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very reverso. Because man is mortal by reason of sin, therefore Christ died to give him life.

It sometimes comes up in my thoughts, why is all this antagonism of mind among those that are truly the people of God? Is it to create among us a spirit of earoastness, of patience, forbearance, and love ? Life we know is, while here, a training for eternity; and as in the physical world there are antagonistic forces for good, may they not also exist in the mental and moral world for the welfare of our being ? May the Lord lead us to a more comprehensive knowledge of His will !




AM of opinion that all efforts at identification are more or less futile.

Dr. Cumming (clarum et venerabile nomen) who not only identified persons, but fixed dates for the manifestation of the “ Man of Sin,” and the coming of the Messiah, has just passed away without realising anything but bitter disappointment. And, although the “ signs of the times" are to be carefully studied and laid to heart by the watchman, yet such identifications have done a great deal of harm, not only by preventing God's children from entering upon the earnest study of His prophotic Word, but bringing the doctrine of Christ's Pre-Millennial Advent and Reign into ridicule. The two latest efforts at identification we have seen are the Czar of Russia and Mr. Charles Bradlaugh. If seers would content themselves by calling either of those individuals a man of sin, nobody would object, unless perhaps the last named gentleman. In detecting the “ Man of Sin,” may we not use the same method as John the Baptist did for discovering the true Messiah, when he sent his disciples with the question, “Art Thou He that cometh, or look we for another ? ” The messengers in this case were told to observe what was being done by Jesus Christ, and were assured that John would at once know for certain who He was that did it. The works of salvation would infallibly point out the Saviour. So, if we are inquiring after the Man of Sin, let us but observe what he does, and we shall be sure who he is. Thus, for example, if, instead of law and order, we find insurrection; instead of God only wise, the wisdom of man deified and adored ; instead of the liberty of serving God, which is the only true freedom, the liberty of disobeying him; instead of that justice and mercy, in which only man can be like God, the power of death, the delight of the devil, wantonly exercising itself in destroying men's lives; instead of laws for securing life and property, rapine and sacrilege laying everything waste; wo desire to know what the true man of sin can do more. If there could be such a thing as an actual incarnation of the prince of evil, it does not appear to us that he could do more. Whether Russia will be “the last great enemy,'

as is believed in some quarters, we do not know; but this we do know, that she is a present enemy

We are grieved to see the continued blindness and unbelief of God's ancient and chosen people; they have suffered terrible things in Russia recently. We think, however, that the present

Czar has not the courage necessary to prove himself the Lawless One. Perhaps the time spoken of by God in Jeremiah (xvi.) when He would send forth His “many fishers,” so as to catch His people with a bait, as it were, may be past, and now it is the “ hunters " that are abroad to “hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks." Paul makes use of the former idea in reference to the Corinthians—“ being crafty I caught you with guile” * (dolw—from delw- to catch with a bait).

On the other hand, Mr. Bradlaugh and his followers make it their boast that they are the most law-abiding of citizens. Of course it is not God's law that they pretend to keep. And we think the real Lawless One, whoever he may be, and whenever he may manifest himself, will not only break the laws of the land, but will trample on God's laws, knowing and believing them to be such. Hence Mr. Bradlaugh does not come up to the Scriptural standard.

" When the event brings its own interpretation with it, a child may see further than the most learned could before.” And so many eminent names have been found to supply the mystic number. We think none of them come so near the spirit of Scripture as that suggested by Irenaeus, as early as the second century – Aarelvoç (a Greek appellative, meaning Latin). The name is evidently to be looked for in the Greek language. The word Lateinos has all the characteristics of the name of the Wild Beast. It contains, according to the Greek mode of computation, exactly the number 666 ; and it is "the number of a man," for Lateinos (or according to its modern orthography Latinos, and in the Latin tongue, Latinus) is both descriptive of each individual man who inhabits the Latin empire, and was also the name of the real or reputed founder of that empire. After the fall of the Western empire, its inhabitants were called Latins in distinction from the inhabitants of the Eastern or Græco-Roman empire, who called themselves Romans. Their church was the Latin church; their worship was in Latin; the Scriptures themselves were read in Latin; the laws, edicts, and decrees, both of the civil and ecclesiastical rulers, were in Latin. The appropriateness, therefore, of the name Aatalvos to the Wild Beast who ruled over that empire is evident. It only remains for us now to count the arithmctical value of the letters forming this word :

Lamba, 30; Alpha, 1; Tau, 300; Epsilon, 5; Iota, 10; Nu, 50; Omicron, 70; Sigma, 200— Total 666 AateivoS.

