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Thank you all very much. Thank you so tary laws, participate in holiday services, and much.

arrange funerals in accordance with the Jewish

laws and traditions. Note: The President's 59th news conference August 31 began at 2:02 p.m. in the Briefing Room at the White House.

Bridgeway, of Lakewood, CO. Founded in 1986,

Bridgeway provides a supportive, home-like environment for young mothers. More than 100 volunteers teach the young women about pregnancy and motherhood and help them de

velop marketable job skills. Points of Light Recognition Program

The President named the following individuals and institutions as exemplars of his commitment to making community service central to the life and work of every Ameri

Digest of Other
White House Announcements


August 25

The following list includes the President's

public schedule and other items of general John Booth, of Las Vegas, NV. After sustaining a

interest announced by the Office of the head injury which left him mentally disabled, Mr. Booth became a patient at the Hollyhock

Press Secretary and not included elsewhere

in this issue. Adult Day Care Center. Since his condition has improved, he has helped other patients at the center by leading a variety of therapy activities.

August 161

President Bush telephoned President MoAugust 27

hammed Hosni Mubarak of Egypt to discuss Thora Bautz, of Scotts Valley, CA. Ms. Bautz is a President Bush's meetings with King Hus

volunteer for the English Language and Liter- sein I of Jordan and Foreign Minister Sa'ud acy Program, teaching reading and writing al-Faysal Al Saʻud of Saudi Arabia. skills to native English speakers and to those who are learning English as a second language.

August 25 August 28

In the morning, the President met at his Soaring Eagles Project, of Minneapolis, MN. The

home in Kennebunkport, ME, with Brent project addresses the cycle of poverty and sub

Scowcroft, Assistant to the President for Nastance abuse that faces many Native American

tional Security Affairs, for an intelligence families by offering positive alternatives for and national security briefing. their children through a comprehensive program that includes cultural education, leader- August 28 ship development, social-skills training, tutor- In the afternoon, the President returned ing, and field trips.

to the White House, where he met with August 29

Foreign Minister Yusuf bin 'Alawi bin `Ab

dallah of Oman to discuss the Persian Gulf Stephanie Gore, of Savannah, GA. Stephanie, who was born blind, reads stories to preschool

crisis. children and is a member of Big Sisters of America.

August 29

The President met at the White House August 30

with: Friends of Lubavitch of Bergen County, of Tea- -the Vice President and Brent Scowneck, NJ. The volunteers of Friends of Luba

croft, Assistant to the President for Navitch visit hospital patients, nursing home residents, and home-bound senior citizens, bringing friendship and joy to the sick and helping 1 This release was not received in time for elderly persons who are Jewish follow the die- inclusion in the appropriate issue.

erves as

tional Security Affairs, for an intelli- -national security advisers, to discuss the gence and national security briefing;

Persian Gulf crisis; -advisers, to discuss the Federal budget -Secretary of the Treasury Nicholas F. negotiations;

Brady and Under Secretary of the -Secretary of State James A. Baker III. Treasury for International Affairs David The President declared that major disas

Mulford. ters exist in New Hampshire, as a result of

In the afternoon, the President returned severe storms and flooding that began on to his home in Kennebunkport, ME. August 7, and in Illinois, as a result of torna- The President announced his intention to does that occurred on August 28. He direct appoint Shannon Fairbanks, of the District ed the Federal Emergency Management

of Columbia, to be a member of the Board Agency to provide assistance to supplement of Directors of the Federal Home Loan State and local recovery efforts.

Mortgage Corporation for a term ending on In the afternoon, the President had a

the date of the next annual meeting of the telephone conversation with Gov. Jim

with Gov. Jim voting common stockholders in 1991. This Thompson of Illinois, who expressed his ap- is a new position. Currently Mrs. Fairbanks preciation for Federal disaster relief.

serves as executive vice president of the In the evening, the President hosted a

American Real Estate Group in Washingdinner in the Residence for Members of

ton, DC. Congress.

The President announced his intention to The President today announced his inten

nominate Barry Zorthian, of the District of tion to appoint the following individuals to

Columbia, to be a member of the Board for be members of the President's Commission

International Broadcasting for a term expiron the Federal Appointment Process. These

ing May 20, 1992. He would succeed Arch are new positions:

Madsen. Currently Mr. Zorthian

partner with the law firm of Alcalde, Thomas Joseph Murrin, Deputy Secretary of O'Bannon, Rousselot and Wahlquist.

