi cendibad77 aingil apstail ard fegad78 45 tairset79 liarnatha[i]r nemda riasluag ndemna diarsenad

Sen de

Bewdacht fore'rlam80 patraic81 conn6ebaib herenn immia
bennacht forsincathraigse 7 forcach fil indi88

Bennacht fore'rlam hrigit conogaib herenn impe
tabraid huile cain forgall bendacht forordan brigte

50 Be?idachtb forcolumcille84 connoebaib85 alban86 alia
foranmain adamna[i]n ain rola cain forsnaclanna

[fo. 6a] Forf6esam rig nandula comairche nachanbera
inspirut n6eb ronbr6ena crist ronsdera ronsena

Sen de


1. .i. ronfucca leis 2. .i. forund de .i. ti forn 3. .i. dorata afial torund diarditin 4. .i. foraoessitin 5. .i. in nocte tribulationis. 6. .i. cepe leth tiasam 7. .i. alaind 8. .i. c(oro)emdar sinn diardit(in) .i. done arndi(tin) 9. .i. cid fossidecht 10 .i. cid forimtecht 11. .i rori 12. .i. contra 13. .i. atchimit 14. .i. guidmit 15. .i. luctus. 16. .i. terrenus vel lerrigena vel terra rubra interpretatur. 17. .i. aringalar ndian .i. arin(m)bude connaill 18. .i. fograiges .i. don6 tomathium 19. noe consolatio interpretatur quia per ipsum mundus consolatus est in reparatione hominum. 20. .i. pater excelsus interpretatur. 21. .i. risus interpretatur quia per miraculum datus est. 22. .i. tfsat immund 23. .i. adamni .i. gorta quia per adam uenit dolor. 24. .i. iaoob 25. .i. xii. patriarch* 26. .i. augmentum interpretatur. 27. .i. a(n uas)alfer 28. .i. quia multos angelos tenet. 29. .i. ronsnade sund 30. .i. aquaticus interpretatur quia de nilo flumine sumptus est 31. .i. populum israel. 32. .i. mac nun 33. .i. mons fortitudinis interpretatur. 34. .i. fortis manus interpretatur. 35. .i. dolens interpretatur. 36. .i. fiada .i. fodia .i. dia maith 37. .i. in quo gratia interpretatur. 38. .i. qui xpm. baptizauit. 39. .i. asluindmeit arcardes fris in hac laude. 40. apostolus grece missus interpretatur latine. 41. .i. tisat diarcobair 42. .i. stilla vel Stella maris interpretatur. 43. .i. aite isu 44. .i. rontograt diarnanacul 45. .i. anima vel gratia eius 46. .i. coronatus interpretatur. 47. ronfuaslaice 48. .i. foraithmet 48". .i. ignatius episcopus secundus post

petrum in antiochia aliis bestiis 49. .i. pro deo 50. .i. pro deo

51. .i . pro deo. 52. .i. uirg(initate) 53. .i. in scotica linga vel huius ymni. 54. .i. inri roanacht 55. .i . alucht locha l. alucht dub .i. noe cum suis tribus filiis et .iiii. uxores eorum. 56. .i. rex iustitise interpretatur.° 57. .i. rosoerastar 58. .i . declinans interpretatur loth mac aran mic thara frater sarra. 59. rosoera sinn 60. othoin [?] ahann 61. .i. isingabud irabatar sine aqua quando uenit ex egipto. 62. .i. rori 63 .i. roangestard 64. .i. flaith eim 65. .i . solusta

• MS. imme. b MS. benedacht.

° I omit a long latin note on Sem and Salem, given by Todd, L.H. 127.

d I omit a latin note about' Sedrac, Misac 7 Abdinago.'

66. .i. arroairchise1 67. .i. a deo. 68. .i. dav dia maith 69. .i. rotboltnagem 70. .i. tomaithmech 71. .i. a de maith 72. .i. roerniter 73. .i. meicc becca atbalat fochetor in. sanctitate post baptismum. 74. .i. celum. 75. .i. hifarsinge 76. .i. rorig l. rerig .i. qui fuerunt ante diluuium. 77. .i. in poena. 78. .i. isardfegad angelorum et apostolorum. 79. .i. hue usque cecinit colman. 80. erlam .i. er ellam .i. adbul ellam fridenaim ferta Tmirbaile 81. .i. forinerlam as patraic 82. .i. inte 83. .i. collum ara diutecht

dictus est. 84. .i. quia frequenter ueniebat ad daru nchill .i. a

telaig.dubglaisse quia a.... ad campum prociuitate ueniet l...ere et dicebant... expectem....le inde dictus est. 85 .i. fri muir anair

Translation of the preface and hymn.

