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Corah, Dathan, &c. Num. 16, 17.
Moabitides, Num. 25.
Achan, Jofue 7 and 8.
Jofuah in Gibeon, Josh. 10.
Gideon Idoloclastes, Jud. 6, 7.
Gideon pursuing, Jud. 8.
Abimelech the Usurper, Jud. 9.

Samson pursophorus, or Hybristes, or Samson mar. rying or in Ramath Lechi, Jud. 15.

Dagonalia, Jud. 16.

Comazontes, or the Benjaminites, or the Rioters, Jud. 19, 20, 21.

Theristria, a pastoral out of Ruth.

Eliadæ, Hophni and Phinehas, Sam. 1, 2, 3, 4, beginning with the first overthrow of Israel by the Philistins, interlac'd with Samuel's vision concerning Eli's family.

Jonathan rescued, 1 Sam. 14.
Doeg fandering, 1 Sam. 22.
The sheepshearers in Carmel, a pastoral, 1 Sam. 25.
Saul in Gilboa, 1 Sam. 28, 31.
David revolted, 1 Sam. from the 27 c. to the 31.
David adulterous, 2 Sam. c. II, 12.
Tamar, 2 Sam. 13.
Achitophel, 2 Sam. 15, 16, 17, 18.
Adoniah, 1 Reg. 2.

Solomon Gynæcocràtumenus, or Idolomargus, aat
Thyfiazusæ. Reg. 1. 11.

Rehoboam, 1 Reg. 12. where is disputed of a politic religion.


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Abias Therfæus, 1 Reg. 14. The queen, after much dispute, as the last refuge sent to the prophet Ahias of Shilo; receives the message. The Epitasis in that she hearing the child shall die as she comes home, refuses to return, thinking thereby to elude the oracle. The former part is spent in bringing the sick prince forth as it were desirous to shift his chamber and couch as dying men use, his father telling him what sacrifice he had sent for his health to Bethel and Dan; his fearlesness of death, and putting his father in mind to set [send] to Ahiah. The Chorus of the elders of Israel, bemoaning his virtues bereft them, and at another time wondring why Jeroboam being bad himself should so grieve for his son that was good, &c.

Imbres, or the Showers, 1 Reg. 18, 19.
Naboth συκοφαντάμενος, 1 Reg. 21.

Ahab, 1 Reg. 22. beginning at the fynod of false prophets ; ending with relation of Ahab's death; his body brought; Zedekiah flain by Ahab's friends for his seducing. (See Lavater, 2 Chron. 18.)

Elias in the mount, 2 Reg. 1. 'Opercúrns, or better, Elias Polemistes.

Elifæus Hudrocoos, 2 Reg. 3. Hudrophantes, Aquator.

Elisaus Adorodocétas.
Elifæus Menutes, five in Dothaimis, 2 Reg. 6.
Samaria Liberata, 2 Reg. 7.

Achabæi Cunoborwmeni, 2 Reg. 9. The scene Jefrael: beginning from the watchman's discovery of Jehu till he go out: in the mean while, message of 03


things paffing brought to Jezebel, &c. Lastly the 70 heads of Ahab's sons brought in, and message brought of Ahaziah's brethren llain on the way, C. 10.

Jehu Belicola, 2 Keg. 10.
Athaliah, 2 Reg. 11.
Amaziah Doryalotus, 2 Reg. 14. 2 Chron. 25.

Hezechias wohsopréusvos, 2 Reg. 18, 19. Hesechia befieg’d. The wicked hypocrisy of Shebna, spoken of in the 11, or thereabout of Isaiah, and the commendation of Eliakim will afford ápoppds hóyou, together with a faction, that fought help from Egypt.

Josiah Alalómenos, 2 Reg. 23.

Zedechiah vectepi&wr, 2 Reg. but the story is larger in Jeremiah.

Solym w Halofis ; which may begin from a message brought to the city, of the judgment upon Zedechiah and his children in Ribla, and fo seconded with the burning and destruction of city and temple by Nebuzaradan ; lamented by Jeremiah.

Afa or Æthiopes. Chron. 14. with the deposing his Mother, and burning her idol. The three Children, Dan. 3.

British Trag. The cloister king Constans set up by Vortiger. 2. Vortiger poison’d by Roena, 3. Vortiger immur'd. The three following were added afterwards in the

margin. Venutius husband to Cartismandua.



Vortiger marrying Roena. See Speed. reprovod by Vordin archbishop of London. Speed.

The massacre of the Britons by Hengist in their cups at Salisbury plain. Malmesbury.

4. Sigher of the East Saxons revolted from the faith, and reclam'd by Jarumang.

5. Ethelbert of the East Angles slain by Offa the Mercian. See Holinsh. L. 6. c. 5. Speed in the Life of Offa and Ethelbert.

6. Sebert flain by Penda after he had left his kingSee Holinihed, p. 116.

7. Wulfer flaying his two sons, for being Christians.

8. Olbert of Northumberland Nain for ravishing the wife of Bernbocard, and the Danes brought in. See Stow. Holinsh. L. 6. c. 12. and especially Speed, L. 8. c. 2.

9. Edmund last king of the East Angles martyr'd by Hinguar the Dane. See Speed, L. 8. C. 2.

10. Sigebert tyrant of the West-Saxons Nain by a Swineherd,

11. Edmund brother of Athelstan Nain by a thief at his own table. Malmes.

12. Edwin, son to Edward the younger, for lust depriv’d of his kingdom, or rather by faction of Monks, whom he hated; together with the impostor Dunstan.

13. Edward son of Edgar murder'd by his stepmother. To which may be inserted the tragedy stirr’d up betwixt the Monks and Priests about marriage.

14. Ethelred, son of Edgar, a. slothful king, the ruin of his land by the Danes,


15. Ceaulin,

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15. Ceaulin, king of Weft-Saxons, for tyranny depos’d, and banish'd, and dying.

16. The Naughter of the Monks of Bangor by Edelfride stirr'd up, as is said, by Ethelbert, and he by Austin the Monk, because the Britons would not receive the rites of the Roman Church. See Bede, Geffrey Monmouth, and Holinshed, p. 104, which must begin with the convocation of British Clergy by Austin to determin superfluous points, which by them was refused.

17. Edwin by vision promis'd the kingdom of Northumberland on promise of his conversion, and therein establish'd by Rodoald king of East-Angles.

18. Oswin king of Deira Nain by Ofwie, his friend, king of Bernitia, through instigation of flatterers. See Holinshed, p. 115.

19. Sigibert of the East-Angles keeping company with a person excommunicated, llain by the fame man in his house, according as the bishop Cedda had foretold.

20. Egfride king of the Northumbers Nain in battel against the Piets, having before wasted Ireland, and made war for no reason on men that ever lov'd the English; forewarn'd also by Cuthbert not to fight with the Picts.

21. Kinewulf, King of West-Saxons, sain by Kineard in the house of one of his concubines.

22. Gunthildis, the Danish lady, with her husband Palingus, and her son, Nain by appointment of the traitor Edrick in king Ethelred's days. Holinshed,



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