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A. G. Marschner, F. Pocci, und A. Jurgens, 8vo;

Leipzig, 1847. 29 America and the West Indies, Geographically Described ;

by Professor Long, George R. Porter, and George Tucker,

8v0; London, 1845. 42 Ames, Joseph : Typographical Antiquities; or, the History

of Printing in England, Scotland, and Ireland; containing Memoires of our Ancient Printers, and a Register of the Books printed by them; considerably Augmented by William Herbert; and now greatly enlarged, with copious Notes, &c., &c., by the Rev. Thomas Frognall

Dibdin, 4 v. 4to; London, 1810. 13 A Most Excellent and Perfecte Hemish Apothecarye or

Homely Physick Booke, for all the Grefes and Diseases of the Bodye; translated out of the Almaine Speche

into English, by John Hollybush, folio ; Collen, 1561. 44 Anales de la Universidad de Chile, 1843–1851, 7 v. gr.

8vo; Santiago de Chile, 1846–52. (Present.) 3 Ancient Irish Histories, hy Spencer, Campion, Hanmer, and

Marleburrovgh, 2 v. 8vo; Dublin, 1809. 2 Ancillon, Frédéric: Tableau des Révolutions du Système

Politique de l'Europe, depuis la fin du quinzième Siècle,

4.v. 8vo; Paris, 1823. 3 Anderson, James: Collections relating to the History of

Mary Queen of Scotland, 4 v. 4to; Edinburgh and Lon

don, 1727-28. 2

- - Royal Genealogies; or, the Genealogical Tables of Emperors, Kings, and Princes, from Adain

to these Times; 2d edition, folio; London, 1736. 2 Anderson, William: Sketches of the History and Present

State of the Russian Empire; of the Progress of Civilization from the Foundation of the Monarchy to the Accession of the House of Romanof, (the present Reigning Family,) and particularly under the Sovereigns of that House; Connected with Political and Personal Memoirs

of the Imperial Court, 8vo; London, 1815. 2 Andrada, Jacinto Freire de: Vida de D. Jcão de Castro,

Quarto Viso-Rei da India; nova edição mendada, e

acrescentada com a Vida do Autor, 24mo; Paris, 1818. 10 Andrew, Thomas : Cyclopaedia of Domestic Medicine and

Surgery, &c., 8vo; Glasgow, 1845. 13 Andrews, H. C.: Coloured Engravings of Heaths; the

Drawings taken from Living Plants only; with the ap propriate Specific Character, full Description, Native Place of Growth, and Time of Flowering of each ; in

Latin and English, &c., 4 v. folio; London, 1802. 3 Andrews, James Pettit: History of Great Britain, connected

with the Chronology of Europe; with Notes, &c., containing Anecdotes of the Times, Lives of the Learned, and Specimens of their Works, 2 v. in 1, 4to; London, 24 Anglesey, Arthur Earl of: The Privileges of the House of

Lords and Commons Argued and Stated, in two Conferences between Both Houses, April 19 and 22, 1761;

16mo; London, 1702. 3 Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the Four Masters,

from the Earliest Period to the Year 1616; edited from MSS. in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy and Trinity College, Dublin, with a Translation, and Copious

Notes, by John O'Donovan, 7 v. 4to; Dublin, 1851. 2 Annuaire de la Pairie et de la Noblesse de France, et des

Maisons Souveraines de l'Europe, publié sous la direction de M. Borel d'Hauterive, Archiveste Paléographe,

(1846 à 1852,) 6 v. 12mo; Paris, 1846—'52. .2 Annuaire des Deux Mondes; Histoire Générale des Divers

Etats, 1851-1852, 8vo; Paris, 1852. 2 Annuaire Historique Universel, (1818 à 1850,) 33 v. 8vo; · Paris, 1825–51. 24 Annuaire Militaire de la République Française, pour l’An

née 1852, 12mo; Paris, 1852. 2 Annual Register; or, a View of the History and Politics of

the Year 1852, 8vo; London, 1853. 15 Annual Report of the Normal, Model, and Common Schools,

in Upper Canada, for the Year 1851, royal 8vo ; Quebec,

1852. (Present.) 15 Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Library of the

State of New York, 8vo; Albany, 1853. (Present.) 24 Annual Reports of the Registrar-General, of Births, Deaths,

and Marriages in England, 1839-1848, 9 v. 8v0; Lon

don, 1839–’52. 3 Antiquarian Repertory: A Miscellaneous Assemblage of

Topography, History, Biography, Customs, and Manners; intended to Illustrate and Preserve several valuable Remains of Old Times; chiefly compiled by, or under the direction of, Francis Grose, Thomas Astle,

and other Antiquarians, 4 v. folio; London, 1807-'9. 2 Antommarchi, F.: Last Days of Napoleon: Memoirs of the

