Annual Report, Volume 68

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Página xvi - CHOSEN. ITS POWERS AND DUTIES. The General Assembly shall provide for the election of a State Board of Education of six members, not more than three of whom, shall be from the same political party, and shall
Página x - for the transaction of its business and the examination, qualification and employment of teachers, which rules and by-laws shall be binding on such Board of Education and all parties dealing with it until formally repealed; to provide for special and standing committees, to
Página 13 - Raw Materials. Collection 100. Cotton. Fibrous portion of fruit of cotton plant. Cotton most extensively used is that cultivated in the southern part of the United States, from Virginia to Texas. (1). Cotton bolls, Louisiana. (2). Cotton, unginned, Texas. (3). Cotton, ginned, Arkansas and Mexico. (4). Cotton seeds. (5). Cottonseed linters. (6). Miniature cotton bale.
Página 14 - (4). Pods of cotton tree, Philippine Islands. Collection 102. Other Cotton Products. (1). Cottonseed oil. Substitute for olive oil; also used for burning in lamps, soap making, and lubricating. (2). Cotton-oil cake. Used as cattle food and fertilizer. (3). Cottonseed meal. Ground cottonseed cake. (4). Cottonseed meal. Cattle food. (5). Cottonseed-oil soap and soap powder,
Página 19 - as can and should be used in the schools, and make it possible for the teachers to get it when they need it. This would benefit the museum as much as the schools. The number of people who visit the great storehouses of knowledge in the large cities is deplorably small. The boys and girls who
Página 93 - to earn his livelihood. The manumental training may include, besides the usual manual activities, chair-caning, basket weaving, domestic art, broom-making, and piano-tuning. Gifted pupils should be given every opportunity to develop their special talents and to fit themselves for the highest type of service of which they are capable. Qualifications of
Página 83 - improved sufficiently to enable them to cope with the instruction without undue ocular or other handicap in the regular grades or in classes for the semi-sighted. Organization of Classes. Single classes may be established in the grade schools, in order to afford possibilities of contact with the
Página 19 - How can a School Museum be Established: In cities in which there is a public museum opportunities for systematic use of its material should be given the schools. The city museum should establish a school section; it should gather from its stores such
Página 14 - of Other Countries. (1). Sea-island, cotton, West Indies. (2). Peruvian or Kidney cotton, Peru. (3). Silk cotton obtained from the Bombax or cotton tree, Honduras and Venezuela. (4). Pods of cotton tree, Philippine Islands. Collection 102.

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