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And yet we must believe the sacred Scriptures—John v. 29; Acts xxiv. 15; Rev. xx. 12-15.

Let us consider more closely the Hebrew words used in reference to the body.

The gaiv is the body with respect to its substance, and may be used synonymously with owua which may be psychic or pneumatic, or possibly of some other character; the nevailah is the deciduous corruptible body which is dissolved.

Now, in the burial of an alienated man the carcass or nevailah is entombed, and with it the “natural body”—the natural personal identity-is sown in corruption. This nevailah will never again be raised ; nor will this personal identity ever arise with a spiritual body: and yet this personal identity, this soul, the substantial self, that has been entombed, must appear before the Throne of Eternal Justice.

This mystery may be solved by inferring that the unjust will be raised up every one clothed in a personal body, the Gaiv, a substantial body. He gives a body as it pleaseth Him (1 Cor. xv. 38).

Not the nevailah, for it is deciduous and corruptible; not the pneumatic or spiritual, for it pertains only to the redeemed : in one sense it will be a psychic body; i.e., a substance of personal identity.

The Psalmist says : “In Thy Book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.” And to quote again my father's words : “ It is quite within the grasp of human reason to conceive that the Almighty and Omniscient can re-create, after the pattern of the actual type of the past, as originally to create from the ideal of His own conception. The osteologist reconstructs from a simple bone the form and generic character of the extinct fauna of geologic periods. How much rather shall He, who originates all and knows and can do all things, and in whose universal and everlasting mind the individual thoughts and actions of past generations are registered, reproduce every body in his or her personal identity ? "

Christians are exhorted to commit their souls in well-doing unto a faithful Creator. The verb Kticw is applied by Homer to the founding or building of a city. The apostle intimates that a faithful God will, in the future, re-create the souls of men, every one in his, or her, substantial personal identity.

The raised dead ones, severally in a body (gaiv) of substance, stand naked before the Great White Throne: their names are unrecorded in the Book of Life. Guilty !

Silently the life is again withdrawn, the soul is again subjected to the remorseless

power of death, and the nevailah, the deciduous carcase, is committed to the lake of fire. “Twice dead;" & final and hopeless

a state.

Thus, I have attempted to answer the question, “With what manner of body will the unjustified dead arise ?” The more express intention, however, of this paper is to ascertain what opinions, with regard to the subject, are held by Biblical psychologists. Darlington.






Romish Hierarchy. While

. While the

friends of the Saviour rejoice that PURGATORY.

the grand foundation truth of the DEAR SIR,-I send you extract Word of God, “ Christ and Him of a letter to an active agent con- crucified," is being proclaimed nected with the McCall Mission in steadfastly by the Missions with Paris.

which you are connected, I ear“ I have heard of the great and nestly hope and pray that the wonderful work of the Lord in manifest error, to which I have France, and especially in Paris, alluded above, may be seen and and have lately received and read corrected.

Yours faithfully, with interest the the publication of

J. L. Mr. Bacon relative to the introduction of the deputation of the French Protestants to the American

PROTESTANT INCONChurches. Of all the antagonists

SISTENCY. to the progress of the religion of Sir,-a Roman Catholic priest, Christ in the world, none can be who read the proceedings of a Procompared with Popery, that “ Mys- testant church which had expelled tery of Iniquity." From age to an intelligent and devoted pastor age its power has been exerted to

for teaching truths he believed to deceive and enslave, while Jesus be clearly taught in the Bible, but came to enlighten with the light of which were not in the creed or conlife, and to let the oppressed go fession of the denomination, pubfree. There is an element, how- lished a letter in the newspapers ever, in the boasted Protestantism which might well make all the upof our age which has tended to up- holders of Protestant authoritative hold the power of Popery, and creeds blush with shame. The which, in fact, is the fulcrum of the right of private judgment is a fixed lever of that power.

