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CONTENTS, AUTHORS' NAMES, &c. of the Publica-

tions reviewed in this Voluine.

ABECEDARIAN Society, 100 Balfour's Treatise on Putrid Intestinal,
A Account of the Shipwreck and Remitting Fevers,
Captivity of M. de Briffon. Trans. Barbour's Bruce, or the History of

lated from the French, 584 Robert I, King of Scotland, 164

Adair's Unanswerable Arguments a: Trial at Large of George Barrington,

gainst the Abolition of the Slave. 461.-Memoirs of,


Trade, 579–His dangerous Con. Mr. Barnard's Demonstration of the

sequences of the Suttonian or cool. Divinity of our Lord Jesus Chrift,

ing Regimen, under Inoculation


for the Small-Pox,

$80 A Barrister's Letters on Parliamentary

Adam's Practical Essays on Agricul. Impeachments,



The Bengal Calendar for the Year

Address of the National Assembly of 1791.

France to the People,

583 Bell's New Pantheon,


Adriano; or, the First of June : à Berington's History of the Reign of


Henry II, and of Richard and John,

Adventures of Theagenes and Chari-

agenes and Chari- his sons,

225, 492



Sentiments of the Abbé Bertholon cune

Analysis of M. Girtanner's Memoir cerning the Effects of natural and

on irritability,


artificial Electricity on the Progress

Ejay on the Right of Angling on the of Vegetation, 191.-Its Influence

River Thames,


on the Congelation of Water, ibid.

Animal Life, and apparent Death, Bewick's Quadrupeds,

from accidental Suspensions of the Bicknell's Compleat System of Eng.

FunAions of the Lungs, 268.-Re- ! lish Grammar,


marks added on the Brunoniao Syf. Billardiere's Description of Mount Li-

tem of Medicine,

ibid. banus,

Answer to M. Godart's Memoir on Blake's (Sir Francis) Political Tracts,



A Layman's Apology for the Liturgy Bligh's Narrative of the Mutiny on

and Clergy of the Church of Eng- Board his Majesty's Ship Bounty, 536


447 Les Aventures d'Edouard Bomíton, porr

Applegarth's Plea for the Poor, 341 servir de Suite à la Nouvelle Heloise.

Arley, or the Faithless Wife, a Novel,


96 Mutinous Seizure of the Bounty, and luce
Armstrong's Juvenile Poems, 213 ceeding Hardships of the Crew, 582
Tbe New Afiatic Miscellany, printed Bowies’s Poem on Howard's Grave, 276
at Calcutta,

278 Modern Breakfast, or All asleep at

Association for discovering the inte Noon,


rior Parts of Africa,

106 Brewster's Sermons and Prayers for


- 450

Bacon's Miscellanies in Prose and Miss Brooke's Reliques of Irish Poetry,


213 22.-An kilh Tale fubjoined, ibid.

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Bruce's Travels, to discover the DALRYMPLE'S Spanish Pretenfions, Source of the Nile, 45, 252, 396, fairly discussed,

649 Demojibenis Oratio adulrfus Leptinem, 431 Burgess's Divinity of Chrift, 567 The Devil upon Two Seicks in EngBurke's Reflections on the Revolution land,

219 in France,

517 Three Familiar Dialogues on the WestBurney's lid and IVth Vols, of Á morland Dialect, General History of Music, 618 Dictionary of Chemistry, the first


- 244 Calonne's present and future State of Dillon's Memoirs of the General ReFrance, 672 volution in France,

150 Moral and Political Tendency of the Roc The Diflenters Plea against the Test * man Catholic Religion, 208 Laws, Carmen Seculare pro Gallica Gente Tye Dodun's Phosphoric Appearances, 445

rannida Aristocraticæ erepta 454 Donaldson's Proposals for increasing Caroline, or che Heroine of the Camp, our National Wealth Twelve Mile • a Novel,


lions a Year, Caflander's Criticisins on Horne The Sacred Drama of Jofeph fold by

Tooke's Diversions of Purley, 393 his Brethren, with other Poenis. Catalogue of the Pidures, &c. in the By H. Jeston,

572 Shakspeare Gallery, Pall-Mall, Dutrone : Observations on the Sugar


84 Arrangea Catalogue of Publications,

relating to the Toleration of Pro- EDMUND, or the Child of the Castle, teftant Diffenting Ministers, 583 a Novel,

