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Patriotic citi And whereas, evil disposed and disloyal persons at sundry places have enticed
zens exhorted to and procured soldiers to desert and absent themselves from their regiments,
aid in restoring thereby weakening the strength of the armies and prolonging the war, giving
soldiers to their

aid and comfort to the enemy, and cruelly exposing the gallant and faithful
soldiers remaining in the ranks to increased hardships and danger, I do there-
fore call upon all patriotic and faithful citizens to oppose and resist the afore
mentioned dangerous and treasonable crimes, and to aid in restoring to their
regiments all soldiers absent without leave, and to assist in the execution of the
act of congress for enrolling and calling out the national forces, and for other
purposes, and to support the proper authorities in the prosecution and punish-
ment of offenders against said act, and in suppressing the insurrection and
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my

Done at the city of Washington, this tenth day of March, in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and of the Independence of
the United States the eighty-seventh.

By the President:

EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War

No. 2.

April 4, 1865. To all whom these presents may concern:

WHEREAS, for some time past, evil-disposed persons have crossed the borders

of the United States, or entered their ports by sea from countries where they
are tolerated, and have committed capital felonies against the property and life

of American citizens, as well in the cities as in the rural districts of the country: Rewards for Now, therefore, in the name and by the authority of the President of the the arrest of fel. United States, I do hereby make known that a reward of one thousand dollars ons from foreign will be paid, at this Department, for the capture of each of such offenders upon mitting felonies

his conviction by a civil or military tribunal, to whomsoever shall arrest and dein the United

liver such offenders into the custody of the civil or military authorities of the States.

United States. And the like reward will be paid, upon the same terms, for the
capture of any such persons so entering the United States, whose offences shall
be committed subsequently to the publication of this notice.

A reward of five hundred dollars will be paid, upon conviction, for the arrest
of any person who shall have aided and abetted offenders of the class before
named within the territory of the United States.

Given under my hand, and the seal of the Department of State, at (L. 8.] Washington, this fourth day of April, A. D. 1865.


Secretary of State

No. 3.

April 29, 1865.

EXECUTIVE CHAMBER, Washington, April 29, 1865. Being desirous to relieve all loyal citizens and well-disposed persons residing in insurrectionary states from unnecessary commercial restrictions, and to encourage them to return to peaceful pursuits,

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED Restrictions on 1. That all restrictions upon internal, domestic, and coastwise commercial intrade in parts of tercourse be discontinued in such parts of the States of Tennessee, Virginia, states lately in rebellion, re

North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and so moved.

much of Louisiana as lies east of the Mississippi River, as shall be embraced
within the lines of national military occupation; excepting only such restric-
tions as are imposed by acts of congress and regulations in pursuance thereof,
prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, and approved by the President;
and excepting, also, from the effect of this order the following articles, contra-
band of war, to wit: Arms, ammunition, all articles from which ammunition is
manufactured, gray uniforms and cloth, locomotives, cars, railroad iron, and

machinery for operating railroads, telegraph wires, insulators, and instruments for operating telegraphic lines.

II. That all existing military and naval.orders in any manner restricting in- Former orders ternal, domestic, and coastwise commercial intercourse and trade, with or in the revoked. localities above named, be, and the same are hereby, revoked ; and that no military or naval officer, in any manner, interrupt or interfere with the same, or with any boats or other vessels engaged therein, under proper authority, pursuant to the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury:


No. 4.

EXECUTIVE CHAMBER, Washington City, May 9, 1865. May 9, 1865. Ordered :

First. That all acts and proceedings of the political, military, and civil or The authority ganizations which have been in a state of insurrection and rebellion, within the of the United State of Virginia, against the authority and laws of the United States, and of States reëstab

lished in Vir.. which Jefferson Davis, John Letcher, and William Smith, were late the respec- ginia. tive chiefs, are declared null and void. All persons who shall exercise, claim, pretend, or attempt to exercise any political, military, or civil power, authority, jurisdiction, or right, by, through, or under Jefferson Davis, late of the city of Richmond, and his confederates, or under John Letcher, or William Smith, and their confederates, or under any pretended political, military, or civil commission or authority issued by them, or either of them, since the 17th day of April, 1861, shall be deemed and taken as in rebellion against the United States, and shall be dealt with accordingly.

Second. That the Secretary of State proceed to put in force all laws of the United States, the administration whereof belongs to the Department of State, applicable to the geographical limits aforesaid.

Third. That the Secretary of the Treasury proceed, without delay, to nominate for appointment, assessors of taxes and collectors of customs and internal revenue, and such other officers of the Treasury Department as are authorized by law, and shall put in execution the revenue laws of the United States within the geographical limits aforesaid. In making appointments the preference shall be given to qualified loyal persons residing within the districts where their respective duties are to be performed. But if suitable persons shall not be found, residents of the districts, then persons residing in other states or districts shall be appointed.

