The National Bankruptcy Register Reports: Containing All the Important Bankruptcy Decisions in the United States, Volume 4

J.R. McDivitt, 1874

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Página 687 - In all cases of mutual debts or mutual credits between the estate of a bankrupt and a creditor the account shall be stated and one debt shall be set off against the other, and the balance only shall be allowed or paid.
Página 666 - All persons whatsoever, residing in any State, District or Territory of the United States, owing debts, which shall not have been created in consequence of a defalcation as a public officer; or as executor, administrator, guardian or trustee, or while acting in any other fiduciary capacity...
Página 22 - That as soon as said assignee is appointed and qualified, the judge, or, where there is no opposing interest, the register, shall, by an instrument under his hand, assign and convey to the assignee all the estate, real and personal, of the bankrupt, with all his deeds, books, and papers relating thereto...
Página 287 - ... in an action for relief on the ground of fraud the cause of action shall not be deemed to have accrued until the discovery by the aggrieved party of the facts constituting the fraud.
Página 231 - Any person who, after the approval of this act shall have accepted any preference, having reasonable cause to believe that the same was made or given by the debtor, contrary to any provision of this act, shall not prove the debt or claim on account of which the preference was made or given, nor shall he receive any dividend therefrom until he shall first have surrendered to the assignee all property, money, benefit, or advantage received by him under such preference.
Página 483 - ... and any supposed creditor, whose claim is wholly or in part rejected, or an assignee who is dissatisfied with the allowance of a claim, may appeal from the decision of the district court to the circuit court for the same district...
Página 449 - States, and appears to have conformed to all the requirements of law in that behalf, it is therefore ordered by the court that said be forever discharged from all debts and claims which by said act are made provable against his estate, and which existed on the day of , on which day the petition for adjudication was filed by (or against) him ; excepting such debts, if any, as are by said act excepted from the operation of a discharge in bankruptcy.
Página 316 - Puhlic corporations," (says the opinion,) "are generally esteemed such as exist for public political purposes only, such as towns, cities, parishes, and counties; and in many respects they are so, although they involve some private interests.
Página 316 - But a bank, whose stock is owned by private persons, Is a private corporation, although It Is erected by the government, and Its objects and operations partake of a public nature.
Página 518 - Said circuit courts shall also have concurrent jurisdiction with the district courts of the same district of all suits at law or in equity which may or shall be brought by the assignee in bankruptcy...

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