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On page 1, District No. 10, “Roland” On page 368, “Appendix B,” “Heslep" should read “Rowland.”

should read “Satterwhite." On page

5, “Riddling” should read On page 457, "H. B. No. 288' should ** Ridling.'

read "283." On page

33, "Mr. Kennedy” should On page 470, under “Resolutions,” the read - Mr. Kennedy of Limestone," offer words "Mr. Hill offered the following ing resolution.

amendment," should read "Mr. Hill ofOn page 34, in list of pages, "Frank fered the following resolution.” Gallagher of McLennan county" should On page 495, “H. B. No. 70“ should read “Frank Gallagher of Bexar coun

read "71." ty."

On page 540, caption of H. B. No. 434 On page 42, author of H. B. No. 14 should read “road" instead of "county" should read “Hendrick,” not "Hen

commissioners. dricks."

On page 574, "Mr. Terrell of McLenOn page 53, second column, “Mr. Ken-nan” should appear “excused on account nedy" should read "Mr. Kennedy of

of important committee work," and not Limestone."

“important business.” On page 101, in caption of H. B. No. S.C. R. No. 10, should read “lupinus.”

On page 576, the word “lupevius," in 90, read “boards of equalization” instead

On page 720, “S. B. No. 283" should of “boards of education.”

read "238." On page 108, last roll call on page should show “Yeas 104" instead of “Yeas B. No. 508, Journal should show “Mr.

On page 1022, after disposition of H. 103."

Schluter in the chair."
On page 179, "H. B. No. 23” should

On page 1035, “H. B. No. 240” should read “53."

read “540." On page 191, the name of Mr. Gray of

On page 1125, in second column, under Eastland should

appear among those

caption of H. B. No. 508, the word, absent."

'in amendment, “Gaines” should read On page 200, “Mr. Wells” should read “Grimes.” "Mr. Wells of Grayson," offering resolu

On page 1130, “H. B. No. 415” should tion.

read “514." On page 250, “Roy Edmond” should

On page 1135, “H. B. No. 206" should read Roy M. Edmonds."

read "236." On page 279, H. C. R. No. 10” should On page 1218, in Senate message, "S. read “No. 11."

H. B. No. 94" should read “97."

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FIRST DAY-MORNING SESSION. Gainesville, Texas. Composed of the

county of Cooke. Hall of the House of Representatives. District No. 10: Hon. J. T. Roland, NoAustin, Texas,

cona, Texas. Composed of the county Tuesday, January 8, 1901.

of Montague. In accordance with the provisions of | District No. 11: Hon. Gayle Talbot, Title 65, Chapters 1 and 2, of the Re- Slidell, Texas. Composed of Wise vised Civil Statutes of the State of

county. texas, the House of Representatives of District No. 12: Hon. F. F. Hill, Denthe Twenty-seventh Legislature assem- ton, Texas. Composed of the county bled this day in the Hall of the House

of Denton. of Representatives at the city of Austin, District No. 13: Hon. J. B. Doyle, Sliat 12 o'clock, meridian.

dell, Texas. Composed of the counties Hon. D. H. Hardy, Secretary of State,

of Cooke, Denton and Wise. called the Honorable House to order.

District No. 14: Hons. J. N. Grisham, For the purpose of temporary organ

McKinney, and John R. Smith, Aleo, i ation, the Honorable Secretary of State

Texas. Composed of the county of then appointed Lee J. Rountree, of Wil

Collin. liamson county, Chief Clerk, and Tip District No. 15: Hon. William Pierson, Jones, of Collin county, Sergeant-at

Greenville, Texas. Composed of the Arms.

county of Hunt. The Honorable Secretary then di District No. 16: Hon. Nestor Morrow, rected the Clerk to call the roll of coun

Kaufman, Texas. Composed of the ties, which was done.

county of Kaufman. The Clerk was then directed to call District No. 17: Hon. 0. C. Mulkey, the roll of representative districts in nu

Commerce, Texas. Composed of the merical order, and the names of the

counties of Hunt and Kaufman. members representing the several dis- District No. 18: Hon. R. R. Williams, tricts, and the following members were

Cumby, Texas. Composed of the present and sworn in:

county of Hopkins. District No. 1: Hon. W. W. Dillard, District No. 19: Hon. Aubrey T. Stell, DeKalb, Texas. Composed of Bowie

Cooper, Texas. Composed of the councounty.

ties of Hopkins, Franklin and Delta. District No. 2: Hon. J. W. Hurt,

District No. 20: Hon. T. H. Napier, Bloomburg, Texas. Composed of Cass

Winsboro, Texas. Composed of the county.

counties of Wood and Rains. District No. 3: Hon. L. S. Schluter, District No. 21: Hon. W. M. Blalock,

Jefferson, Texas. Composed of the Marshall, Texas. Composed of the counties of Bowie, Cass and Marion.

county of Harrison. District No. 4: Hon. R. H. Wells, District No. 22: Hon. W. M. Robertson, Clarksville, Texas. Composed of the

Marshall, Texas. Composed of the county of Red River.

counties of Harrison and Gregg. District No. 5: Hon. L. B. Roach, Mt. District No. 23: Hon. W. H. Marsh,

Pleasant, Texas. Composed of the Tyler, Texas. Composed of the county counties of Morris, Titus and Red

of Smith. River.

District No. 24: Hon. Hampson Gary, District No. 6: Hons. Travis Hender- Tyler, Texas. Composed of the coun

son and E. A. Calvin, Paris and ties of Smith, Upshur and Camp. Maxey, respectively. Composed of the District No. 25: Hon. B. A. Ragland, county of Lamar.

Pittsburg, Texas. Composed of the District No. 8: Hons. J. L. Harbison, counties of Upshur and Camp.

Collinsville; Tom Wells, Bells; and A. District No. 26: Hon. S. J. Hendrick, W. Walker, Van Alstyne, Texas. Com. Henderson, Texas. Composed of the

posed of the county of Grayson. county of Rusk. District No. 9: Hon. Jesse C. Murrell, | District No. 27: Hon. L. W. Allred,

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