The belief axiom of all true Protestants, and that at death man goes at once to the Bible is acknowledged by them the blessedness of heaven or the to be the supreme standard of faith miseries of hell without any refe- and morals. The Roman Catholics, rence to resurrection and judgment on the contrary, deny both of these is that apon which the dogma of vital principles, and claim implicit the Romish Purgatory is founded. obedience to the judgment and Yet, strange is the fact, that the teaching of the church or priestBible which Protestants hold to be hood. The writer of the letter rethe infallible rule of faith, teaches marked : “Had the expelled pastor no such doctrine, but that rewards been a Roman Catholic I should be and punishments are to follow re- at no loss to understand the reasons surrection and judgment. Protes- for his expulsion, but as he is a tantism, by upholding the contrary, genuine Protestant I confess I am has, in reality, been a strong but- altogether at a loss how to account tress to the ruinous errors of the for the proceedings which have been

taken against him. Like a true requires the concurrence of a jury Protestant he has read his Bible for (representing the people) before he himself; surely no one blames him can punish. Will it not be so at for that. Like a true Protestant the resurrection, when our God, in he forms his own opinion concern- Christ, will be vindicated in the ing certain passages thereof differ- destruction of tr gressors by the ent from others, and holds to his concurrence of the redeemed Church, convictions as one responsible to acting for the race; man, capable of God; surely no Protestant will immortality, not being put out of blame him for that. And yet he is existence without a judicial inquiry? expelled! What then becomes of This, however, may apply only to the assumed right of private judg- the oikoumenos. It may be that ment? If it be argued that he is the races of mankind have come free to exercise his private judg- upon the scene in succession, ending ment, provided he agrees with the with the Adamic or Aryan race, (standards of the denomination the first to have the capacity for (which are but the opinions of un- immortality. Pre-adamite men are inspired men, often formulated in a certainly not to be taken into acdark age), I ask in what does his count in the question of resurrecright differ from mine who also am tion; nor are countless numbers of free to use my private judgment the Adamic race who have been provided I agree with the standards judged already. Do the multiof the Church of Rome—the prin- tudes that perished in the flood, ciple is exactly the same. The in the fires of Sodom, in the Red ground for the expulsion of the Sea, in the overthrow of Babylon, Protestant pastor by his prosecutors and in many other places, come up is the same which led the Roman again for judgment ? Had they not Catholic Church to condemn Lu- all Divine warning before the senther, Cranmer, and Knox, whose

tence was executed? Their day of memories these same prosecutors judgment is surely past. hold in veneration! The pastor I should like to see this subject reads his Bible for himself ; so did ventilated in the RAINBOW. they. He interprets it for himself; Yours truly in the hope, so did they. His interpretation

R. J. HAMMOND. differs from the received interpretation of the times; so did theirs. He was judged and condemned by the standards of the church ; so

REJOICING IN THE TRUTH. were they. Luther set himself DEAR SIR, I have just been against the authority of the church, thinking about you and reading your and he was a hero; the pastor set Paper, " The King Rejected," in himself against the authority of the this month's RAINBOW, and feel denominational creed, and he is a greatly obliged to you for it. Also I heretic !"

J. G.

thank very much the writers in the Magazine. Thousands and thou

sands to-day are rejoicing in the RESPECTING RESURRECTION. truth and walking in the light, DEAR SIR, -A judge has power who, but for the RAINBOW, would

A to order the detention of a criminal have been foundering in the dark. by his own authority. As repre- What a mercy this! D. T. senting the Sovereign and law, he Liverpool.

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Sketches, Literary and Theological. The Divine Ideal of the Church in

Being Selections from an unpub- the Words of the Holy Scriptures. lished MS. of the late George A Manual for Members of the Gilfillan, Dundee.

Edited by Church. By An Elder. LonFrank Henderson, M.P. Edin- don: Elliot Stock. burgh : David Douglas.

The compiler of this little book THESE sketches recall vividly the deserves thanks, qualified by the literary style and fine flashes of fact that he does not discriminate thought of our old friend-keen, between Israel and the Church, analytic, forcible. No doubt it is which the Bible certainly does. in consequence of our intimate

Promises, Prophecies, and Declaraacquaintance with his writings that

tions relating to God's Chosen we fail to find much that is new to

People Israel. London : F. us in this handsome volume, but

Norgate, Covent Garden. we are sure that to young men of

This also is a book of quotations literary taste the perusal of the book would be at once pleasant subject, not the Church ; and the

from Scripture, but Israel is the and profitable.

national prosperity and power proJohn Hazlehurst ; or Original Sin.

mised are remarkably great, as By Miss HUDDLESTON. Lon

every student of prophecy knows. don : Elliot Stock. This book consists almost entirely

Sermons Preached in London. By of small talk. There is no word

W. A. GRIFFITHS, Narberth.

London : Elliot Stock. painting, and no elaborate description of scenery or character; but in

