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" Warden purchased all these articles for his own family use. In one or two instances such articles were borrowed and returned. It was also proved that potatoes were taken from the State's stores, but it was not proved that it was done with the Warden's... "
Minutes of the Testimony Taken Before John Q. Wilson: Joseph Eaton, & Morris ... - Página 109
de Connecticut. General Assembly. Committee on State Prison - 1834 - 119 páginas
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Reports of the Prison Discipline Society, Boston, Volume 1

Prison Discipline Society (Boston, Mass.) - 1855
...warden, were supplied with the like articles. It was proved that the warden purchased all those article-- for his own family use. In one or two instances, such...they were fattened with meal from the public store. This committee have no means of knowing which had the advantage in this proceeding. They have no doubt...
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