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31 Bentinck, Madame la Comtesse de: Catalogue d'une Col.

lection de Medailles Antiques, 3 v. 4to; Amsterdam,

1787-8. 2 Bentivoglio, Guido: History of the Wars of Flanders ;

Englished by Ilenry, Earl of Monmouth, folio; London, 1678.

- Opere Storiche, 5 v. 8vo; Milano, 1806-'7. 39 Bentley, Richard: Correspondence, 2 v. Svo; London, 1842.

- Works; collected and edited by the Rev. Alexander Dyce, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1836–38. 44 Bentley's Miscellany, 30 v. 8v0; London, 1837-1851. 2 Béraud, J. B.: Histoire des Sires et des Ducs de Bourbon,

812--1831, 4 v. 8vo; Paris, 1843. 2 Beresford, General Lord Viscount : Refutation of Colonel

Napier's Justification of his Third Volume, 8vo; Lon.

don, 1834. 16.1 Beresford, James: Miseries of Human Life; 11th edition,

2 v. 16mo; London, 1826. 2 Berington, Joseph: History of the Lives of Abeillard and

Heloisa ; comprising a Period of 84 Years, from 1079 to 1103; with their Genuine Letters, from the Collection

of Amboise, 4to; Birmingham, 1787. 15 Bernan, Walter: On the History and Art of Warming and

Ventilating Rooms and Buildings, by Open Fires, HypoCausts, German, Dutcli, Russian, and Swedish Stoves, Steam, Hot Water, Heated Air, Heat of Animals, and other Methods; with Notices of the Progress of Personal and Fireside Comfort, and of the Management of

Fuel, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1845. 17 Dernard, Hermann Hedwig : Main Principles of the Creed

and Ethics of the Jews, exhibited in Selections from the Yad Hachazakah of Maimonides, with a literal English translation, copious Illustrations from the Talmud, &c.,

&c., 8vo; Cambridge, 1832. 2 Berry, Mary: Comparative View of Social Life in England

and France, from the Restoration of Charles the Second to the Present Time; to which are now first added, the Lives of the Marquise du Deffand and of Rachael Lady Russell, Fashionable Friends, &c.; new edition, 2 v.

12mo ; London, 1844. i Berry, William : Genealogia Antiqua; or, Mythological and

Classical Tables, compiled from the best Authors on

Fabulous and Ancient History, folio ; London, 1816. 3

-- Encyclopædia Heraldica; or, Complete

Dictionary of Heraldry, 3 v. 4to ; London, 1828. 24 Bertolacci, Anthony: View of the Agricultural, Commercial,

and Financial Interests of Ceylon ; with an Appendix, containing some of the Principal Laws and Usages of

the Canadians: Port and Custom-house Regulations,

&c., 810; London, 1817. 2 Berrille et Barrière: La Vie et les Mémoires du Général

Dumouriez, avec des Notes et des Eclaircissemens His

toriques, 3 v. Svo; Paris, 1992–'3. i Berwick, Edward : Lives of Caius Asinius Pollio, Marcus

Terentius Varro, and Cneius Cornelius Gallus, with
Notes, p. 8vo; London, 1814.

-- Lives of Varcus Valerius Messala Corvinus, and Titus Pomponius Atticus; with Votes; to which is added, an Account of the Families of the Five

First Cæsars, p. 8r0; Edinburgh, 1813. 2 Besenval, M. le Baron de: Mémoires et Anecdotes His

toriques et Politiques, 4 v. 8vo; Paris, 1805. 43 Betham, William: Etruria-Celtica: Etruscan Literature

and Antiquities Investigated; or, the Language of that Ancient and Illustrious People Compared and Identified with the Iberno-Celtic, and both shown to be Phænician,

2 v. 8vo; Dublin, 1812. 2

- Genealogical Tables of the Sovereigns of the World, from the Earliest to the Present Period ; including the Genealogy of many other Personages and Families Distinguished in Sacred and Profane History; particularly all the Nobility of these Kingdoms De

scended from Princes, folio; London, 1795. 26 Bevan, B.: Practical Treatise on the Sliding Rule, &vo;

London, 1822. 29 Bevan, H.: Thirty Years in India ; or, a Soldier's Reminis

cences of Native and European Life in the Presidencies,

from 1809 to 1838, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1839. 17 Bibel, oder die Heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testa.

ments, nach der deutschen l'ebersetzung von Dr. Martin

Luther, 4to; Stuttgart und München, 1850. 44 Biblioteca de Autores Españoles, desde la Formacion del