Fourth. That the Postmaster-General shall proceed to establish post-offices and post-routes, and put into execution the postal laws of the United States within the said state, giving to loyal residents the preference of appointment; but if suitable persons are not found, then to appoint agents, &c., from other states.

Fifth. That the district judge of said district proceed to hold courts within said state, in accordance with the provisions of the act of congress. The Attorney-General will instruct the proper officers to libel, and bring to judgment, confiscation, and sale, property subject to confiscation, and enforce the administration of justice within said state, in all matters civil and criminal within the cognizance and jurisdiction of the federal courts.

Sixth. That the Secretary of War assign such assistant provost - marshal general and such provost - marshals in each district of said state as he may deem necessary.

Seventh. The Secretary of the Navy will take possession of all public property belonging to the Navy Department within said geographical limits, and put in operation all acts of congress in relation to naval affairs having application to the said state.

Eighth. The Secretary of the Interior will also put in force the laws relating to the Department of the Interior.

Ninth. That to carry into effect the guarantee by the federal constitution of a republican form of state government, and afford the advantage and security of domestic laws, as well as to complete the reëstablishment of the authority and

Aid will be laws of the United States, and the full and complete restoration of

given to Gov. the limits aforesaid, Francis H. Pierpont, governor of the State of Virginia, ernor Pierpont

peace within

will be aided by the federal government, so far as may be necessary, in the lawful measures which he may take for the extension and administration of the state government throughout the geographical limits of said state.

In testimony whereof, I have bereunto set my hand, and caused the seal [L. 8.] of the United States to be affixed.

ANDREW JOHNSON. By the President:

W. HUNTER, Acting Secretary of State.

No. 5.

Nov. 24, 1865.


Washington, November 24, 1865. Claims for the

General Orders No. 164. reward for the Ordered, That apprehension of 1. All persons claiming reward for the apprehension of John Wilkes Booth, Booth and others, Lewis Payne, G. A. Atzerodt, and David E. Harold, and Jefferson Davis, or to be filed before either of them, are notified to file their claims and their proofs with the adju. January 1, 1866.

tant-general, for final adjudication by the special commission appointed to award Ante, p. 756.

and determine upon the validity of such claims, before the first day of January Offers of re

next, after which time no claims will be received. wards for the ar

2. The rewards offered for the arrest of Jacob Thompson, Beverly Tucker, rest of Jacob George N. Saunders, William G. Cleary, and John H. Surratt, are revoked. Thompson and By order of the President of the United States : others revoked.

E. D. TOWNSEND, Assistant Adjutant-General






Acting Masters' Mates,
to be styled mates,.

Abandoned Lands,

pay may be increased,

in insurrectionary states may be set Acting Passed Assistant Surgeons,
apart for freedmen and refugees,.. 508

how appointed, pay, &c., of,..

limit to amount assigned, .

508 Acting Surgeons,
rent, and how determined,.

508 how appointed, pay of, &c.,........... 539
occupants may purchase,.

508 Acting Volunteer Lieutenants,
Abandoned Property,

may be confirmed, &c.,..

.... 79
sales of, may be made where, .......... 375 Additional Clerks,
lands, houses, &c., to be taken care of, 875, authorized in office of Secretary of
876 Treasury,..

27, 161
when property is to be deemed aban.

of 1st and 2d comptroller,. .27, 449


of 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5th auditor, 27, 449
Absence, Leave of,

of treasurer and register,.

provision for pay during,.


of commissioner of customs,....27, 160
aggregate of, not to exceed,.


of Secretary of Navy,.....27, 373, 454
Absent Owners,

of adjutant-general, quartermaster
property of, how assessed,

.... 227
and paymaster-general,.

Accardi, Mary Scales,

of commissary-general,.

pension to,


of chief of ordnance and chief engi.


oath in settlement of officers, for cloth-

in bureau of equipment and repair, 454
ing, &c., who may administer,

... 491

of construction and repair,... 454

in office of assistant treasurer in
duty on,



in Post-Office Department,

of bills of sale, conveyances, mortgages,

in Attorney-General's office, 515
&c., of vessels necessary before being

appointment of and appropriations for,. 28


former temporary appointments in-
Acknowledgment of Deeds,

cluded herein,...

certificate of, does not require stamp,.. 294 females may be employed as,.

certain defective, in the District of Co-

salary not to exceed $600,......

.28, 160
lumbia, cured,...

531 Additional Duties,
in the District of Columbia, acts con-

on certain articles under the revenue
cerning, how construed,.
532 law,...

what to be sufficient,..

532 on brandy, gin, liqueurs, &c.,.. .492, 493
by feme covert, of deed executed by Additional Inspectors of Revenue,
husband, to be sufficient to bar dower, 532 authorized,

... 198
by married women,

532 Adjutant-General,
Acting Assistant Paymasters in the Navy,

appropriations for the office of, 24, 153,452,453
may be appointed assistant paymasters

additional clerks in the office of,., 27
between the age of 26 and 30,.. ... 39 appropriation for contingencies of office
Acting Assistant Surgeons,

of, at head-quarters of military depart-
if disabled, &c., entitled to pensions,... 499 ments,...

