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" Commitlre find that it was the practice both of the elder Mr. Pilsbury and of his son to employ one male convict as a servant about the offices, and in the private business of the Warden ; and that one or more females were employed in the Warden's kitchen.... "
Minutes of the Testimony Taken Before John Q. Wilson: Joseph Eaton, & Morris ... - Página 107
de Connecticut. General Assembly. Committee on State Prison - 1834 - 119 páginas
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Reports of the Prison Discipline Society, Boston, Volume 1

Prison Discipline Society (Boston, Mass.) - 1855
...the warden from among the convicts, formed another specification under this charge. The committtee find that It was the practice both of the elder Mr....and under the constant inspection of the directors. The committee are of opinion that the true construction of the by-law on this subject is, that no officer,...
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