“Herein is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred, three score, and six ” (Rev. xiii. 18). We by no means put these views forward as the true solution of this enigma, although backed by such authorities as Alford, Wordsworth, Bleek, Düsterdieck and De Wette. John Eward Clarke, in Adam Clarke's Ccramentary, rejects the above word on Philological grounds, and suggests". The Latin Kingdom,” which is pretty much the same idea, and the Greek letters

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[It does not affect our correspondent's illustration when we remind him that Paul did not say this. It was one of the charges brought against him by his enemies, and he quotes it to protest against it. He took no advantage of the Corinthians. See 2 Ep. xii. 17, 18. Editor.]

forming the phrase have the same numerical value as Aateivoç. But should the marginal reading in the Revised New Testament-some ancient authorities read, six hundrell and sixteen-be correct; or Tischendorf's suggestion, on the authority of the Sinaitic M.S., " The number of a man, Six,” all the above goes for nothing, falling at the same time“ Alexander, Czar of Russia.” This may be one of the things that cannot be found out by “searching ;” and yet to keep us in a watching and expectant attitude this little arithmetical puzzle may have been left the children of the kingdom, by their Elder Brother-the Coming King.

I am sure “ T. M. B" utters the sentiments of every subscriber when he suggests the insertion in an early number of a good photograph of the revered editor of THE RAINBOW. Salford.



I ,

BEG to forward you Money Order for two pounds, being one pound bow Fund," which please accept.

If it will at all tend to encourage you in your persevering labour in editing that periodical, I may inform you of the continued and increasing interest I feel in its publication. I do not know how much I am indebted to yourself and the various writers for the joy I have in God through our Lord Jesus Christ : certain I am that it has been the means of expanding my mind and enlarging my apprehensions of the things that are freely given us of God, and during the many years I have been a subscriber it has yielded me a monthly feast, whilst leading me to value more highly the Word of God as a volume of exceeding richness, fulness, harmony, and beauty.

The tendency of the great bulk of the religious literature of the day is to keep the Bible a closed, if not a sealed book, whilst the “Rainbow” is one of the very few that excites a growing and intelligent interest in its wonderful contents, every such work therefore becomes increasingly valuable as the darkness of these closing days of Christendom thickens, and whilst the Lord will not leave himself without a witness but will in grace linger whilst there is a vestige of hope for an unbelieving world and an apostate church, we hope and pray (if the Lord tarry) you may long be spared as a light-bearer to hold forth and send forth the word of Life. I may mention that my wife as well as myself greatly rejoices in the truths advocated in the “ Rainbow.”

I thank you for your kind letter in response to a former communication from me, as I know you cannot have much time for letter-writing.

Religious matters in this colony are at a very low ebb indeed. The latter-day formality and pompous emptiness is surely upon us. The spiritual see it and mourn over it, but seem powerless to stem the tide, little dreaming in most cases, that being wedded to a system that holds tradition for truth, that defies reason and puts human wisdom in the place of Divine, is eating like a canker worm at the root of spiritual


energy, and paralysing the spasmodic attempts at resuscitating vital godliness. Oh, that the eyes of more of God's children were open to look for the return of the rejected King, who alone is worthy to hold the reins of government, and who alone is able to bring order out of confusion. Adored be the name of Jesus for ever and ever!

