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George milncr ,

"•* Commemoration .

Dinner* ♦ ♦ • .

fridap, ITCarcb 9, 1900.

In commemoration of Mr. Milner having held
the Presidency of the Club for Twenty
Years, and having completed his three
Score Years and Ten.

Threescore years and ten—a life to most,

To thee perennial youth through flying hours;

Time gives thee Age's wisdom, Youth's bright powers.

A veteran standing firm at Duty's post,

For years a score the chieftain of our host;

By upland steeps, by shady greenwood bowers,

Where Muses pour their song in sunny showers,

Thou shinest and shalt shine, our pride, our boast.

We lay upon thy brow a fadeless wreath,

Love's glowing roses twined with steadfast truth.

Years fleet, but leave thy spirit sweetly strung

Like full-toned lyre ; the silver-crusted sheath

Of Age scarce hides the flashing steel of Youth;

Others grow old with years, and leave thee young.

Arthur W. Fox.

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