God's blessing.—Colman, son of the descendant of Cluasach, lector of Cork, he it is that made this hymn to save himself from the Yellow Plague which was in the time of the sons of Aed Slane. For numerous were the people in Ireland at that time, and such was their number that they got but thrice nine ridges for each man in Ireland, to wit, nine of bog and nine of land and nine of forest. So the nobles of the men of Ireland fasted along with the sons of Aed Slane, with Fechine of Fore, and with Aireran, and with Manchan of Liath and with a multitude besides, for the thinning of the people, for scarcity of food had come there because of their number. Wherefore the Yellow Plague was sent upon them, and the sons of Aed Slane died in that year, and the seniors whom we have mentioned, et alii multi. Dieunt alii that it was Colman who made the whole (hymn). Others say that he made only two quatrains of it and that the school made it from that forth, i.e. a half-quatrain by each man of them. In Cork it was made, in the time of the two sons of Aed Slane, namely, Blaithmac and Diarmait. Now this is the cause of making it. A great pestilence was sent on the men of Ireland, namely, the Buide connaill, and it searched all Ireland, and left alive only every third human being in Ireland. And to protect them and his school against that pestilence Colman made this hymn. And it came to pass that he made it when he began to voyage forth to a certain island of the sea of Ireland, a-fleeing this pestilence, till there were nine waves between them and the land, for pestilence does not pass beyond, ut ferunt periti. And a certain one of this school asked Colman what was the blessing wherein it had befallen them to go away thus. Said Colman, "What blessing is this," quoth he, "but God's blessing 1" for this is what they trie.d, to go forth on islands of the sea, in flight before the Plague.

God's blessing bear us, come on us! Let Mary's son cover us!
Upon his protection (be) we to-night, wherever we go, let him

guard fairly!
Whether (at) rest or (in) motion, whether sitting or standing,
Heaven's Prince against every battle! this is the prayer we will


1 I omit a latin note about Daniel.

5 A prayer of Abel, son of Adam, of Eli, of Enoch, to help us!

May they save us from the swift disease, whatever place throughout

the world it threatens. Noah and Abraham, Isaac the admirable son, May they surround us against disease: let not famine visit

us. "We beseech the father of three quaternions* and Joseph, 10 Let their prayers save us to the King many-angel'd, noble!

May Moses (the) good leader protect me, (he) who protected thro'

Ruorum Mare:

Joshua, Aaron, son of Amra, David the bold youth. Job with the tribulations protect us against the poisons, May God's prophets guard us with Maccabeus' seven sons. 15 John Baptist we appeal to, let him be a safeguard to us, a protection.

Jesus with (his) apostles be for our aid against danger.

Let Mary, Joseph, call us, et spiritus Stephani:

From every peril may commemoration of Ignatius' name deliver us.

Every martyr, every hermit, every saint who was in chastity, 20 Be a shield to protect us, be an arrow from us against demons.

Megem regnum rogamus in nostris sermonibus,

Who saved Noah (with) his people diluvii temporibus.

Melchisedech rex Salem incerto de semine,

Let his prayers free us ab omni formidine. 25 Soter who freed Lot from fire, qui per secula habetur,

Ut nos omnes, precamur, liberare dignetur.

Abram of Ur of the Chaldees, let the Prince who protected him protect us,

Let him free me who freed the people lympkd fontis in danger.' Let the Prince who saved three children from a furnace of fire with redness,

30 Protect us as he protected David de manu Golai.

Let lampful heaven's Sovran spare us from our misery,
(He) who did not leave suum prophetam ulli leonuin ori.
As he sent the angel who delivered Peter from his chain,
Let him be sent to us to assist us, let everything unsmooth be
smooth before us.

35 Let us tell our wish to our God nostro opere digno,
May we be with him in eternal life in paradisi regno.
As he saved prophet Jonas from a whale's belly, bright deed!
Let the good king threatening, mighty, protect us! God's blessing
bear us, come on us"!

Truly, 0 God, truly, let this prayer be granted;
40 Let little children of God's kingdom be around this school!

Truly, O God, let it be true! Let us all reach (the) peace of the

Whoever shall reach may we reach. Into Heaven's kingdom may
we come together t

* Isaac, father of the twelve patriarchs.

May we be without age* in space, with angels in eternal life!

Great kings, prophets without extinction, angels, apostles, a noble sight.

Let them come with our Heavenly Father before (the) demons' host to

bless us. A blessing on Patron Patrick with Ireland's saints around him, A blessing on this town and on every one who is therein. A blessing on Patron Brigit with Ireland's virgins around her: Let all give—a fair declaration—a blessing on Brigit's dignity. A blessing on Oolumcille with Alba's saints beside him, On (the) soul of noble Adamnan who passed a law on the clans. Upon (the) protection of the King of the Elements, a guardianship he

will not take from us, The Holy Spirit rain on us, Christ free us, bless us!

