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34 Boccaccio, Giovanni: Decamerone, 4 v. p. 8vo; Livorno,

1812. 3 Boece, Hector: History and Chronicles of Scotland; writ

ten in Latin, and translated by John Bellenden, 2 v, p.

4to; Edinburgh, 1821. 31 Boehmen, Johann Gottlob: Groschen Cabinet, 13 v. in 6,

16mo; Leipzig, 1749-'65. 10 Boerhaave, Hermann: Method of Study of Physick; translated into English, by Mr. Samber, 8vo; London, 1719.

- New Method of Chemistry; including the Theory and Practice of that Art; laid down on Mechanical Principles, and accommodatel to the Uses of Life; &c.; translated by P. Shaw, and E. Chambers, 4to; Lon

don, 1727. 2 Boisgelin, Louis de: Ancient and Modern Malta; contain

ing a Full and Accurate Account of the Present State of the Islands of Malta and Goza; the History of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem; also, a Narrative of the Events which attended the Capture of these Islands by the French, and their Conquest by the English, 2 v.

4to; London, 1805. 13 Bolton, James: History of Funguses, Growing about Hali

fax, 4 v. in 1, 4to; Huddersfield, 1789-'91. 2 Bombet, L. A. C.: The Lives of Ilaydn and Mozart, with

Observations on Metastasio, and on the Present State of
Music in France and Italy; with Notes, by the Author

of the Sacred Melodies; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1818. 2 Bonaparte, Lucien : Révolution de Brumaire, ou Relation

des Principaux Evénements des Journées de 18 et 19

Brumaire; 2e édition, 8vo; Paris, 1846. 2 Bonaparte, Napoleon.-Correspondance inédite Officielle et

Confidentielle de Napoléon Bonaparte avec les Cours
Etrangères, les Princes, les Ministres et les Généraux
Français et Etrangers, en Italie, en Allemagne, et en
Egypte, 7 v. 8vo; Paris, 1819-20.

---- Letters and Despatches, Secret, Confidential, and Official; from the Originals, in his Private Cabinet, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1846.

--- Military Maxims—the Officer's Manual; translated from the French, by Colonel D'Aguilar,

32mo; Dublin, 1831. 24 Bonner, John: Essay on the Registry Laws of Lower Can

ada, 8vo; Quebec, 1852. (Present.) 12 Bonnet, Charles: Euvres d'Histoire Naturelle et de Philo

sophie, 18 v. 8vo; Neuchatel, 1779–83. 17 Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacra

ments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the Use of the Church of England, (in the

Mohawk language,) 8vo; London, 1787. 43 Bopp, H.: Uber die Verwandtschaft der Malayisch-Polyne



Le comin: D: 0019-23. "Hália, Antene)

sischen Sprachen mit den indischeuropäischen, 410,

Berlin, 1840. 10.1 Bordas-Demoulin: Mélanges Philosophiques et Religieux,

8vo; Paris, 1846. 16.2 Borel, F.: Formulaire des Consulats, 8vo; Saint-Peters

bourg, 1808.
-- -- L’Origine et des Fonctions des Consuls, 8vo;

Saint-Petersbourg, 1807. 24 Bosch Spencer, M. II.: Statistique Commerciale du Chili,

de la Bolivie, du Pérou, de l’Equator, de la NouvelleGrénade, de l'Amérique Centrale et du Mexique, gr. 8vo;

Bruxelles, 1848. (2 copies.) (Present.) 2 Bossi, Luigi: Della Istoria d'Italia, Antica e Moderna, 19 v.

36mo; Milano, 1819–23. 1 Bossuet, J. B.: Discourse sur l'Histoire Universelle, depuis

le Commencement du Monde jusqu'à l'Empire de Charlemagne; suite de l'Histoire, depuis l'An 800 de l’An 1700, inclusivement, par B. J. de la Barré; nouvelle édition, 2 v. 16mo; Paris, 1752.