Commerce. Upon appointment, he will be designated Chairman.

August 31 C. Boyden Gray, Counsel to the President of the

In the morning, at his home in KenneUnited States.

bunkport, ME, President Bush had teleNancy Mohr Kennedy, Assistant Secretary of phone conversations with King Fahd bin Education.

'Abd al-Aziz Al Saʻud of Saudi Arabia, J. Michael Luttig, Acting Assistant Attorney Gen- Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the

eral (Office of Legal Counsel), Department of United Kingdom, and President François Justice.

Mitterrand of France to discuss the Persian Constance Berry Newman, Director of the Office Gulf crisis. of Personnel Management.

The President declared that a major disStephen D. Potts, Director of the Office of Gov- aster exists in Monroe County, WI, as a ernment Ethics.

result of severe storms and flooding that Clarence Thomas, U.S. Circuit Judge for the Dis- occurred on August 17. He directed the trict of Columbia Circuit.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Charles G. (Chase) Untermeyer, Assistant to the to provide assistance to supplement State

President of the United States and Director of and local recovery efforts.
Presidential Personnel.

The President announced his intention to

appoint the following individuals to be August 30

members of the Advisory Commission on The President met at the White House Conferences in Ocean Shipping: with: -Brent Scowcroft, Assistant to the Presi

Conrad H.C. Everhard, of New York. Currently

Mr. Everhard serves as chairman of 0.0.C.L. dent for National Security Affairs, for

(U.S.A.), Inc., in New York, NY. an intelligence and national security James J. O'Brien, of California. Currently Mr. briefing;

O'Brien serves as executive director of trans-administration officials, for an energy portation services for the Port of Oakland in briefing;



Paul F. Wegener, of Louisiana. Currently Mr. We- States Section of the Great Lakes Fishery gener serves as chairman of the board of Na

Commission. He would succeed Charles K. tional Customs Brokers and Forwarders Asso

Dutcher. Currently Mr. Athey serves ciation of America and as vice president of M.G. Maher and Co., Inc., in New Orleans, LA.

vice president of Jack Nicklaus DevelopRoger W. Wigen, of Minnesota. Currently Mr.

ment Corp. of Illinois in North Barrington, Wigen serves

IL. as manager of transportation policy and industry affairs for the Minnesota

The President announced his intention to Mining and Manufacturing Co., Inc., in St. nominate Joan R. Challinor, of the District Paul, MN.

of Columbia, to be a member of the Board Raymond Paul de Member, of Virginia. Currently of Trustees of the James Madison Memorial

Mr. deMember serves as executive vice presi- Fellowship Foundation for a term of 6 dent and general counsel of the International

years. This is a reappointment. Currently Association of Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carriers and as an attorney in private practice

Mrs. Challinor serves as a research associate in Fairfax, VA.

for the National Museum of American HisWilliam P. Verdon, of the District of Columbia.

tory in Washington, DC.
Currently Mr. Verdon serves as president of
United Ship Owners of America in Washington,

Paul L. Crouch, of California. Currently Mr.
Crouch serves as vice president of Traffic

Submitted to the Senate
Calcot, Ltd., in Bakersfield, CA.
Samuel K. Skinner, Secretary of Transportation,
will be designated Chairman. He was appoint-

Note: No nominations were submitted to the ed to the Commission on October 5, 1989. Senate during the period covered by this The President announced his intention to

issue. select Eugene Ronald Croisant, of Illinois, to be a member of the Board of Directors of the National Railroad Passenger Corpora

Checklist tion for a term of 2 years. He would suc

of White House Press Releases ceed Frank W. Jenkins. Currently Mr. Croisant serves as executive vice president for Human Resources and Administration at The following list contains releases of the R.J.R. Nabisco in New York, NY.

Office of the Press Secretary that are neiThe President announced his intention to

ther printed as items nor covered by entries appoint Christopher Hicks, of Maryland, to in the Digest of Other White House Anbe a member of the Board for International nouncements. Food and Agricultural Development for the remainder of the term expiring July 28, 1992. He would succeed Gwendolyn S.