Acting Assistant Treasurers and Depositaries, Ad valorem Duties. See Duties on Imports.
provisions concerning,..

427 on goods

from countries east of Cape of
Acting Commanders,

Good Hope,...

appointment and pay of,........
79 assessment of,..

.493, 494
Acling Lieutenant-Commanders,

penalty for undervaluation,

appointment and pay of,...

79 Advertisements,
Acting Masters,

duty on, and what exempt from duty,.. 280
may be confirmed and put in line of pro-

for proposals to carry mails, to be pub-
motion, if, &c.,..
79 lished,


Advertising Letters,

Amendment, (continued.)
pay for, not to exceed two cents each,.. 505 déclared to be ratified,


under the homestead act, by persons in

allowed in complaints, or statements, on
the military or naval service, how

summary trials for minor offences,... 125
made, &c.,..

35 American Colonization Society,
by, persons under bodily disabil-

accounts of, for support of recaptured

85 Africans in Liberia, to be adjusted,... 569
in legal proceedings exempt from duty, 301 American Maps,
African Šlave-Trade,

and plans, for library of congress,..... 351
treaty with Great Britain for suppres American Nautical Almanac,
sion of,...
645 appropriation for,

.85, 466
See Great Britain.

American Seamen,
appropriations for expenses under treaty appropriation for relief and protection of, 133
with Great Britain for suppression of, 139, Ames, Julia A.,
852, 424 pension to,..

Agents, fc.,

Amnesty Proclamation,
among Indians, to have families with

of President Lincoln,...



not to apply to persons in custody, &c., 737

such persons may apply to the Pres-
to purchase for the United States, prod-

ident for clemency,

ucts of states in insurrection,........ 377 of President Johnson,

Agricultural Implements,

classes of persons excepted from its
to be furnished certain Indians,... 694 operation,..

Agricultural Statistics,

regulations of Secretary of State, 759
appropriations for,

155 Am-pe-tu-to-ke-cha,
Agriculture, Department of,

payment to be made to,..

appropriations for,

. 23, 155, 455 Anderson, Charles,
rooms for,

.381, 415 assignee of John James, payment to,... 594
See Department of Agriculture.

Andrews, Solomon,

appropriation to test his new mode of
not entitled to representation in electoral

fastening mail-bags,..


567 | Annual Reports,
provisional governor appointed for..... 767 of heads of departments, &c., when and
the United States to help,.... 767 how to be printed,.

convention, qualifications of electors, &c., 767

number of copies, and how distrib-
Ale, Beer, and Porter,


duty on, tariff,

203 Annuities,
internal revenue duty on,.

242 to Shoshonee Indians, increased, . 663

Shoshonee-Goship bands, granted,

consul-general at, to have name and title

to Chippewas, Pillager, and Lake Win-
of agent and consul-general,........ 138 nebagoshish Indians, extended,.... 694
Alexandria, D. C.,

board of visitors to be present at pay:
commercial intercourse with, permitted,

ment of certain,..

.694, 697
subject, &c.,


See the several Indian Treaties.

Apache, Indians,
plea of, not to exempt certain persons

appropriations for the,..... . 165, 544
from military duty,....

Southern agency of, abolished,


agent for, and Kioways and Camanches,
not to be exempted from enrolment or

to be appointed,

draft, if they have voted, &c.,....... 9

salary of,..
Allen, Isaac,

Appeals. See Internal Revenue.
full pension to,

581 in cases arising under internal revenue

law, how made, heard, and deter-
act to establish uniform system of, in


.....228, 229
the armies of the United States,. 20 in prize cases, to be directly to supreme
authority of medical directors, &c.,.... 20


how furnished and distributed to each

from assistant assessor to assessor in
army corps, ..

matters connected with income tax,.. 481
provisions for care and use of,.. ..20, 21 Appraisers,

to be used only for certain purposes,... 21 and assistant, to be appointed at Port-
Ambulance Corps,

land, Maine, and pay,..

officers and enlisted men, what and how

two additional, authorized in New
detailed for service in,..
20-22 York,

to be examined, instructed, &c.,..20, 21 Appropriations,
designation and uniform of,...

.21, 22

for the army, civil expenses, consular
ambulances, how furnished and distrib-

and diplomatic expenses, fortifications,

20 Indian department, legislative, &c.,
horse and mule litters,.

20 navy, &c., see those several Titles.
what officers and men only to take the

deficiency of, for pay, &c., of officers and

21 men in Western Depar ent,..

for invalid and other pensions,...
proposed, to the Constitution of the Unit-

for rebuilding stable at the President's,. 3
ed States,...

567 for protection of overland emigrants,... 14



1, 2
.3, 421

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