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(cited by Lightfoot) it is said that tomb may also refer to his location. a day and night together make up in Hades. a 17373 (a vuxhuepov)* and that The same may be seen with even any part of such a period is greater force from reference to the counted as the whole." See Gen. case of Jonah. Jonah was not xi. 13-20; 1 Sam. xxx. 12, 13; actually under the earth at all. 2 Chron. x. 5-12; Hos. vi. 2 He was only under the waves. He (Alford's Greek Testament). The was therefore very far indeed reexpression merely shows us that moved from the centre of the earth. our Lord used the Jewish idiom, Yet he calls the place of his imand that the apostle has faithfully prisonment “the belly of hell,” given as his exact phrase. Mr. i.e., of Sheol or Hades. We thus Macredie's difficulty could not occur see that in the Holy Scriptures to one used to the Jewish com- Hades is not supposed to refer to & putation of time.

locality at all so far within the As to his observation that the earth as Mr. M. supposes, and that apostle cannot refer to our Lord's according to its usage our Lord's burial, since the expression “ heart body may have been in Hades of the earth " cannot signify a though it was not farther within “rock sepulchre,” reference to the the earth than the recess of a rocky passages he has referred shows us tomb. HENRY CONSTABLE. that Hades, or Sheol, means place by no means so far within the earth as Mr. M. supposes. In

LIGHT IN GOSHEN. Numbers xvi. 30-32, we are told that Dathan and Abiram and their DEAR SIR-I have studied the families went down alive into great truths but for four years, in Hades. The Hebrew word for defence of which you have spent the “pit” here is Sheol, in the Greek better part of your life. I am it is Hades. Now no one supposes happy to say that during these four that the earth opened out to its years I have picked up eight vols. centre, but merely that an ordinary of the RAINBOW, and as opportunity chasm, such as is produced by an permits I will get the other vols., earthquake, swallowed up the re- till I am the happy possessor of bellious Israelites. If the earth them all. had opened out to its heart or If you can throw any light on centre it would have swallowed up Exod. x. 21-23, I shall be glad the whole camp of Israel, or, for indeed. Was there a double mirathat matter, the whole peninsula of cle wrought in the case of the Sinai. The chasm was such as is Hebrews ? The Egyptians were in constantly produced by earthquakes, thick darkness, “but all the chilsufficient to swallow up a house or dren of Israel had light in their houses, but by no means extending dwellings.” Goshen was a district to the heart or centre of the earth. of Egypt. From the English readIf such a chasm is called Hades in ing of verse 23, do you think there Numbers xvi. 30, there can be no was light outside of the dwellings possible objection to our supposing of Israel's children ? that our Lord's burial in his rocky In closing the “ Astronomical

discussion," in 1875, you say, “ The * [A day and night. 2 Cor. xi. 25.

truth, wherever it may be found, will be clearly established some day.".




Are there any signs of the “ whirled through space one hundred tablishment of the truth” in regard and twenty times faster than a disto Astronomy?

charged cannon-ball, or four times Astronomers, like theologians, quicker than a flash of lightning, is won't move till they are pushed. simply AWFUL ! You, above many, know how bard Let intelligent men just devote it bas been to move theologians. ten minutes' serious thought to it, and The RAINBOW has been the honoured all that it involves, and they must instrument in opening the eyes of reject it as a shameless imposture. many humble believers, and not a We found the other day that the few of the mighty.

John Owen—as well as Has the time not yet come when many of his brethren-held the God's truth about astronomy may Copernican theory to be unscripbe fully and fearlessly set forth in tural and irrational, which most all its simplicity and grandeur, so assuredly it is.] that those men may be silenced who teach that the earth is re

MR. UNDERHILL'S LETTER. volving round the sun at seventeen miles a second, when the Creator SIR,—I shall be leaving England of the world has so clearly stated a few days hence, and have had too that it does not move !

much to do to permit of my just Yours truly,

now giving Mr. Underhill the Salford.

T. M. P. Scripture proofs he very properly

asks me for. I shall be very happy [Ex. x. 21-23 is not to be ac- to write to you again soon after counted for by any astronomical my arrival in the land whither I “ theory.” It is one of the “won- am going. Meanwhile, with refeders by which the God of Israel

to paragraph 4 of Mr. “put a division ” between His Underhill's letter, I wish to say people and the people of Pharaoh. that as I did not make use of the (See viii. 22, 23; xi. 7; xiv. 19, phrase secret rapture, I shall not 20.) The Biblical account of Crea- concern myself to reply to that part tion is to us Divinely “ scientific.” of your esteemed correspondent's No baseless theory will ever shake communication, our belief in the Word of God. To tell us that this vast world is Ealing, 8th May.


Yours very truly: v. 8.


The Fulfilment of the Apocalypse. recent papers in the Rainbow. In

The First and Final Acts. the preface he assigns some further Showing when the Present Age reasons for the view he takes. will cease and a New Age begin. Many brethren take a different view, London : Elliot Stock. (Price It is well known to our readers Sixpence.)

that we give a fair field for dis

cussion, in a Christian spirit, and do Our esteemed friend Mr. Starkey not presume to make our convichas published in this pamphlet his tions a test for others. We have

always wished intelligent men to viction ; and we are sure that if judge for themselves in the light of they suspected us of that we should that Word which is the rule of lose their confidence, which it has judgment for us all. To prevent been our rich privilege to enjoy for misunderstanding, however, regard- many years. We add, what must ing ourselves, we may repeat, what have struck others, that, apart from we have said more than once, that, the question of interpretation, there to us, the Apocalypse is entirely are beautiful and ingenious things future. It is "the revelation of on practical piety in Mr. Starkey's Jesus Christ," and when it begins pamphlet, which no one can read to be fulfilled He" comes quickly.without feeling the necessity of We may be wrong, but our readers personal watchfulness and heartknow that we do not conceal con- searching



