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Q. Is your commitment to a capital gains July 2 tax cut waning or weakening in any way? • Dale Shields, of Sarasota, FL. Mr. Shields, known

The President. I'm not going to—you as the “Pelican Man," rescues and rehabilitates know, if I start going into even one facet of pelicans and other wildlife on the west coast of the negotiations, I will, in my view, be vio- Florida. In 1985, Mr. Shields founded the Pelilating a commitment I made to the Con- can Man's Bird Sanctuary. Located on City gress. So, I really want to ask to be forgiven Island, the sanctuary provides birds and other for not answering that nice-try question.

wildlife a safe place in which to live and a Q. When do you think you'll have some

learning environment for visitors. More than answers?

200 volunteers rescue injured birds on the The President. