The Technologist. Ed. by P.L. Simmonds

Peter Lund Simmonds

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Página 103 - ... mortar. To five pounds of this pulp, which ought to be as equal as possible, is added a pound of sour milk, and the necessary quantity of salt. The whole is kneaded together, and the mixture covered up and allowed to lie for three or four days, according to the season. At the end of this time it is kneaded anew, and the cheeses are placed in little baskets, where the superfluous moisture is allowed to escape.
Página 4 - Great care must be taken in removing the pan from the fire the instant the whole of the water has evaporated (which may be known by the bubbles having ceased), for if allowed to remain longer, the oil, which has hitherto been of the temperature of boiling water, or 212°...
Página 143 - Ag. fusipes to pickle, in clusters under them ; Puffballs, which some of our friends have not inaptly compared to sweet-bread for the rich delicacy of their unassisted flavour ; Hydna as good as oysters, which they somewhat resemble in taste ; Agaricus deliciosus, reminding us of tender lamb-kidneys ; the beautiful yellow Chantarelle, that kalon kagathon of diet, growing by the bushel...
Página 310 - Кита have some analogy to those of opium, and the drinkers of it, like the Meriakis, may be seen borne down by the weight of their bodies. A peculiar kind of skin disease, called at Tahiti Arevareva, results from the daily use of Kava. In old drinkers, the vision becomes obscure, the conjunctivas very red, the teeth acquire a deep yellow colour, their skin is dry, scaly, cracked, and ulcerated, especially where it is thick, as on the hands and feet, and they finish by falling into a state of...
Página 444 - ... paper on the subject of the guano island of Sombrero, which I hope soon to present, it is proper for me, from my peculiar advantages, to point out some of the errors into which Dr. Phipson* has fallen in his proposal to distinguish the Sombrero guano as a new mineral species. He commences by saying: "This mineral forms a large portion of some small islands in the West Indies, especially of Sombrero Island.
Página 364 - The markets or sleepingplaces are well supplied with provisions by great numbers of women, every one of whom is seen spinning cotton with a spindle and distaff, exactly like those which were in use among the ancient Egyptians. A woman is scarcely ever seen going to the fields, though with a pot on her head, a child on her back, and the hoe over her shoulder, but she is employed in this way.
Página 65 - August, are beautifully contrasted and relieved by an exuberance of white flowers. It is remarkable that the leaves are equally fragrant with the fruit, and I am told will yield in distillation a delicate odoriferous oil, which is very commonly used in the medicinal dispensaries of Europe for oil of cloves.
Página 181 - The female has no wings, is of the size of a small pea, of a brownish-red colour, and is covered with a whitish dust. From the middle of May to the middle of June the eggs are collected, and exposed to the vapour of vinegar, to prevent their incubation. A portion of eggs is left upon the tree for the maintenance of the brood. In the department of the Bouches-du- Rhone, one half of the kermes crop is dried. It amounts annually to about 60 quintals or cwts., and is warehoused at Avignon. The kermes...
Página 167 - The general principle conceived in the action of all these matches is, that substances (as phosphorus) having a great affinity for oxygen, are mixed with a large amount of it, condensed into a small space (as in nitrate or chlorate of potash), so that the slightest cause is sufficient to effect the combination.
Página 15 - The juice causes a separation of the muscular fibres. Nay, the very vapour of the tree serves the purpose ; hence many people suspend the joints of meat, fowls, &c., in the upper part of the tree, in order to prepare them for the table.

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