Languaje hasta Nuestros Dias; 19 v. gr. 870; segunda

edicion ; Madrid, 1831-252. 42 Bibliotheca Parriana.-A Catalogue of the Library of the

late Reverend and Learned Samuel Parr, LL.D., Curate

of Hatton, &c., 8vo; London, 1827. 42 Bibliothéque (Nouvelle) Universelle des Romans; dans

laquelle ou donne l'analyse raisonnée des Romans Anciens et Modernes Français, ou traduit dans notre langue, avec Anecdotes et des Notices Historiques et Critiques, concernant les Auteurs ou leurs Ouvrages, &c.; par MM. Mabille, Noel, Mme. De Genlis, Deschamps, Desfontaines, Fiévée, Kératry, Legouvé, Mollin, Vigée, &c., 111

v. in 55, 12mo; Paris, 1799–1805. 2 Bigland, John : History of Europe, from 1783 to 1810, 2 v.

8vo; London, 1810. 2 Bignon, M.: Histoire de France, depuis le 18 Brumaire,


Billaharian Enthu Visions of the

2 Billari by Jameranslated

(Novembre 1799,) jusqu'à le Deuxième Restauration ; rédigée et terminée par A. Ernout, 14 v. 8vo; Paris,

1829–50. 36 Bigsby, Robert : Miscellaneous Poems and Essays, 8vo;

London, 1842. 44

--- Visions of the Times of Old; or, the Antiquarian Enthusiast, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1848. 10 Billard, C. M.: Treatise on the Diseases of Infants, Founded

on recent Clinical Observations and Investigations in Pathological Anatomy, &c. ; with Notes, by Dr. Ollivier, of Angers; translated from the French, with an Appen

dix, by James Stewart, 8vo ; New York, 1839. 2 Billard de Veaux, Alexandre: Mémoires de; ou Biographie

des Personnes Marquantes de la Chouannerie et de la Vendée, pour servir à l'Histoire de France et détourner les Habitans de l'ouest de toute tentative d’Insurrection,

3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1832. 3 Billings, Robert William : Baronial and Ecclesiastical An

tiquities of Scotland, 4 v. 4to; Edinburgh, 1845–252. 29 Bingham, Hiram: A Residence of Twenty-one Years in the

Sandwich Islands; or, the Civil, Religious, and Political History of those Islands; comprising a Particular View of the Missionary Operations connected with the Introduction and Progress of Christianity and Civilization among the Hawaiian People; 2d edition, 8vo; Hart

ford, 1848. 32 Bingley, William: Musical Biography; or, Memoirs of the

Lives and Writings of the most Eminent Musical Composers and Writers, who have Flourished in the Different Countries of Europe during the last Three Centuries ; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1834.

-- North Wales ; including its Scenery, Antiquities, Customs, and some Sketches of its Natural History; Delineated from two Excursions during the

Summers of 1798 and 1801, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1804. 3 Biographia Britannica ; or, the Lives of the most Eminent

Persons who have Flourished in Great Britain and Ire-
land, from the Earliest Ages, down to the Present Times :
Collected from the best Authorities, both Printed and
Manuscript, and Digested in the Manner of Mr. Bayle's
Historical and Critical Dictionary, 6 v. in 7, folio; Lon-

don, 1747–66. 3 Biographia Dramatica; or, a Companion to the Playhouse :

containing Historical and Critical Memoirs of British and Irish Dramatic Writers, &c., by D. E. Baker, Isaac

Reed, and Stephen Jones, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1812. 2 Biographia Gallica; or, the Lives of the most Eminent

French Writers, of both Sexes, 2 v. 24mo; London,

1752. 2 Biographical Sketches of Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte, Count

de Survilliers, 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1833.

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don, orical anand Disbest Auclown i

2 Biographie des Hommes du Jour, par Germain Sarrut et B.

Saint-Edme, 6 v. 4to; Paris, 1835–41. 2 Biographie des Hommes Vivants, ou Histoire par ordre Al

phabétique de la Vie Publique de tous les Hommes qui se sont fait Remarquer par leurs Actions ou leurs Ecrits,

5 v. 8vo; Paris, 1816-'19. 2 Biographie Nouvelle des Contemporains, par MM. Arnault

Jay, Jouy, Norvins, &c., 20 v. 8vo; Paris, 1820–25. 28 Biot, J. B. : Elementary Chapters in Astronomy, from the

“ Traité Elémentaire d’Astronomie Physique;" edited by

the Rev. Harvey Goodwin, 8vo; Cambridge, 1850. 3 Birch, Thomas : Memoirs of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth,

from 1581, till her Death, 2 v. 4tos London, 1754. 10 Bird, Golding: Urinary Deposites; their Diagnosis, Patho

logy, and Therapeutical Indications; 2d edition, 8vo;