-- - Universal History, from the Creation of the World, to the Empire of Charlemagne; translated from the French: a new edition, with the Life of the

Author, 8v0; London, 1778. 10 Bostock, John : Elementary System of Physiology; 4th edi

tion, 8vo; London, 1844. 10 -- - Sketch of the History of Medicine, from its

Origin to the Commencement of the Nineteenth Century,

8v0; London, 1835. Boswell, George: Treatise on Watering Meadows; also,

Remarks on a late Pamphlet upon that Subject; 3d edi

tion, 8vo; London, 1792. 29 Boswell, James: An Account of Corsica, the Journal of a

Tour to that Island, and Memoirs of Pascal Paoli; 3d

edition, corrected, Svo; London, 1769. 13 Botanical Cabinet; consisting of Coloured Delineations of

Plants, from all Countries, with a Short Account of
Each, Directions for Management, &c., &c., by Conrad

Loddiges & Sons, 20 v. p. 4t0; London, 1817–33. 16.2 Boucher, P. L.: Consulat de la Mer; ou Pandectes du Droit

Commercial et Maritime, &c.; traduit du Catalan en
Française, d'après l'édition originale de Barcelonne, de

l'An 1494, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1808. 42 Boucher de la Richarderie, Gilles: Bibliothèque Universelle

des Voyages; ou Notice Complète et Raisonné de tous les Voyages Anciens et Modernes dans les différentes Parties du Monde, publiés tant en Langue Française

qu'en Langues Etrangères, 6 v. 8vo; Paris, 1808. 20 Bouguer, Pierre: Nouveau Traité de Navigation, contenant

la Théorie et la Pratique du Pilotage; revu et abrégi par M. l'Abbé de la Caille; 3e édition, augmentée de

delser de la Richard, Paris, 1808. nale de
Parties du Mondiens et Monplète et

plusieurs Notes et Additions, par M. de la Lande, 8vo ;

Paris, 1792. 2 Bourke, Thomas: Concise History of the Moors in Spain,

from their Invasion of that Kingdom to their final Ex

pulsion from it, 4to; London, 1811. 14 Bournon, Le Comte de: Traité de Minéralogie; première

partie; l'Introduction à la Minéralogie en Général, la Théorie de la Cristallisation, l'Etude de la Chaux Carbonatée proprement dite, et de l'Arragonite, 3 v. en 2,

4to; Londres, 1808. 44 Boyle, Robert: Works; to which is prefixed, the Life of the

Author; a new edition, 6 v. royal 4to ; London, 1772 3 Brady, Robert : Complete History of England, from the

first Entrance of the Romans under the Conduct of Julius Cæsar, unto the End of the Reign of Richard the Second, 4 v. folio; London, in the Savoy, 1684-25, and

1700-1704. 10 Braithwaite, W.: Retrospect of Practical Medicine and

Surgery ; being a Half-Yearly Journal, containing a
Retrospective View of Every Discovery and Practical
Improvement in the Medical Sciences, 26 v. in 24, 18mo;

London, 1840-'52. 10 Brande, William T.: Dictionary of Materia Medica and

Practical Pharmacy, &c., 8vo; London, 1833. 8

-- Manuel of Chemistry, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1848. 29 Bray, Anna Eliza: Description of the Part of Deronshire

Bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy; its Natural
History, Manners, Customs, Superstitions, Scenery, Anti-
quities, &c.; in a Series of Letters to Robert Southey,
Esq., 3 v. 12mo; London, 1836.

--- - Mountains and Lakes of Switzerland; with Descriptive Sketches of other Parts of the Continent, 3 v. 12mo; London, 1841.

---------- Novels and Romances, 10 v. 16mo; Lon

don, 1845–46. 29 Bressani, P. F. J.: Relation Abrégée de quelques Missions

de Pères de la Compagnie de Jesus, dans la Nouvelle France; traruit de l'Italien et augmenté, &c., par le R.

P. F. Martin, &vo; Montréal, 1852. (Present,) 3 Bridges, George Wilson : Annals of Jamaica, 2 v. 8vo;

London, 1827-'28. 10 Bright, James: Practical Synopsis of Diseases of the Chest

and Air Passages; with a Review of the several Climates recommended in these Affections, 12mo; London,

1850. 24 Brissot de Warville, J. P.: Moyens d'adoucir la Rigueur des

Loix Pénales en France; ou Discours Couronnés par l'Académie de Châlons-sur-Marne en 1780 ; suivis de

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celui qui a obtenu l'accessit, à la même Académie, 8vo;

Châlons-sur-Marne, 1781. 24 British and Foreign State Papers, 1812 to 1835; compiled

by the Librarian and Keeper of the Papers, Foreign

Office, 24 v. &vo; London, 1841-53. 10 Broackes, W.: Practical Observations on Homeopathy,

80; London, 1836. 29 Brocquière.— Travels of Bertrandon de la Brocquière, Coun

sellor and First Esquire-Carver to Philippe le Bon, Duke of Burgundy, to Palestine, and his Return from Jerusalem Overland to France, during the Years 1432 and 1433 ; translated by Thomas Johnes, Esq., 8vo; Ilafod,