Jacob as

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“F. D.” writes : “ Thank the Lord, the RAINBOW lives on! I have taken it from the beginning, and feel that I have grown, mentally, with: its growth. I look for its appearance monthly with growing gladness." "C. L. T.”—It is manifestly wrong to speak of Abraham, Isaac, and

" Jews.” Judah was the fourth son of Jacob by Leah. The descendants of Judah are “ Jews.” Strictly speaking, the name is appropriate only to the subjects of the kingdom of the two tribes after the separation of the ten tribes, B.C. 975. And it is equally wrong to call the descendants of the ten tribes Jews. It is important to be exact in these matters.

" W. Brown."-Prejudice shuts out many persons from light and truth that would have made them glad. It is an adversary against which all should watch who wish to grow in Christian wisdom, and to cultivate Christian charity. It is a murderer of character; for it has often wickedly blackened the reputation of holy and noble men. A. T.”—The words are William Cowper's, in “ Truth":

“Oh how unlike the complex works of man,
Heaven's easy, artless. unencumber'd plan!
No meretricious graces to beguile,
No clustering ornaments to clog the pile ;
From ostentation, as from weakness free,
It stands like the cerulean arch we see,
Majestic in its own simplicity.
Inscribed above the portal, from afar,
Conspicuous as the brightness of a star,
Legible only by the light they give,

Stand the soul-quickening words – BELIEVE AND LIVE.” “ Louis.”—Speak out, gently but firmly, the truth that is in you ! Open, ingenuous men secure respect. Time-servers who are always glancing at the steeple to see how the wind blows before they open their

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lips, are never held in honour. “Will it pay?” is a shameful question when Heaven's truth is involved ! Sooner or later, Truth always pays" her soldiers nobly, though for a time their faith and courage may be severely tested. This is the way she makes her heroes. (2 Tim. ii. 3.)

“P. Owen.”—To pray for the “extension of the Redeemer's kingdom " is usual in prayer meetings. It would, of course, indicate a better knowledge of Scripture to pray that it might come; for that which has as yet no existence cannot be extended. But people have been so long taught that the Church is the kingdom that we cannot expect clearer vision until they are better instructed.

“ J. G.” writes: “I hope you will be encouraged and sustained in
your great work, in which you have so long nobly and honourably con-
tended for the truth.” We hope so too, if it be the MASTER's will; and
we thank Him that, with all its difficulties, that work has not been in
vain. Many, very many, have been delivered from an oppressive false-
hood, and are rejoicing in the light and love of Divine truth. A dark
superstition has been driven from perplexed Christian hearts by the
bright beams of inspiration, and God, in consequence, is lovingly praised.
This result is worth labouring for. In such a result, we and our fellow-
workers are richly repaid, far more than repaid. Let us work heartily
a little longer. In due time we shall reap if we faint not.
Nature's Praise.New Sacred Song. Words by the Rev. WILLIAM

LEASE, D.D. Music by HOWARD LEASK. Sung by Miss COYTE

CREATION sings its Maker's praise

At dawn, at noon, at night:
In songs sublime, or gentler lays,

His wisdom, goodness, might.
The rustling leaf, the fragrant flower,

The fields of yellow gold,
The dew, the stream, the fruitful shower,

The Father's thoughts unfold.

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A splendid temple, filled with song,

Creation yet shall be ;
When glorious music shall prolong

His fame on land and sea.

We wait, in hope, the morning star

of that auspicious time;
When sorrow shall be left afar,

And joy fill every clime.
Copies may be obtained, post free, from Mr. Howard Leask, 34,
Sandringham Road, West Hackney; or, Messrs. Metzler and Co.,
87, Great Marlborough Street, W. Price 2s. nett.


I Magazine of Cbristian Literature, with Special Reference to tye

Rebealed future of the Church and the World.

JULY, 1881.

THE ULTIMATE REASON. THAT is a grand revelation which tells us that “the good plea

sure of His will ” is God's rule of action. In purposing, and executing, this is His sublime Law. That He is a law to Himself is manifest, for He takes no counsel with His creatures, and yet He acts through the ages with unceasing energy. There was an ideal universe in “ the mind of the Lord ” before the first of the ages began, and towards its realisation as an accomplished fact all things tend with infallible certainty. It must be so. “ The immutability of His counsel ” must be accepted as absolute. The idea of change in God would instantly destroy confidence in Him. We could not rest upon a promise if the Promiser were not known to be faithful. But with “the Father of the lights of heaven there is no variableness or shadow of turning.

We see things in the world continually which appear to contradict the doctrine of a divinely majestic movement, unchecked and uninterrupted, towards a glorious issue. But we are taken up by phenomena, troubled by appearances, as if these in any way affected * the eternal purpose of God which He hath purposed in Himself.” As the often-changing winds that blow and the ever-changing clouds that float over the earth do not affect its stability as the immovable centre of God's operations, so the thunders of war and the political and polemical storms that rend nations and churches asunder, are unable to touch the settled purpose of the Most High, or to check the invisible force by which it is carried on. What is there to prevent the final accomplishment of the eternal purpose ? Contingency? The idea conveyed by this word is surely inadmissible in the case of Omniscience. He who sees the end from the beginning, and every possibility that may spring into active opposition to His will between the beginning and the end, cannot be taken by surprise. The unforeseen is common to men: it is wholly illogical in relation to God. And if He foresaw the hostility of rebellious princes to a king whom He intended to place in un



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