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- TRIFLES. consulTATION of four PHYSIcIANs Upon A LoRD THAT was DYING +.

First Doctor.

Is his Honor sic? Præ latus felis pulse. It do es beat veris loto de. -

Second Doctor. No notis as qui cassi ever fel tu metri it. Inde edit is as fastas an alarum, ora fire bellat nite.

Third Doctor. It is veri hei! ... Fourth Doctor. Noto contra dictu in my juge mentitis veri loto de. Itis as orto maladi sum callet. [Here ever id octo reti resto a par lori na mel an coh post ure.] First Doctor. It is a me gri mas I opi hé. Second Doctor. No docto rite quit fora quin si. Heris a plane sim tomo fit. Sorites Para celsus; Prae re adit.

* As Swift did not partake of the usual amusements of the world, for recreation, he indulged himself in various sports and whims of fancy. Among others he was fond of a new species of composition, which consisted all of Latin words, but by allowing for false spelling, and running the words, into each other, the sentences would contain good sense in English. It was thought some specimens of this singular mode of writing would not be unacceptable to the reader. I shall here point out, in the two first sentences, the manner in which they are to be read into

English. First Doctor. Is his honour sick? Pray let us feel his pulse. It does best very ilow to day. Second Doctor. No no 'tis as quick as I ever felt; you may try it. Indeed it is as fast as an alarum, or a fire bell at night, &c. - *

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First Doctor. Nono Doctor I never quote aqua casu do. • Second Doctor. Sum arso: Mi autoris no tie. Third Doctor. No quare lingat prae senti de si reHis honor is sic-offa Colli casure as I sit here, Fourth Doctor. It is aether an atro phi ora colli casused: Ire membri read it in Doctor me ades Esse, here itis. Third Doctor. I never read apage in it, no re wer in tendit. Second Doctor. Ferne is offa quite diferent noti o nasi here. First Doctor. Notis abludi fluxit is veri plene. Second Doctor. I fitis a fluxit me require ac lis ter. Third Doctor. I a ver his casis venere alasi disco wer edit in as hand cor; an da poli pus in his nosce. An di fit be as I cetis, ago no rea me en sue. First Doctor. It is ad ange rus casas ani. Fourth Doctor. I must tellure alitis ago uti humor in his Belli. Histo macto is empti. First Doctor. It me bea pluri si; avo metis veri pro perfora manat his age. * . s Second Doctor. Ure par donat praesenti des ire; His diseas is a cata ride clare it. Third Doctor. Atlas tume findit as tone in his quid nies. • •. - Fourth Doctor. Itis ale pro si fora uti se. Præ hos his a poti cari; cantu tellus 2 Ab his ter me bene cessa risum de cens. Itis as ure medi in manicas es. Third Doctor. I findit isto late tot hinc offa reme di; fori here his Honor is Dead. Second Doctor, His ti meis cum. First Doctor. Is it trudo ut hinch Fourth Doctor. It is veri certa in. His Paris his Belli storingo ut foris de parture. Third Dogor. Nae, ifis Ecce lens is de ad lactus

endum apri esto prae foris sole. His Honor has bina Cato liquor a de isti here. First Doctor. Alor dis sum times as tingi as an usu reris. Second Doctor. Api stolis alligo time a verbi mi at endans tor a forte nite. Third Doctor. O mei me vera tendo na nil ordinis sic nes ani more. Fourth Doctor. Api stolis ne a quin in a nil ordo fis qualiti; sum pes fore times more. It istos mala fito a Doctor o fishic. Second Doctor. Laetus paco fitis time. First Doctor. Abigo ditis hi time, in de editis, forus alto fallas campe ringo fas fastas arato ut offa dairi; fori fera beatinge veri minute; bimi solido. His lacquis, an das turdis aussi stout valet is re di forus. Second Doctor. Ali feris ab ast in a do; fori here ano is at adis stans.

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Dic, heris agro at, an da quar to fine ale,
Fora ringature nos, an da stringat ure tale.

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Moulis abuti,

Has an acuti,

No lasso finis,

Molli divinis.

Omi de armis tres,
Imina distres,

Cantu disco ver

Meas alo wer?


Iu like manner he sometimes tried to write English words to be read into Latin, of which the following is an instance.

Terse I ow I ane you are wry.
Am I say vain a Rabble is,

Gauby otea rue ry dy you sale you tye in service he: Said lynk way mere Ass, eat red Eye, add nose sight O ". Quipp ye knife all or tame Puss East.

* As a clue to the above, I shall point out in what manner the first sentence is to be read, ieaving it to the reader's ingenuity to find out the rest.

Amice venerabilis.

Gaudeo te ruri diu salati inservisse, sed linquamur eas, & red; ad 1.98 cito, &c.

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Et a lye by: Back 'um in Ray mote is Carmen are you Pye.buss. Said;. For tune a lay to save an egg o show. Sate I sope I nor sight ha' shown um: add fine 'em proper and 'um East. Valiant a Mice I Westry, cat you in Shoe pair vally Ass. Ah my Cuz vest are. Day can us.

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