Last Two Years of Napoleon's Exile; forming a Sequel to the Journals of Dr. O'Meara and Count Las Cases ;

2d edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1826. 4 Arabian Nights' Entertainments; translated by Edward

William Lane; with 600 woodcuts by William Har

vey; new edition, super-royal 8vo; London, 1853. 28 Arago, Francois Dominique: Lecons d'Astronomie profes

sées à l'Observatoire Royal; Recueillies par un de ses

Elèves, 4e édition, 16mo; Paris, 1845. 24 Arbuthnot, John : Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights, and

Measures, Explained and Exemplify'd in several Disser

tations; royal 410; London, 1727. 44 Archæologia; or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Anti

interspenefactors, and Final Supple Pos

and Treatment, cortures on the Morbia

quity, published by the Society of Antiquaries of Lon

don, v. 31, 32, 33, and 34, 4to; London, 1816. 5 Archdale, Mervyn: Monasticon Hibernicum; or, an History

of the Abbies, Priories, and other Religious Houses in Ireland; interspersed with Memoirs of their several Founders and Benefactors, and of their Abbots and other Superiors, to the Time of their Final Suppression ; likewise, an Account of the Manner in which the Possessions belonging to those Foundations were disposed of, and

the Present State of their Ruins, 4to; London, 1786. 29 Arctic Expeditions.-Report of the Committee appointed

by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to Inquire into and Report on the Recent Arctic Expeditions in

Search of Sir John Franklin, &c.; folio; London, 1857. 14 Aristoteles: Opera, (Gr.) 6 v. folio; Venetiæ apud Aldus,

1495–98. (Editio Princeps.) 10.1 – ---- Nicomachean Ethics; a new translation, mainly

from the Text of Bekker, with Explanatory Notes; by

D. P. Chase, 8vo; Oxford, 1847. 10 Armstrong, John: Lectures on the Morbid Anatomy, Nature,

and Treatment, of Acute and Chronic Diseases; edited

by Joseph Rix, 8vo; London, 1831. 10 - - Morbid Anatomy of the Stomach and

Bowels; with Explanatory Letter-Press, and a Summary of the Symptoms of the Acute and Chronic Affec

tions of the above-named Organs, 4to; London, 1838. 3 Arnold, Richard: Customs of London, otherwise called

Arnold's Chronicle; containing, among Divers other
Matters, the Original of the Celebrated Poem of the
Nut-Brown Maid; reprinted from the 1st edition, with

the Additions included in the 2d, 4to; London, 1811. 10 Arnold, Thomas: Observations on the Nature, Kinds, Causes,

and Prevention, of Insanity; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo; Lon

don, 1806. 2 Arnould et Alboize du Pujol: Histoire de la Bastille, depuis

sa Fondation, 1374, jusqu'à sa Destruction, 1789, 6 v.

8vo; Paris, 1844. 2 Artaud, A. F.: Machiavel, son Génie et ses Erreurs, 2 v.

8vo ; Paris, 1833. 31 Art Journal; new Series, 4th v. royal 4to; London, 1852. 2 Ascargorta, - : Compendio de la Historia de España,

8vo; Paris, 1838. 29 Ashmore, Harriette: Narrative of a Three Months' March

in India ; and a Residence in the Dooab, 12mo; Lon

don, 1841. 9 Ashwell, Samuel: Practical Treatise on Parturition, com

prising the attendant Circumstances and Diseases of the Pregnant and Puerperal States ; to which are added, Two Papers, the one containing some Remarks on Ab

dominal Surgery, the other on Transfusion ; presented

by Dr. Blundell, 8vo; London, 1923. 2 Asiatic Annual Register; or, a View of the History of Hin

dustan, and of the Politics, Commerce, and Literature of Asia, from the Year 1799, to the Year 1809, 12 v. 8 v

London, 1800-11. 41 Asiatic Researches; or, Transactions of the Society, insti.

tuted in Bengal, for Inquiring into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, of Asia, 20

v. 4to; Calcutta, 1738-1935. 10 Astruc, John: Treatise on all the Diseases Incident to

