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Peinted Fob The Gaelic 80cikty Of Internkbs,

By 11. Carruthkrs & Sons;

And Sold By John Noble, James H. Mackenzie, Jamks Mfxven,
William Mackay, And A. & W. Mackenzik,

Bookskllers, Inverness;
And Maclachlan & Stewart, Edinburgh.


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Office-bearers for 1884 and 1885 vii

Constitution ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viii

Introduction xiii

Twelfth Annual Dinner—Speeches by Provost Macandrew, Mr

William Mackay, Mr Alexander Macbain, Dean of Guild

Mackenzie, Mr William Morrison, &c. ... ... ... ... 1

Druid Circles—Mr Alex. Macbain, M.A. ... ... ... ... 23

The Ancient Celts-Mr Alex. Macbain, M. A 51

The Society's Gaelic Classes 84

Thirteenth Annual Assembly—Speeches by Sir Kenneth Mackenzie,

Mr Reginald Macleod, and Mr Colin Chisholm ... ... 86

Oran do 'n Ridire Coinneach Mac-Coinnich—Mrs Mary Mackellar ... 96

Thirteenth Annual Dinner—Speeches by Lochiel, M.F.; Sir Kenneth

Mackenzie; Mr Munro-Ferguson, M. P.; Mr A. R. Mackenzie;

Mr Reginald Macleod; Mr Macdonald of Skaebost; Mr Alex.

Mackenzie; Rev. A. C. Sutherland; Mr Duncan Campbell;

Mr William Morrison; Mr Colin Cbisholm; Mr Wm. Mackay;

Rev. A. C. Macdonald; Mr E. H. Macmillan. &c 97

Conference of Landlords at Inverness ... ... ... ... ... 134

The Book of Deer -Mr Alexander Macbain, M.A 137

Celtic Derivation of English River Names—Dr A. H. F. Cameron ... 166

Presbyterial Notices of Mac Mhaighstir Alastair, and some of his

Contemporaries in Ardnamurchan and Morven—Mr William

Mackay 171

The Social Condition of the Highlands—second paper—Mr John

Macdonald 185

Sir Robert Munro who fell at Falkirk—Mr Alexander Ross 199

Old Contracts of Friendship—Sir Kenneth S. Mackenzie 209

Old Gaelic Songs—Mr Colin Chisholm 216

The Gaelic Names of Birds—Part 1 240

The Educational Power of Gaelic Poetry — Mrs Mary Mackellar ... 260

Celtic Poetry—Mr Alexander MacdonnM 266

The Old Kingdom of Alba -Mr D. Campbell 272

Mackintosh's Cairn in Glen Tilt and its Legend—Mr Alex. Mac-

kintosh-Shaw 273

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