Hudibras: Poëme, Volume 2

1757 - 365 páginas

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Página 94 - With pregnant light : The point is clear. Oaths are but words, and words but wind, Too feeble implements to bind, And hold with deeds proportion, so, As shadows to a substance do.
Página 154 - March proudly to the river's side, And o'er the waves in triumph ride ; Like Dukes of Venice, who are said The Adriatic sea to wed ; And have a gentler wife than those For whom the state decrees those shows.
Página 441 - Maisd'où viefidroit cet air dans une matière auffi ardente , & à quel point n'y feroit-il pas raréfié & affoibli , s'il y avoit été enveloppé ? Comme les bornes que je me fuis prefcrites , ne me permettent pas de me beaucoup étendre fur un fujet qui n'a aucun rapport avec l'ouvrage que je commente , on ne trouvera pas mauvais que je renvoie à ceux qui ont écrit fur cette matière. (34) [ 17
Página 30 - Have you not power to entertain, And render love for love again ? As no man can draw in his breath, At once, and force out air beneath. Or do you love...
Página 266 - Just in the place where honour 's lodg'd, As wise philosophers have judg'd. Because a kick in that part more Hurts honour than deep wounds before.
Página 82 - The Sun grew low, and left the skies, Put down (some write) by ladies' eyes. The Moon pull'd off her veil of light, That hides her face by day from sight, (Mysterious veil, of brightness made, That's both her lustre and her shade !) And in the lantern of the night, With shining horns hung out her light ; For darkness is the proper sphere Where all false glories use t
Página 42 - Thought he, I understand your play, And how to quit you your own way. He that will win his dame, must do As Love does, when he bends his bow ; With one hand thrust the Lady from, And with the other pull her home. I grant...
Página 200 - His bus'ness was to pump and wheedle, And men with their own keys unriddle, To make them to themselves give answers, For which they pay the necromancers ; To fetch and carry intelligence, Of whom, and what, and where, and whence, And all discoveries disperse Among th...
Página 56 - Use her so barbarously ill, To grind her lips upon a mill, Until the facet doublet doth Fit their rhymes rather than her mouth : Her mouth, compar'd to' an oyster's, with A row of pearl in't, 'stead of teeth.
Página 24 - Then beaten back and side t' a jelly ; That done, he rises, humbly bows, And gives thanks for the princely blows ; Departs not meanly proud, and boasting Of his magnificent rib-roasting. The beaten soldier proves most manful, That, like his sword, endures the anvil, And justly's held more formidable, The more his valour's malleable : SP.

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