Building, Leading, and Managing Strategic Alliances: How to Work Effectively and Profitably with Partner Companies

AMACOM, 7 de jan. de 2007 - 272 páginas

"Changes in the world economic climate have fundamentally altered not only the way products are created, but also the way businesses form and thrive. Large organizations once grew by swallowing whole the smaller companies with which they worked. Now, growth for both large and small companies is fostered and nurtured by strategic alliances.

This timely book illustrates five types of strategic alliances and how to structure them to achieve the goals of the component companies. Drawing from industries such as communications, healthcare, appliances, and defense, the book covers:

* How to determine the right type of alliance, and structure it to meet each company's stated goals

* Sharing knowledge and building inter-company teams

* Successfully ending an alliance

Filled with sample legal documents and agreements, frameworks and guidelines, the book is an essential resource for companies considering strategic alliances."

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