454 Catteau's Tableau Generale de la Suede, Edwards' Royal and Constitutional


Regeneration of Great Britain, 174 General View of Sweden,

Practical Means of effec

OC tually exonerating the Public BurChalmers' Life of Daniel De Foe, 377 thens,

221 Cheit Sing, a Pocm,

95 Eloisa de Clairoille : An Historical NoTl Christian's Pocket Companion,

- vel,


Sir Henry Euglefield's Letter and Ada Clarke's Survey of the Lakes of Cuma dress in Regard to the Protestant berland, Weftmorland, and Lan Diflenters,

549 235 Epittle to James Boswell on his long Statistical View of Germany, expected Life of Dr. Johnson, 210

Errors of the British Minister, in the Clement's Key of Natural Philosophy, Negotiation with the Court of

Spain, 697-Subjoined Coniments Cole's Edition of the Works of Soame on the Convention with Spain, ibid. Jenyns, esq. "

569 Expediency of Revising the Liturgy Collectanea de Rcbus Hibernicis, 539 and Articles of the Church of EngCollections from fome of the Works l and, by a Consistent Protestant, of Sir Richard Stcele, 463

448 The Contrast, a Tale, wricren for the Experiments of M. Caffini, to ascer

Use of Sunday Schools, 568 tain the real temperature of CaCooper's early luftruction of Children verns,

196 in the Christian Religion, 209 Correlpondence, 104, 224, 344, 464, Curious Facts and Anedotes, not con

584 tained in the Memoirs of Philip Faiber Cotte's Meteorological Works, Thickness, Esq.


Dr. Falconer's Medicinal Effects of the Courtenay's Philosophical Reflections Bath Waters,

282 on the late Revolution in France, Foot's New Discovered Fact of a re

456 tative Nature to the Venereal PoiCredibility of a Future State of Re

217 tribution, considered,

569 FOREIGN LITERARY INTELLIGENCE, Criticisms on the Rulliad : Part I. and

84, 191, 306, 438, 558 IV,

*180 Fordyce on the Virtues of the MuriaCunningham's Copernican Syftem, 10 tic Acid,

339 A Friend









A Friend to Truth's Observations on Hurn's Fundamental Principles of the the Four Gospels,


Established Church, proved to be

the Doctrine of Scripture, 328 GABRIELL I de Vergy,an Historic Tale, Poetical Dialogue of Jack and Martin Tbe Garden, translated from the

on the proposed Repeal of the Test

Act, 409

1 332

The Intriguing Chamber-maid, a BalGauffen's Improvements in various


698 Instruments fubfervient to Philo

Invueations, addressed to the Deity, sophy and the Arts,


the Ocean, and to Woman, Geddes's General Answer to Queries


The late Emperor Joseph Ild's Letters put to him concerning his intended.

to General Dalton, Translation of the Bible, 220


Ireland's Picturesque Tour through Geography and History, selected by a

, Holland, Brabant, and Part of

459 Tb: German Hotel, a Comedy,

France, 698

D'lsraeli's Defence of Poetry, 212 Golledge's Free Thoughts on the

Jurieu's Accomplishment of the ScripDeath threatened against Adam, 583 Tboughts on Government, occafioned

ture Prophecies, selected by Edward by Burke's Reflections, &c. 692

· May, Gough's Translation of Camden's Bri. Keate's Reflections on the Address tannia,

502 of William Bull, Gentleman, to Tbird Edition of an Introduction to Latin William Poole, Esq.

582 Grammar,

461. King Asa, a Poem. By T. May 569 Gruse's Antiquities of Scotland, con- Tbe King of Sweden's Danger of the tinued, 74.-Concluded, 139 Political Balance of Europe, transa'

Provincial Glossary, 99 lated by Lord Mountmorres, 386 Abbé Spadoni's Discovery and Defcription Knowles's Primitive Christianity, 449.

of fome Grottos in Italy, 87 --Lofft's Observations thereon, ib. The Perfidious Guardian,

455 - Knox's Liberal Education, 699.-His

Letter to Lord North, 700.-Letter Hales' (Sir Matthew) affectionate to him by a resident Member of

Epiftle to his Children, 100 the University of Oxford, ibid. Hamilton's Attempt to explain the

Terms Democracy, Aristocracy, LAURA, a Sequel to the Eloisa of Oligarchy, Monarchy, and Delpo. Rousseau, tism, 342:--His Letters to the Peo- A Layman's Essays in Support of Rao ple of England, ' ibid. tional Religion,

330 Hanger's Reply tó Stri&ures on Tarle. Poem, in Blanik Verse, on St. James's

ton's History of the Cumpaigns ftreet, by Marmaduke Milton, efq. of 1780 and 1781,