Released August 23 1 King. Currently Mr. Hicks serves as a part

Statement: ner with the law firm of Anderson, Hibey, Nanheim and Blair in Washington, DC.

Departure of U.S. marines from the U.S. The President announced his intention to

Embassy in Kuwait-by Marlin Fitzwater, nominate James O. Mason, of Utah, to be

Press Secretary to the President Representative of the United States on the

Released August 24 1 Executive Board of the World Health Organization. He would succeed Frank E.

Statement: Young. Currently Dr. Mason serves as Assistant Secretary for Health at the Depart

Illness of Nancy Walker, the President's ment of Health and Human Services in

aunt-by Marlin Fitzwater, Press Secretary Washington, DC.

to the President The President announced his intention to appoint Robert L. Athey, of Illinois, to be 1 This release was not received in time for Alternate Commissioner of the United inclusion in last week's issue.

Released August 27

Acts Approved by the President

Mechanical failure of the President's boat,
Fidelity-by Marlin Fitzwater, Press Secre-
tary to the President

Note: No acts approved by the President were received by the Office of the Federal Register during the period covered by this issue.

Subject Index

Administration of George Bush, 1990

Armed Forces, U.S.—Continued

Troop reductions—1191, 1193, 1270
Arms and munitions

See also Nuclear weapons
Biological weapons—1063
Chemical weapons-1063, 1192, 1219
Conventional forces and weapons—1042, 1043,

1045, 1048, 1050
Gun control-1138

Army, Department of the, Central Command,

Commander-in-Chief-1186, 1240
Aspen Institute—1190
Association. See other part of subject
Australia, Prime Minister-1234, 1290
Austria, environmental cooperation-1153
International air show, President's representa-

International antiterrorism efforts_1062

AID. See Development Cooperation Agency, U.S.

Abortion—1146, 1148
Administration. See other part of subject
Advisory committees and commissions, Federal-

Aeronautics and Space Administration, Nation-


See also specific country
Democracy and freedom-1061

Economic growth-1179
Agency. See other part of subject
Agricultural Research Week, National—1209
Agriculture, international government subsidies-

1039, 1066, 1074, 1077, 1080
Agriculture, Department of

Farmers Home Administration–1101

Secretary-1080, 1101
Air Force, Department of the

Former Chief of Staff-1234

Warren Air Force Base—1131
Alabama, Governor-1172, 1173
All-American Cities Awards—1211
Alpha Project, San Diego, CA-1093
Alternatives to Domestic Violence, Riverside,

American. See other part of subject
American Legion-1134
Appeals, U.S. Courts of

First Circuit-1143, 1168

Fifth Circuit-1168
Appointment Process, President's Commission on

the Federal—1089
Architectural and Transportation Barriers Com-

pliance Board—1096
Archives and Records Administration, National -

Armed Forces, U.S.

See also Defense and national security
Liberia deployment—1207
Mobilization of Reserves-1278, 1279, 1281,

President's views_1131, 1137, 1191, 1218,

1270, 1271, 1276
Promotions, retirements, and separations-

Saudi Arabia deployment-1216, 1218, 1225,

1239, 1247, 1251, 1255, 1258, 1266, 1269,
1271, 1272, 1275, 1278, 1279, 1281, 1284,

Bahrain, Amir-1239, 1241
Bar Association, American–1148
Battle Monuments Commission, American-1134
Belgium, Prime Minister-1039
Belize, Ambassador to U.S.-1232
Bolivia, trade with U.S.-1141, 1267
Brain, Decade of the-1109
Brazil, environmental cooperation-1071
Broadcasting, Board for International-1202
Budget, Federal
Bipartisan negotiating group-1092, 1106,

1114, 1121, 1125, 1134, 1151, 1159, 1168,
1171, 1200, 1222, 1234, 1245, 1249, 1250,

Deficit-1091, 1100, 1102, 1106, 1114, 1121,

1124, 1125, 1151, 1152, 1159, 1244, 1248–

1250, 1271, 1275, 1288
Line-item veto—1102, 1126
President's views-1245

Rescissions and deferrals-1102
Building Sciences, National Institute of, 1989

Burkina Faso, U.S. Ambassador-1156
Business and industry
Foreign acquisitions of U.S. businesses—1200,

Productivity and competitiveness—1104, 1105
CFC's. See Environment

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