The Plays of Philip Massinger: Adapted for Family Reading, and the Use of Young Persons, Volume 3

J. & J. Harper, 1831

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Página 47 - Tis matter of importance. The cook, sir, is self-willed, and will not learn From my experience : there's a fawn brought in, sir, And, for my life, I cannot make him roast it With a Norfolk dumpling in the belly of it ; And, sir, we wise men know, without the dumpling 'Tis not worth three-pence.
Página 44 - That proverb fits your stomach, Master .Greedy. And let no plate be seen but what's pure gold, Or such whose workmanship exceeds the matter That it is made of ; let my choicest linen Perfume the room, and, when we wash, the water, With precious powders mix'd, so please my lord, That he may with envy wish to bathe so ever. MAR. 'Twill be very chargeable.
Página 81 - Wellborn And the lands ; were he once married to the widow — I have him here — I can scarce contain myself, I am so full of joy, nay, joy all over. \Exit.
Página 96 - Of pikes, lined through with shot, when I am mounted Upon my injuries, shall I fear to charge them ? No : I'll through the battalia, and that routed, [Flourishing his sword sheathed.
Página 53 - Over. Well done, well done, my honourable daughter ! Thou'rt so already : know this gentle youth, And cherish him, my honourable daughter. Marg. I shall, with my best care. [Noise within, as of a coach.
Página 11 - Set all things right, or, as my name is Order, And by this staff of office that commands you, This chain and double ruff, symbols of power, Whoever misses in his function, For one whole week makes forfeiture of his breakfast, And privilege in the wine-cellar.
Página 20 - Barest thou think, Though sworn, that it can ever find belief, That I, who to the best men of this country Denied my presence, since my husband's death, Can fall so low, as to change words with thee ? Thou son of infamy ! forbear my house, And know, and keep the distance that's between us; Or, though it be against my gentler temper, I shall take order you no more shall be An eyesore to me.
Página 35 - Is this all? Amb. My lady Drank to him for fashion sake, or to please Master Wellborn: As I live, he rises, and takes up a dish In which there were some remnants of a boiled capon, And pledges her in white broth!
Página 19 - Or shall we teach it you, By the head and shoulders ? Well. No; I will not stir ; Do you mark, I will not : let me see the wretch That dares attempt to force me. Why, you slaves, Created only to make legs...
Página 76 - A tear or two, by you dropped on my hearse, In sorrow for my fate, will call back life So far as but to say, that I die yours: I then shall rest in peace. Or should...