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How bright This Prospect fhines ? How gloomy,

A trembling World! and a devouring God!
Earth, but the Shambles of Omnipotence!
Heav'n's face ail ftain'd with causeless Massacres
Of countless Millions, born to feel the Pang
Of Being iofi. LORENZO ! can it be?
This bids us shudder at the Thoughts of Life.
Who would be born to such a phantom World,-
Where nought Substantial, but our Mis’ry ?
Where Joy (if Joy) but heightens our Distress,
So soon to perish, and revive no more,
The greater such a Joy, the more It pains..
A World, where dark, mysterious Vanity
Of Good, and Ill, the distant Colours blends,
Confounds all Reason, and all Hope destroys ;
Reason, and Hope, our sole Asylum Here!
A World so far from Great, (and yet how Great
It shines to Thee?) there's nothing Real in it ;
Being, a Shadow ! Consciousness, a Dream!
A Dream, how dreadful ? Universal Blank
Before it, and behind ! Poor Man, a Spark
From Non-existence struck by Wrath divine,
Glitt'ring a Moment, nor that Moment sure,
'Midt Upper, Nether, and Surrounding Night,
His Sad, Sure, Sudden, and Eternal Tomb.

LORENZO ! doft Thou feel these Arguments ?
Or is there nought but Vengeance can be felt?
How hast Thou dar'd the Deity dethrone ?
How dar'd indict Him of a World like This?
If such the World, Creation was a Crime ;
For what is Crime, but Cause of Misery
Retract, Blasphemer! And unriddle This,
Of endless Arguments above, below,
Without us, and within, the short Result,
$ IF Man's Immortal, there's a Gop in Heav'n.”


But wherefore such Redundancy ? Such Waste-
Of Argument ? One fets my Soul at Rest;
One obvious, and at Hand, and, Oh !-at Heart: .
So just the Skies, PHILANDER's Life fo pain'd,
His Heart so pure ; that, or succeeding Scenes
Have Palms to give, or ne'er had He been born.

" What an old Tale is This !!! LORENZŐ cries.-
I grant this Argument is old: but - Truth
No Years impair; and had not This beer True,
Thou never hadît despis'd it for its Age.
Truth is Immortal as thy Soul, and Fable
As fleeting as thy Joys: Be wise, nor make
Heav'n's highest Bleffing, Vengeance: O be wise!!
Nor make a Curse of Immortality.

SAY, know'ft Thou what It is ? Or, what Thou art? Know't Thou th' Importance of a Soul Immortal ? Behold this Midnight Glory; Worlds, on Worlds!! Amazing Pomp ! 'Redouble this Amaze ; Ten thousand add ; add twice Ten thousand more;: Then weigh the Whole; One Soul outweighs them All;; And calls th' astonishing Magnificence Of unintelligent Creation, poor.

For This, believe not me ; no Man believe ;
Trust not in Words, but Deeds; and Deeds no lefes
Than those of the SUPREME ; nor His, a Few;
Consult them All ; consulted, All proclaim
Thy Soul's Importance : Tremble at Thyself; :
For whom Omnipotence has wak'd so long :
Has wak’d, and work’d, for Ages"; from the Birth :
Of Nature, to this Unbelieving Hour.

In this small Province of His vast Domain,
(All Nature bow, while I pronounce his Name !)
What has God done, and not for this sole End,
To rescue Souls from Death: The Soul's bigb Price
Is writ in all the Conduct of the Skies.
The Soul's bigh Price is the Creation's Key,


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Unlocks its Mysteries, and naked lays
The genuine Cause of ev'ry deed divine :
That, is the Chain of Ages, which maintains
Their obvious Correspondence, and unites
Most distant Periods in One bleft Defign:
That, is the Mighty Hinge, on which have turn'd
All Revolutions, whether we regard
The Nat'ral, Civil, or Religious, World ;
The Former Two, but Servants to the Third :
To That their Duty done, they Both expire,
Their Mass new cast, forgot their Deeds renown'd;
And Angels ask, "Where once they shone so Fair?"