EXCEPTING those theological errors conversation each speaker reveals

which Mr. Griffiths has not yet his or her peculiarity with perfect seen, notwithstanding the keenness fidelity. The obvious teaching of of his eye, these sermons are chathe volume is the duty and privi

racterised by earnestness and vivalege of faithfulness to truth in its city; and, like some other Welsh own beautiful spirit of charity. preachers, he has the poetical art We fear we have sometimes failed of seizing upon happy illustrations. to interpret the Yorkshire dialect, 66 The Resurrection and the Life." but we have been charmed with

By Maria GBLLETLY. Edintouches of loving faith, as a sus- burgh: The Author, 5, St. taining power in seasons of deep Patrick Square. Price 6d. sorrow. But what John Hazlehurst's idea of “ Original Sin " is,

A PIECE of sound criticism and the fair author has forgotten to tell

severe logic from the pen of a lady, It is probably of not much

the perusal of which has given us

much pleasure. Miss Gelletly sees consequence.

the truth, and knows how to deThe Coming of our Lord; an In

fend it. centive to Holiness. By ELLEN LANKESTER. London : Elliot Thirza ; or, the Attractive Power Stock.

of the Cross. By ELIZABETH A TRACT in the words of Scripture

Maria LLOYD. London : Elliot must ever be helpful to the reader,

Stock. and on this subject peculiarly so. An exquisite little story about a




Jewish family. It is told with a lasting misery as “a manifest and pathos which moves the heart. absurd fallacy.” Nevertheless he

holds as

an undoubted fact that On Consumption of the Lungs, and

man's existence is continuous after other Chest Diseases. By GEORGE

his death, in weal or in woe, in Thomas CONGREVE. London : Elliot Stock.

sorrow or in joy.” This “an un

doubted fact ! ” It is not only This shilling book contains matter doubted, but absolutely denied, by in which, alas! too many are in- daily increasing numbers. If men terested. Our fairest and best, live in death, the language of our loving and loved, are so often Scripture on this subject is unthe victims of the fatal blight to intelligible, and the glorious doctrine which this skilful physician has of resurrection is without meaning. devoted much thoughtful study, The simple secret of the mournful that we feel it a sacred duty to call corruption of theology is the corattention to his wise counsels. We

ruption of words. Give them a often receive pamphlets on medical non-natural meaning, say, for exmatters which are quietly put to ample, that death means life, and rest in the waste basket, but that

you may sink to any depth of is not the place for Dr. Congreve's delusion, even to the bottom of the able essay. It shall certainly have

papal purgatory. We should not our good word, whatever that may have to fight for divine truth to-day be worth.

if men had kept to the meaning of The End of the Dispensation and

words. Coming of the Son of Man. By

The Bible Defended and Atheism THOMAS FITZGERALD. Glasgow:

Rebuked. Reply to Robert G. J. M. Macaulay, 62, West Nile

Ingersoll's Lectures. By ALLAN Street.

B. MAGRUDER. New York: E. It is impossible to say much on J. Hale & Son, 17, Murray Street. these great subjects in a twopenny

To us atheism seems an impossipamphlet, but Mr. Fitzgerald has

bility, except in the case of insanity made the most of it, and has

or demonianism. Mr. Ingersoll is touched thoughtfully on several

permitted, through the patience of details.

God, to go from place to place Glimmerings of Glory: A Word hurling his shafts against the Holy

for the “ Sons of God." By R. Scriptures. When Mr. Magrader EYLES. London: Potter, Kings. accepted his oft-repeated challenge land Road.

to some Christian to discuss with This penny book contains precious him, the brave “ Colonel " thought and refreshing truth, and we hope

it prudent to keep out of the way. the devout writer will find, ere

Mr. Magruder, therefore, has gone long, that it has proved a word of

through the Lectures of this chamlight and comfort to many.

pion of atheism and has demolished

them. His book is very valuable. The Vicar of Jesmond (Canon Ber- He combines intellectual strength keley Addison) and Eternal

and lawyer-like logic with Christian Punishment. By JAMES HARRI

charity, in an admirable manner. SON. Elliot Stock.

It is just to Mr. Ingersoll, and MR. HARRISON protests strongly an important argument in support against the awful doctrine of ever. of our labours, to say, that he is


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