London, 1846. 28 Bishop, George: Astronomical Observations taken at the

Observatory, South Villa, Inner Circle, Regent's Park,

London, during the Years 1839-1851, 4to; London, 1852. 31 Bizot, Pierre: Histoire Metallique de la République de Hol

lande; nouvelle édition, avec Supplément, 3 v. 8vo;

Amsterdam, 1688–'90. 2 Blacker, Valentine : Memoir of the Operations of the British

Army in India, during the Mahratta War of 1817, 1818, and 1819; Illustrated by Maps and Topographical Plans,

2 v. 4to; London, 1821. 13 Blaglon, F. W.: New Dictionary of Classical Quotations,

&c., 16mo; London, 1819. 7 Blaine, Delabere: Outlines of the Veterinary Art; or,

Treatise on the Anatomy, Physiology, and Curative Treatment of the Diseases of the Horse, and, subordinately, of those of Neat Cattle and Sheep, 5th edition,

8v0; London, 1841. 2 Blair's Chronological and Historical Tables, from the Crea

tion to the Present Time; with Additions and Corrections from the most Authentic Writers; including the Computation of St. Paul, as connecting the Period from the Exode to the Temple; new edition, super-royal 8vo;

London, 1851. 2 Blakiston, Captain: Twelve Years' Military Adventure in

Three Quarters of the Globe; or, Memoirs of an Officer who Served in the Armies of his Majesty and of the East India Company, between the Years 1802 and 1814, in which are contained the Campaigns of the Duke of Wellington in India, and his Last in Spain and the South

of France, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1829. 10 Blancard, Stephen: Lexicon Medicum Renovatum, &c.;

editio novissima, 8vo; Lugduni Batavorum, 1735. 10

- Physical Dictionary; 7th edition, 8vo; London, 1726.

44 Blanchard, Laman: Sketches from Life; with a Memoir of

the Author, by Edward Bulwer Lytton, 3 v. 8vo; Lon

don, 1846. 25 Bland, Miles: Algebraical Problems, producing Simple and

Quadratic Equations, with their Solutions, &c.; 7th

edition, Svo; Cambridge, 1837. -------------- Elements of Hydrostatics, with their Appli

cation to the Solution of Problems; designed for the use of Students in the University, 8v0; Cambridge, 1824.

------ Geometrical Problems deducible from the First Six Books of Euclid, Arranged and Solved; to which is added, an Appendix, containing the Elements of Plane Trigonometry; 3d edition, 8vo; Cambridge, 1827. ---------- Problems in the Different Branches of Philosophy, adapted to the Course of Reading pursued in

the University of Cambridge, 8v0; London, 1830. 35 Bland, Robert : Collections from the Greek Anthology; and

from the Pastoral, Elegiac, and Dramatic Poets, 8vo;

London, 1813. 10 Blane, Gilbert: Elements of Medical Logick; or, Philoso

phical Principles of the Practice of Physic; 3d edition,

with large Additions, 8vo; London, 1825. 10 - - - Select Dissertations on Several Subjects of

Medical Science; new edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1833. 2 Blaquiere, Edward: Letters from Greece; with Remarks on the Treaty of Intervention, 8vo; London, 1828.

--------- Letters from the Mediterranean; containing a Civil and Political Account of Sicily, Tripoly, Tunis, and Malta ; with Biographical Sketches, &c.,

2 v. 8vo; London, 1813. 29 Bligh, William : Voyage to the South Sea, undertaken by

command of his Majesty, for the Purpose of Conveying the Bread-Fruit Tree to the West Indies, in his Majesty's Ship the Bounty; including the Mutiny on board the

said Ship, &c., 4to; London, 1792. 29 Blome, Richard: Geographical Description of the Four

Parts of the World, taken from the Notes and Works of the famous Monsieur Sanson, Geographer to the French King, and other eminent Travellers and Authors, folio;

London, 1670. 43 Blount, Thomas: Glossographia; or, a Dictionary, Inter

preting the Hard Words of whatsoever Language, now Used in our refined English Tongue; with Etymologies, Definitions, and Historical Observations on the same; 3d edition, with some Corrections, and many Additions,

16mo; London, 1670. 17 Blunt, J. J.: Undesigned Coincidences in the Writings both

of the Old and New Testament, an Argument of their Veracity; 3d edition, 8vo; London, 1850.

Blic? v. 8vond Malta: Political

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