331 Happiness, a Poem,

94 Leach's Treatise of Universal inHastings Trial Narrated, from Sim land Navigations,

701 kin the Second to his dear Brother Mrs. Lennox's Euphemia, a Novel, 81 'in Wales,

453 Letter and Letters. See Index. Haynes' Scripture Account of the At- Lessons to a Young Prince, on the tributes and Worship of God, &c. present Disposition to a General

208 Revolution, Hendy's Vindication of the Opinions Lewis's Philosophical Inquiry into

and Facts, contained in a Treatise, the Nature and Properties of Comon the Glandular Disease of Barba. mon Water, 116.-Its Medicinal does,

338 Qualities, Charles Henley, or the Fugitive Re. Lindsey's Second Address to the Stustored,

219 dents of Oxford and Cambridge, Hewlett, on the Controversy relating relating to Jesus Christ, 566

to the Authenticity of the Parian List of the late and present ParliaChronicle, 458 ment,

340 Tbe Historical Pocket Library, 221 Lives and Characters of the most cmiHurdis's Meaning of a Hebrew Word Dent Lawyers of the present Day, in Genesis i, 21. 329.

271 Lives




Lives and Writings of Dante and Pe Sbort Observations on Burke's Reffect trarch,

274 tions, &c. 692.-Added other Oba The Livre Rouge, or Lift of Secret fervations, in a Letter to Earl StanPensions, paid ogt of the public hope,

693 Treasure of France,

474 The Observer, Vol. V. concluded Loffi's Remarks on Mr. Burke's Let:

418 ter concerning the Revolution in The Thespian Oracle, containiog New · France,

685 Prologues and Epilogues, 453 The Loiterer, a Periodical Work, 374 Original Miscellaneous Poems, 8vo. Louisa, a Nuvel,







214 Paley's Hore Paulina, 585.-His Charge Mrs. Macaulay Graham's Letters on to the Clergy of the Diocese of Education,

611 Macdonald's Travels in various Parts Official Papers on the Subject of the

of Europe, Afia, and Africa, 664 Ships captured in Noocka Sound, Nature and Effeets of Animal Maguetism,


Parsons' Hints on producing Genius F.G's surprising Effects of Animal Mag 98--His History of Miss Meridith, netism in the Cure of a non-descript a Novel,

219 Disease,

580 Pearson's Poems, Mammuth, or Nature Displayed on a Pennant's History of London, 124

grand Scale, by the Man in the Percival's Essays, Medical, PhilosoMoon,

97 phical, and Experimental, 135 Maxims' and Reflections concerning Peter Pindar's Advice to the future

Religion, Morals, and Nature : Laureat, 56.-His Complimentary translated from an original Swedish Epistle to James Bruce, Esq. the Manuscript, 701 Abyssinian Traveller,

333 De l'Iles Ancient Medals and Measures, Philanthropos's Measures for securing

438 the Public from the Frequency of Melmonth’s New Cosmetic, a Comedy, Fires in the Metropolis, 7oz

336 The Philosopher's of the North true Memoirs of a Religious Diffenfion, Heavenly Religion restored, 568

452 Philosophical Transactions : for the Meyrrick's New Family Herbal, 338 Year 1790. Part I. Vol. LXXX. Mifcellaneous Pocms, by Anne Francis,

Pickbourn's Dissertation on the Enge Mitford's History of Greece, 66 lith Verb,

144 Supplement to Dr. Monro's Treatise in Pinkerton's Inquiry into the History

Chemistry, Medical and Pharma. of Scotland, preceding the Reign ceutical, and the Materia Medica, of Malcolm III.

364 119 Plan for a Free Community upon the Dr. Montalto's Jewith Tract, on the coast of Africa,

53d Chapter of Ilaiah, 669 Plexippus : or the Aspiring Plebeian, Lord Mountmorres's Speech in the

97 House of Lords of Ireland, on the Political Situations of France, Great Address to the Prince of Wales, Pritain, and Spain, at the present 343 Crisis,


Some Political Works, lately published M Nayr's Contingent Debts not to on the Continent,

314 be ranked on Sequentered Estates, Political Obrervations on the Teft 462.- His English Conveyancing Act,

341 adapted to Scotland,

ibił. Porson's Letters to Mr. Archdeacon Narrative of the Disinterment of Travis, in Answer to his Defence Milton's Coffin,

of the Three Heavenly Witnesses, Tbe Negro, equalled by few Europe

545 ans,

454 Portlock's Voyage round the World, Nisbete's Miraculous Conception of 345.--His and Dixon's Voyage our Saviour,

329. round the World abridged, 700 Norman and Bertha : a Norel, 97 Posthunious Works of Frederic II.



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