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Seite 2 - On Mincio's banks, in Caesar's bounteous reign, If Tityrus found the Golden Age again, Must sleepy bards the flattering dream prolong, Mechanic echoes of the Mantuan song? From Truth and Nature shall we widely stray, Where Virgil, not where Fancy, leads the way? 20 Yes, thus the Muses sing of happy swains, Because the Muses never knew their pains: They boast their peasants...
Seite 10 - With timid eye to read the distant glance; Who with sad prayers the weary doctor tease, To name the nameless ever-new disease; Who with mock patience dire complaints endure, Which real pain and that alone can cure ; How would ye bear in real pain to lie, Despised, neglected, left alone to die?
Seite 211 - Pilgrim, burthen'd with thy sin, Come the way to Zion's gate, There, till Mercy let thee in, Knock and weep and watch and wait. Knock ! — He knows the sinner's cry : Weep ! — He loves the mourner's tears : Watch ! — for saving grace is nigh : Wait, — till heavenly light appears. " Hark ! it is the Bridegroom's voice ; Welcome, pilgrim, to thy rest...
Seite 100 - Shame knew him not, he dreaded no disgrace; Truth, simple truth, was written in his face...
Seite 9 - Theirs is yon House that holds the parish poor, Whose walls of mud scarce bear the broken door; There, where the putrid vapours, flagging, play, And the dull wheel hums doleful through the day; There children dwell who know no parents' care; Parents, who know no children's love, dwell there!
Seite 67 - They wish'd her well, whom yet they wish'd away. Correct in thought, she judged a servant's place Preserved a rustic beauty from disgrace; But yet on Sunday-eve, in freedom's hour, With secret joy she felt that beauty's power, When some proud bliss upon the heart would steal, That, poor or rich, a beauty still must feel.
Seite 123 - Care blasts the honours of the flow'ry plain : Care veils in clouds the sun's meridian beam, Sighs through the grove, and murmurs in the stream ; For when the soul is labouring in despair, In vain the body breathes a purer air : No storm-tost sailor sighs for slumbering seas, — He dreads the tempest, but invokes the breeze...
Seite 101 - Kept him at home in that important hour; Nor his firm feet could one persuading sect, By the strong glare of their new light, direct ;— " On hope, in mine own sober light, I gaze, " But should be blind and lose it, in your blaze." In times severe, when many a sturdy swain Felt it his pride, his comfort, to complain ; Isaac their wants would soothe, his own would hide, And feel in that his comfort and his pride. At length, he found, when seventy years were run, His strength departed, and his...
Seite 3 - Where other cares than those the Muse relates, And other shepherds dwell with other mates: By such examples taught, I paint the Cot, As Truth will paint it, and as Bards will not...
Seite 127 - With awe, around these silent walks I tread; These are the lasting mansions of the dead:— " The dead," methinks a thousand tongues reply: " These are the tombs of such as cannot die ! " Crown'd with eternal fame, they sit sublime, " And laugh at all the little strife of time.

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