History of the Grange Movement: Or, The Farmer's War Against Monopolies : Being a Full and Authentic Account of the Struggles of the American Farmers Against the Extortions of the Railroad Companies : with a History of the Rise and Progress of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, Its Objects, Present Condition and Prospects : to which is Added Sketches of the Leading Grangers

National Publishing Company, 1874 - 539 páginas

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Página 512 - In contravention of franchise provisions of the city we desire to say that the decision of the Supreme Court of this State in the case of the City of Hilisboro vs.
Página 437 - It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a record of all proceedings of the...
Página 541 - For our business interests, we desire to bring producers and consumers, farmers and manufacturers into the most direct and friendly relations possible. Hence we must dispense with a surplus of middlemen, not that we are unfriendly to them, but we do not need them. Their surplus and their exactions diminish our profits.
Página 439 - These By-laws may be altered or amended at any annual meeting of the National Grange by a two-thirds vote of the members present.
Página 541 - ... surplus and their exactions diminish our profits. "We wage no aggressive warfare against any other interests whatever. On the contrary, all our acts and all our efforts, so far as business is concerned, are not only for the benefit of the producer and consumer, but also for all other interests that tend to bring these two parties into speedy and economical contact. Hence, we hold that transportation companies of every kind are necessary to our success, that their interests are intimately connected...
Página 540 - We shall endeavor to advance our cause by laboring to accomplish the following objects ; To develop a better and higher manhood and womanhood among ourselves. To enhance the comforts and attractions of our homes, and strengthen our attachments to our pursuits. To foster mutual understanding and cooperation. To maintain inviolate our laws, and to emulate each other in labor. To hasten the good time coming.
Página 543 - We desire a proper equality, equity, and fairness ; protection for the weak ; restraint upon the strong ; in short, justly distributed burdens and justly distributed power.
Página 544 - Last, but not least, we proclaim it among our purposes to inculcate a proper appreciation of the abilities and sphere of woman, as is indicated by admitting her to membership and position in our Order.
Página 543 - We especially and sincerely assert the oft-repeated truth taught in our organic law, that the Grange, National, State, or subordinate, is not a political or party organization. No Grange, if true to its obligations, can discuss political or religious questions, nor call political conventions, nor nominate candidates, nor even discuss their merits in its meetings.
Página 541 - ... individual and corporate. To buy less and produce more, in order to make our farms self-sustaining. To diversify our crops, and crop no more than we can cultivate. To condense...

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