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Upon Egypt's land, of so healing a

power, So balmy a virtue, that e'en in the hour That drop descends, contagion dies, And health reanimates earth and

skies! Oh! is it not us, thou man of sin,

The precious tears of repentance fall? Though foul thy fiery plagues within, One heavenly drop hath dispelled

them all!" And now — behold him kneeling there By the child's side, in humble prayer, While the same sunbeam shines upon The guilty and the guiltless one, And hymns of joy proclaim through

heaven The triumph of a soul forgiven!


HAVE you not seen the timid tear

Steal trembling from mine eye?
Have you not marked the flush of fear,

Or caught the murmured sigh?
And can you think my love is chill,

Nor fixed on you alone?
And can you rend, by doubting still,

A heart so much your own?

'Twas when the golden orb had set,
While on their knees they lingered yet,
There sell a light, more lovely far
Than ever came from sun or star,
Upon the tear that, warm and meek,
Dewed that repentant sinner's cheek:
To mortal eye this light might seem
A northern flash or meteor beam
But well th' enraptured Peri knew
Twas a bright smile the Angel threw
From heaven's gate, to hail that tear
Her harbinger of glory near !

To you my soul's affections move

Devoutly, warmly true;
My life has been a task of love,

One long, long thought of you. If all your tender faith is o'er,

If still my truth you'll try; Alas! I know but one proof more,

I'll bless your name, and die!

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Draw one tear from thee;
Then let memory bring thee
Strains I used to sing thee, -

Oh! then remember me.

Oh! because it speaks like thee. All that's sweet, by Love's decree, Has been made resembling thee!

OH! BREATHE NOT HIS NAME, MARY, I BELIEVED THEE TRUE. OH! breathe not his name, let it sleep in MARY, I believed thee true,

the shade,

Where cold and unhonored his relics And I was blest in thus believing; But now I mourn that e'er I knew

are laid; A girl so fair and so deceiving!

Sad, silent, and dark be the tears that

we shed, Few have ever loved like me,

As the night-dew that falls on the grass Oh! I have loved thee too sincerely!

o'er his head. And few have e'er deceived like thee, Alas! deceived me too severely!

But the night-dew that falls, though in

silence it weeps, Fare thee well! yet think awhile

Shall brighten with verdure the grave On one whose bosom bleeds to doubt

where he sleeps; thee;

And the tear that we shed, though in Who now would rather trust that smile,

secret it rolls, And die with thee than live without

Shall long keep his memory green in thee!

our souls. Fare thee well! I'll think of thee, Thou leav'st me many a bitter token;

WHEN HE WHO ADORES THEE. For see, distracting woman! see, WHEN he who adores thee has left but My peace is gone, my heart is

the name broken! - Fare thee well!

Of his fault and his sorrows behind, Oh! say, wilt thou weep, when they

darken the fame

Of a life that for thee was resigned? WHY DOES AZURE DECK THE

Yes, weep, and however my foes may SKY ?

condemn, Why does azure deck the sky?

Thy tears shall efface their decree; 'Tis to be like thine eyes of blue; For Heaven can witness, though guilty Why is red the rose's dye?

to them, Because it is thy blushes' hue.

I have been but too faithful to thee. All that's fair, by Love's decree, Has been made resembling thee! With thee were the dreams of my earli

est love; Why is falling snow so white,

Every thought of my reason wasthine; But to be like thy bosom fair? In my last humble prayer to the Spirit Why are solar beams so bright?

above, That they may seem thy golden hair! Thy name shall be mingled with mine. All that's bright, by Love's decree, Oh! blest are the lovers and friends Has been made resembling thee!

who shall live

The days of thy glory to see ; Why are Nature's beauties felt?

But the next dearest blessing that Oh ! 'tis thine in her we see!

Heaven can give Why has music power to melt?

Is the pride of thus dying for thee.

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