To lift us from this Abject, to Sublime ;
This Flux, to Permanent; this Dark, to Day ;
This Foul, to Pure; this Turbid, to Serene;
This Mean, to Mighty!- for this glorious End
Th' ALMIGHTY, rifing, his long Sabbath broke ;.
The World was Made ;, was Ruin'd; was Restor'd;.
Laws from the Skies were Publish'd; were Repeal'd;
On Earth Kings, Kingdoms rose;. Kings, Kingdoms,


Fam'd Sages lighted up the Pagan World,
Prophets from Sion darted a keen Glance
Thro' diftant Age; Saints travell'd; Martyrs bled
By Wonders sacred Nature stood contrould;
The Living were Translated ; Dead were Rais'd;
Angels, and more than Angels, came from Heav'n ;,
And oh !-for This, descended lower ftill;
Gilt was Hell's Gloom ; astonisht at his Guest,
For one short Moment Lucifer ador'd :
LORENZO! and wilt Thou do less ! -For This,
That Hallow'd Page, Fools scoff at, was inspir'd,
Of all these Truths thrice.venerable Code!
Deifts ! perform your Quarentine ; and then,
Jall proftrate, ere you touch it, left you die.


Nor less intensely bent Infernal Pow'rs
To mar, than those of Light, this End to gain.
O what a Scene is Here!-LORENZO! wake ;
Rise to the Thought ; exert, expand, thy Soul
To take the vaft Idea : It denies
All else the Name of Great. Two warring Worlds!
Not Europe against Afric; Warring Worlds,
Of more than Mortal! mounted on the Wing!
On ardent Wings of Energy, and Zeal,
High hov'ring o'er this little Brand of Strife!
This sublunary Ball. But Strife, for what?
In their own Cause conflicting ? No ; in Thine,
In Man's. His fingle Int’rest blows the Flame ;
His the sole Stake ; His Fate the Trumpet founds,
Which kindles War Immortal. How It burns ?
Tumultuous Swarms of Deities in Arms !
Force Force oppofing, till the Waves run high,
And tempest Nature's universal Sphere.
Such Oppofites Eternal, Stedfast, Stern,
Such Foes Implacable, are Good, and Ill;
Yec Man, vain Man! would mediate Peace betwočn

THINK not this Fiction. 6. There was War in

From Heav'n's high crystal Mountain where It hung,
Th’ALMIGHTY's out-stretcht Arm took down his Bowe;
And shot His Indignation at the Deep:
Rethunder'd Hell, and darted all her Fires.-
And seems the Stake of little Moment ftill ?
And slumbers Man, who fingly caus'd the Storm?
He sleeps.--And art Thou shockt at Mysteries?
The Greatest, Thou. How dreadful to reflect,
What Ardor, Care, and Counsel, Mortals cause
In Breasts Divine? How Little in their Own ?

Where-E'ER I turn, how new Proofs pour upon me!
How happily This wond'rous View supports



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My Former Argument ! How strongly frikes.
Immortal Life's full Demonstration, Here!
Why this Exertion? Why this strange Regard
From Heav'n's Omnipotent indulg'd to Man?
Because, in Man, the glorious, dreadful Pow'r,
Extremely to be Pain’d, or Blest, for ever.
Duration gives Importance ; swells the Price..
An Angel, if a Creature of a Day,
What would He be?. A Trifle of no Weight ;3
Or Stand, or Fall ; no Matter which ; He's gone. .
Because IMMORTAL, therefore is Indulg'd
This strange Regard of Deities to Duft.
Hence, Heav'n looks down on Earth with all her Eyes ::
Hence, the Soul's mighty Moment in her Sight: -
Hence, ev'ry Soul has Partizans Above,
And ev'ry Thought a Critic in the Skies:
Hence, Clay, vile Clay ! has Angels for its Guard, .
And ev'ry Guard a Passion for his Charge::
Hence, from all Age, the Cabinet divine
Has held high Counsel o'er the Fate of Man.

Nor have the Clouds those gracious Counsels hid..
Angels andrew the Curtain of the Throne,
And PROVIDENCE came forth to meet Mankind ; .
In various Modes of Emphasis, and Awe,
He spoke his Will, and trembling Nature heard ;
He spoke it loud, in Thunder, and in Storm.
Witness, Thou Sinai! whose Cloud-cover'd Height
And fhaken Basis own'd the present God:
Witness, ye Billows! whose returning Tide,
Breaking the Chain that faften'd it in Air,
Swept Egypt, and her Menaces, to Hell :
Witness, ye Flames! th' Allyrian Tyrant blew
To sev’nfold Rage, as Impotent, as Strong:
And Thou, Earth! 'witness, whose expanding Jaws
Cloz'd o'er * Prefumption's facrilegious Sons :
* Corah, &c.


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