B. C.






DEAR SIR, -Having read with SIR.-Referring to the letter of much interest Mr. Mill's article in T. M. B. in your last number, I the June “ Rainbow,” on “ Things would remark that the mystic num. that precede the Kingdom," may I ber, 666, as recorded in Rev. xiii., be allowed to suggest another has been variously commented on, solution to the difficulty in Luke and considerable ingenuity has been xxi. 32-“ Verily I say unto you, displayed in its accommodation to This generation shall not pass till the names and titles of distin. all these things be fulfilled." guished persons.

Mattbew, Mark, and Luke all These speculations have been place this verse in connexion with made, however, without an attempt the parable of the fig tree, after to attach any purport to this num. describing the signs that follow ber beyond that of the supposed immediately after the tribulation. solution of a mystery.

Is it to this last series of events, It may perhaps tend to set the which appear to develop very question at rest if I point out that quickly until the coming of the Son the earliest and most authoritative of Man, that this verse applies ? version, viz., the Sinaitic of Count It struck me some time ago when Tischendorf, gives

SIX” as the pondering over this chapter and correct number. The Revised New two parallel ones, that such was Testament, I know, retains the old the case, and that all predicted in numeral; nevertheless it would have these last few verses, and which been well to follow the S. V. for seem to form a period of their own, the following reasons : would be accomplished during the The Scriptures afford no clue generation then living, living when whereby to attach a signification to these things begin to come to pass.

666, and they do point to a possible Should you think these few one for the number 6. thoughts worthy of notice, I should Throughout the entire Book of much like to know if the reading of the Revelation, the number “seren" the passage will bear this con- is conspicuous as signifying the struction. I am no scholar, but an perfection of excellence in the governobliged and

mental ways of God in respect to the Constant READER.

earth and its inhabitants; whereas

six is but “the number of a Bradford, Yorks.

man" violently contrasted with that

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of God; thus leading to the per- sion to the thoughts which, I susception that the brief span of power pect, were occupying their minds, allotted to this Man, “ Beast," or and which probably occupy the “ Man of Sin”- though invested minds of very many. “Nothing," with all the symbols of earthly he says, "could be more inexpedient, dominion, together with or a profounder affliction, than a power, throne, and anthority” of locally descended, permanently visiSatan (chap. xii, 1, 2)-yet will ble Saviour. How much better a be marked with iniquitous imper. Saviour present everywhere and at fection, coming absolutely short (6) all times.” And again : There of that righteousness of administra- is nothing, I must frankly say, that tion (7) that is contemplated in the would be so nearly a dead loss of Divine counsels for the future Christ, to any disciple who knows (chap. v. 6).

Him in the dear companionship of Yours faithfully, faith, as to have Him come in visiH. GOODWYN.

ble show; either setting up His Reading

reign at some geographical point, or reigning aerially, in some flitting

and cursitating manner, which canAN IMAGINARY DIFFICULTY. not be traced.” On the ground of

Dear Sir,-Can you, or any of such thoughts, the Personal Preyour contributors, give some light

sence and Reign seem to be set on the subject of the Personal Pre

aside as inconceivable, whatever the sence and Reign with His saints of testimony of Scripture. To remove our Lord in this world ? Specula

these difficulties, or to alleviate tion, of course, is worthless : but is

them in some degree, more clearly not this a subject, like many other

than is done in any writing I have prophetic subjects on which reverent

met with, would be a great gain. thought and consideration of such

I venture to write these few lines in hints as the Word of God contains,

the hope that they may elicit may throw more light than at first thoughts from yourself, or some of appears? Talking on the Lord's your very competent contributors, second coming in a fraternal meet

on the matter, which may be of iny of ministers lately (all of them

assistance.-I am, &c.,

U. B. R. except myself post-millenarians), it seemed to me that the real bin- [The difficulty to which our cordrance in their way, preventing respondent refers is purely imathem from yielding to the plain ginary. But what have we to do testimony of Scripture, was the with difficulties? The realisation difficully connected with our Lord's of Divine purposes does not depend personal presence once more. Ho- on human wisdom. We ask a race Bushnell, in a sermon entitled, reading of our papers on “The Present Relations of Christ King,” and “U. B. R.'s” letter with His followers," gives expres

will doubtless bring replies.-Ed.]

66 The

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