Children, from their Birth to the Age of Fiiteen; with
Particular Instructions to Tender Mothers, Prudent Mid-

wives, and Careful Nurses, Svo; London, 1716. 10

-- - Treatise on the Diseases of Women; in which it is attempted to join a just Theory to the most Safe and Approved Practice; with a Chronological Catalogue of the Physicians who have written on these Diseases; translated from the French original, 3 v. 800 ;

London, 1762-'7. 43 Aucher, Father Paschal, and John Brand: Dictionary,

English and Armenian, 2 v. gr. 8vo; Venice, 1821. 12 Audubon, John J., and John Bachman: Viviparous Quad

rupeds of North America, 2 v. 4to; New-York, 1846–51. 29 Auldjo, John: Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of

Mont Blanc, on the 8th and 9th August, 1827, royal 4to;

London, 1823. 2 Authentic Memoirs of the Revolution in France, and of the

Sufferings of the Royal Family; deduced principally from Accounts by Eye-Witnesses, 2 v. 8vo; London,

1817. 32 Avison, Charles: Essay on Musical Expression, 24mo;

London, 1752. 10 Ayre, Joseph : Researches into the Nature and Treatment

of Dropsy in the 'Brain, Chest, Abdomen, Ovarium, and Skin; in which a more Correct and consistent Pathology of these Dieeases is attempted to be Established, and a New and more Successful Method of treating them, Recommended and Explained, 8vo; London, 1825.

- Report of the Method and Results of the Treatment for the Malignant Cholera, by small and frequently Repeated Doses of Calomel, &c., &c., 8vo ;


frendon, 183 3: Iistorie occurrenthe Conques K

orie, contayning tiweene Englanill the

3 Ayscu, Edward: Historie, contayning the Warres, Treaties,

Marriages, and other Occurrents betweene England and Scotland, from King William the Conqueror, untill the happy Union of them both in our Gratious King James ; with a Briefe Declaration of the first Inhabitants of this

Island, &c., p. 8vo; London, 1607. 12 Azara, Felix de: Voyages dans l'Amérique Méridionale ; 12

publiés d'après les MSS. de l'Auteur avec une Notice sur sa Vie et ses Ecrites, par C. A. Walckenaer; enrichés de Notes par G. Cuvier, suivis de l'Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux du Paraguay et de la Plata, par le même Auteur; traduite, d'après l'original Espagnol, et augmentée d'un grand nombre de Notes, par M. Sonnini, 4 v. p. 8vo; Paris, 1809.

-- Planches, 4to; Paris, 1809. 2 Bacon, James: Life and Times of Francis the First, King

of France; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1830. 2 Bacon, John F.: Six Years in Biscay; comprising a Per

sonal Narrative of the Sieges of Bilboa, in June, 1835, and October to December, 1836; and of the Principal Events which Occurred in that City and the Basque Provinces, during the Years 1830 to 1837, 8vo; Lon

don, 1838. 13 Badham, Charles David : Treatise on the Esculent Fun

guses of England, super-royal 8vo; London, 1847. 43 Bailey, N.: New Universal English Dictionary; containing

not only Explanations in the English Language, but also their Etymologies from the Ancient and Modern Languages: the Etymology of all Terms derived from the Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and other Asiatic Languages, being revised and corrected by Joseph Nicol

Scott; new edition, folio; London, 1764. 11 Baillie, Matthew: A Series of Engravings, accompanied

with Explanations, which are Intended to Illustrate the Morbid Anatomy of some of the most important Parts

of the Human Body; 2d edition, folio; London, 1812. 24 Baines, Thomas: History of the Commerce and Town of

Liverpool, and of the Rise of Manufacturing Industry in

the Adjoining Counties, super-royal 8vo; London, 1852. 3 Baker, Sir Richard: Chronicle of the Kings of England,

from the Time of the Romans Government, to the Death of King James the First; with a Continuation to the Year 1600, by E. Phillips; whereto will be added, a Second Continuation, to the end of the Reign of King George

the First, by an Impartial Hand, folio; London, 1733. 2 Balbo, Count Cesare: Life and Times of Dante Alighieri ;

translated from the Italian, by F.J. Bunbury, 2 v. 12mo;

London, 1852. 3 Ballard, George: Memoirs of several Ladies of Great Bri

tain, who have been celebrated for their Writings or - Skill in the Learned Languages, Arts, and Sciences, 4to ;

Oxford, 1752. 31 Balzac, H. de: Petites Misères de la Vie Conjugale, p. 4to;

Paris. 12 Bancroft, Edward: Essay on the Natural History of Guiana,

in South America, 8vo; London, 1769.

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