II. FIACC'S HYMN, [fo. 15 o\] Genair patraicc.—Fiac sleibte doronai innimunsa dopatraicc. iNfiacsin dana mac eside mic ercha mic bregain mic daire barraig'otaat ubarrche mic cathair moir. Dalta darai infiacsin dodubthach mac huilugair ardfile herenn eside. INaimsir loegaire mic neill (dor6nad.) 7 ise indubthachsin atracht riapatraicc hitemraig iarnarad doloegaire naroeirged nech remi isin(tig) 7 bacara dopatraicc he osein immach 7 robaitseo" opatraicc he iarsein. Luid dana [patraicc] fecht cotech indubthaigsin ilaig(nib.) Ferais iaxum dubthach failte moir fripatraicc. Atbert patraicc fri dubthach cuinnig damsa olse fer graid sochenelocfe sobessach 6en[s]^tche 7 oenmac occai tantum. Cid aracuinchesiu sein i. fer inchrothasin oldubthach diadul fogradaib [olpatraic.J Fiac sein oldubthach 7 dochoidside forcuairt iconnachtaib. iNtan tra batar forsnabriathraibse isann tanic fiac dochuairt leis. Ata sunn oldubthach inti roimraidsem. Ciabeth olpatraicc bes niba hdil d6 quod diximus. Dentar trial (mo) berthasa oldubthach cowaccadar fiac Otchonnairc tra fiac roiarfaig ced aratrialtar olse dubthach doberrath ar[siat.]isespach sein arse arnifil inherinn filid alethet. notgebtha darahesi olpatraicc. islugu moesbaidse aherinn olfiac quam dubtach. tall tra patraicc aulcha dofiac tunc 7 tanic rath mor fair iarsein coroleg innord neclasda ulle inoenaidche vel xu. diebus ut alii ferunt 7 codardad grad nepscuip fair 7 conidhe asardepscop lagen osein' ille 7 achomarbba diaeis. Loc do duma ngobla frisleibte aniarthuaith. Tempus immorro lugdach mic loegaire arise bari herenn tunc. Causa yero armolad patraic. 7 iarnaec doronad ut ferunt quidam. 1 Genair patraicc innemthur1 ised atfet hiscelaib maccan sembliadan deac intan dobreth2 fode'raib Succat4 aainm itubrad5 cedaathair bafissi6 mace alpuirn7 maic otide8 hoa deochain odissi9

cenes, leg. cen des and cf. fedligfit dogres isin bethaid suthain cen aes cen ercra (Scela na eserge, Lebar na huidre) "They will abide continually in the life eternal, without age, without decay."

5 Bai se b]iadna10 ifognam maisse dome11 nistoimled1* batarile cothraige cethartrebe diafognad13

Asbert14 uictor15 frigniad16 mil17 contessed18 fortonna19 forruib achois forsindleicc marait aes20 nibronna

Dofaid tarelpa huile21 de mair baamru retha22 10 conidfarggaib lagerman andes indeisciurt letha

Ininnsib mara torrian ainis innib adrimi
legais canoin lagerman ised adfiadat lini

Dochum nerenn dodfetis24 aingil de hifithisi

[fo. 15 6] menicc atchithi25 hifisib dosnicfed arithisi

15 Robochobair donderinn tichtu patraicc forochlad
roclos26 cian son27 agarma macraide28 caille fochlad

Gadatar cotissad innoeb aranimthised lethu
aratintarrad29 ochl6en30 tuatha herenn dobethu31

Tuatha herenn tairchantais dosnicfed sithlaith nua 20 meraid code32 aiartaige bedfas tfr temrach tua33

Adruid34 friloegaire tichtu phatraicc nicheilltis
rof irad ind[f ]atsine innaflatha asbeirtis

Baleir35 patraicc combeba36 basab37 indarba cl6ene *
ised tuargaib aeua38 suas39 de sechtreba d6ine

25 Ymmuin40 ocus abcolips natricoicat noscanad
pridchad baitsed arniged41 demolad de' nianad

Nicongebed uacht sini dofeiss aidche hilinnib
fornim consena42 arige pridchaiss fride43 indinnib44 b

Islan45 tuaith benna bairche46 nisgaibed47 tart nalia 30 canaid ce'tsalm48 cechnaidchi dorig aingel fogniad

Foaid49 forleicc luim iarum50 ociiscuilche fliuch imbi
bacoirthe afrithadart * nileicc achorp hitimmi

Pridchad soscela d docach dognfth morferta illethu
fccaid luscu52 latruscu43 mairb dosfiuscad dobethu

35 Patraic pridchais doscotaib roche's m6r seth illethu
immi contissat56 dobrath incach57 dosfuc dobethu58

Meicc emir meicc erimon lotar huib: lacisal
fosrolaic intarmchosal isinmorchute nisei60

Condathanic intapstal61 dofaith gith gaithe dene * 40 pridchais trifichte bliadVm croich crisi dothuataib fenefia

Fortuaith herenn bai temel63 tuatha adortais side64
[fo. 16 a] nicreitset inffrdeacht innatrindite fire'

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