Scottish Traditional Versions of Ancient Ballads, Volume 17

James Henry Dixon
Percy Society, 1846 - 108 páginas

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Página 229 - A GOOD sword and a trusty hand! A merry heart and true! King James's men shall understand What Cornish lads can do. And have they fixed the where and when? And shall Trelawny die? Here's twenty thousand Cornish men Will know the reason why!
Página 50 - I oft have heard of Lydford Law, How in the morn they hang and draw, And sit in judgment after : At first I wondered at it much ; But since, I find the reason such, As it deserves no laughter.
Página 89 - IN London was young Beichan born, He longed strange countries for to see ; But he was taen by a savage moor, Who handled him right cruellie ; For he viewed the fashions of that land ; • Their way of worship viewed he ; But to Mahound, or Termagant, "Would Beichan never bend a knee.
Página 78 - Come, fetch me some of your father's gold, And some of your mother's fee; And two of the best nags out of the stable, Where they stand thirty and three.' She fetched him some of her father's gold, And some of her mother's fee; And two of the best nags out of the stable, Where they stood thirty and three. She mounted her on her milk-white steed, He on the dapple grey; They rode till they came unto the sea side, Three hours before it was day.
Página 103 - And Crosier says he will do waur, He will do waur if waur can be; He'll make the bairns a' fatherless, And then, the land it may lie lee.
Página 232 - Then we hove our ship to, with the wind at sou'-west, boys, We hove our ship to, for to strike soundings clear; Then we filled the main topsail, and bore right away, boys, And straight up the Channel our course we did steer.
Página 71 - With that his lute he twanged straightway, And thereon began most sweetly to play, And after...
Página 230 - One and all!' and hand in hand, And who shall bid us nay? "And when we come to London Wall, A pleasant sight to view, Come forth! come forth, ye cowards all, Here's men as good as you ! "Trelawny he's in keep and hold, Trelawny he may die; But here's twenty thousand Cornish bold Will know the reason why!
Página 83 - Till the tears came trickling down. Lady Nancy she died as it might be to-day, Lord Lovel he died as to-morrow; Lady Nancy she died out of pure, pure grief, Lord Lovel he died out of sorrow, sorrow, Lord Lovel he died out of sorrow. Lady Nancy was laid in St. Pancras...
Página 8 - THIRTEEN PSALMS AND THE FIRST CHAPTER OF ECCLESIASTES, Translated into English Verse by John Croke, in the Reign of Henry VIII. Edited by the Rev. P. Bliss, DCt Against the Beastlye Abusers, both of Chyrurgerie and Physyke, in oure tyme . By John Halle, 1565.

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