1807. 9 Brodie, Sir Benjamin C.: Lectures on the Diseases of the

Urinary Organs; 3d edition, with Alterations and Addi

tions, 8v0; London, 18-12. 9

----- Lectures Illustrative of Various Subjects in Pathology and Surgery, 8vo; London, 1846. 29 Brodie, Waller: Remarks on the Past and Present State of

New Zealand, its Government, Capabilities, and Pros

pects; with Hints on Emigration, 8vo; London, 1845. 2 Brodrick, Thomas: Compleat History of the Late War in

the Netherlands; together with an Abstract of the Treaty

at Utrecht, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1713. 28 Brooke, Henry: Guide to the Stars ; being an easy Method

of Knowing the Relative Positions of all the Fixed Stars, from the First to the Third Magnitude, in either Hemi. sphere, particularly those that are Useful for finding the

Longitude at Sea, 4to ; London, 1820. 2 Brooke, T. H.: History of the Island of St. Helena, from its

Discovery by the Portuguese to the Year 1906; to which

is added, an Appendix, 8vo; London, 1808. 29 Brosses, Charles de : Histoire des Navigations aux Terres

Australes, 2 v. 4to; Paris, 1756. 24 Brougham, Lord Henry: Opinions on Politics, Theology,

Law, Science, &c., as Exhibited in his Parliamentary and Legal Speeches, and Miscellaneous Writings, 12mo ;

London, 1837. 29 Broughton, Wm. Robert: Voyage of Discovery to the North

Pacific Ocean; performed by H. M. Sloop Providence, and her Tender, in the Years 1795-'96-'97-'98, 4to;

London, 1804. 2 Brown, John : The Northern Courts; containing Original

Memoirs of the Sovereigns of Sweden and Denmark, Since 1766, including the Extraordinary Vicissitudes in the Lives of the Grand-children of George the Second,

2 v. Svo; London, 1818. 25 -- - - Mathematical Tables, &c.; 1ih edition, im

proved, by Rev. J. Wallace, 850; Edinburgh, 1826.

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12 Brown, Thomas : Book of Butterflies, Sphinges, and Moths ;

2d edition, 3 v. 16mo; London, 1834. 16.1 - - -- Inquiry into the Relation of Cause and

Effect; 4th edition, 8vo; London, 1835.

- - Pseudodoxia Epidemica; or, Enquiries into very many Received Tenets and commonly Pre

sumed Truths, 3d edition, p. folio; London, 1658. 29 Brown, W. Wells: Three Years in Europe; or, What I

have Seen and People I have Met; with a Memoir of

the Author, by William Farmer, 16mo; London, 1852. 29 Brown, William : New Zealand and its Aborigines; being

an Account of the Aborigines, Trade, and Researches of the Colony, and the Advantages it now Presents as a Field for Emigration and the Investment of Capital,

12mo ; London, 18 15. 21 Browne, J. Ross: Report of the Debates in the Convention

of California, on the Formation of the State Constitution, in September and October, 1849, 8vo; Washington, 1850. (Present.)

The same, translated into the Spanish, 8vo; New-York, 1851. (Present.) 13 Browne, Patrick: Civil and Natural History of Jamaica,

folio; London, 1789. i Browne, Thomas: Classical Dictionary of the Mythology,

History, Geography, Manners, Customs, &c., occurring in the Greek and Roman Authors; 6th edition, 12mo;

London, 1827. 3 Brownlow, John: Memoranda ; or, Chronicles of the Found

ling Hospital, including Memoirs of Captain Thomas

Coram, 8vo; London, 1817. 29 Bruce of Kinnaird, James : Travels to Discover the Source

of the Nile, in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772,

and 1773, 5 y. royal 4to; Edinburgh, 1790. 37 Brumoy, Pierre: Théatre des Grecs ; nouvelle édition, 13 v.

p. Svo; Paris, 1785–89. 17 Bryant, Jacob: Observations upon the Plagues Inflicted,

upon the Egyptians; to which is prefixed, a Discourse concerning the Grecian Colonies from Egypt, 8vo; Lon

don, 1794. 3 Brydall, John: Jus Imaginis apud Angios; or, the Law of

England relating to the Nobility and Gentry, 16mo;

London, 1675. 41 Brydges, Sir E.: Archaica ; containing a Reprint of Scarce

Old English Tracts; with Prefaces, Critical and Biogra

phical, 2 v. 4to; London, 1815. 29 Brydges, Sir Harford Jones: Account of the Transactions

of his Majesty's Mission to the Court of Persia, in the Years 1807-'11; to which is Appended, a Brief History of the Wahauby, 2 v. in 1, 8vo, and Atlas; London, 1834.


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