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Subject Index

Administration of George Bush, 1990

Maine, President's visit-1052
Middle East


Peace efforts, U.S. role—1049, 1051
North Atlantic Treaty Organization—1039, 1041,

1044, 1052
Nuclear weapons

Administration policies—1048

Short-range forces (SNF)-1043, 1045, 1050
Palestine Liberation Organization—1049
Points of Light Recognition Program–1052

Agriculture, Government subsidies-1039
Arms and munitions, conventional forces and

weapons-1042, 1043, 1045, 1048, 1050
Belgium, Prime Minister-1039
CFE. See Arms and munitions, conventional

forces and weapons
CSBM. See Confidence and Security Building

Measures and Disarmament in Europe, Confer-

ence on
CSCE. See Security and Cooperation in Europe,

Conference on
China, human rights—1047
Commerce, international, General Agreement on

Tariffs and Trade (GATT)1039
Confidence and Security Building Measures and

Disarmament in Europe, Conference on-1043
Cuba, Soviet role-1046
Denmark, Prime Minister-1039
Economic summit, international—1039, 1040

Foreign Minister—1051


Defense and security—1041, 1045, 1050
Democracy and freedom-1041, 1044, 1050
East-West relations—1042, 1045
President's views-1050
Soviet-U.S. military reductions—1043

U.S. military role—1042, 1046
German reunification-1039, 1042, 1049
Germany, Federal Republic of, economic assist-

ance to Soviet Union–1047
Human rights, China—1047
Idaho Centennial Day-1040
Israel, Prime Minister-1049, 1051
Jordan, King—1051
London Declaration. See North Atlantic Treaty


Saudi Arabia

Deaths of Moslem pilgrims—1039

Security and Cooperation in Europe, Conference

State, Department of, Secretary-1048, 1051
Superconductivity, National Commission on-

Terrorism, President's views-1049
Togo, President—1053

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Economic assistance—1040, 1046, 1047
Foreign Minister-1048
Military spending—1046, 1050
President-1039, 1040, 1042, 1045, 1046,

President's views_1051
Reforms, political and economic—1040, 1046,

Relations with West-1051
United Kingdom

President's visit-1044, 1052

Prime Minister-1052, 1053 .
Vice President, appearances with President-


Warsaw Pact-1042, 1045, 1047
White House Office, Assistant to President and

Press Secretary-1039

Name Index

Administration of George Bush, 1990

Abdel Meguid, Ahmed Esmat-1051
Arafat, Yasser-1049
Baker, James A., III—1048, 1051
Drake, Barbara S.-1052
Dungan, Travis P.-1052
Eyadéma, Gnassingbé—1053
Fang Lizhi—1047
Fitzwater, Marlin-1039
Gorbachev, Mikhail S.-1039, 1040, 1042, 1045,

1046, 1048_1051
Hulm, John K.-1052
Hussein I, King—1051
Jones, Sidney L.–1052

King. See other part of name
Kling, Pearl—1052
Lyons, John W.-1052
Martens, Wilfried-1039
Mubarak, Mohammed Hosni—1051
Quayle, Dan-1040
Saʻud, Fahd bin `Abd al-Aziz Al-1039
Schüter, Poul-1039
Shamir, Yitzhak-1049
Shevardnadze, Eduard A.-1048
Thatcher, Margaret-1052, 1053
Woerner, Manfred—1042, 1048, 1051, 1052

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