Saturn: Overview and Abstracts

Nova Publishers, 2004 - 224 páginas
First observed by Galileo, Saturn lies in the distant reaches of the solar system; it is the sixth planet, a gaseous giant between Jupiter and Uranus. It takes its name from the mythological father of Jupiter and Roman god of agriculture. Because of the famous circle of rings Saturn is one of the most well-regarded occupants of the galaxy. Despite their continuous appearance from Earth, the rings are actually space dust and debris trapped by Saturn's gravitational pull, a fact garnered from several satellite passes and telescope observations. The origin of Saturn's rings, however, remains a mystery. Apart from the rings, we also are aware of its moon system, with the most intriguing planetoid called Titan, itself having been the subject of science fiction speculation as a home to life. Saturn has been visited by Pioneer 11 and the two Voyager probes, with Cassini slated to arrive in 2004. Our study of this most intriguing planet will continue into the foreseeable future, with the hopes of resolving the mysteries it hides. This book provides a thorough and interesting overview of Saturn, from its initial observation centuries ago to the contemporary satellite fly-bys. Anyone captivated by the mysteries of space and the wonders of Saturn needs to understand the background covered here. After the overview is a substantial and carefully selected set of abstracts of literature pertaining to Saturn, with easy access then given through author, title, and subject indexes.

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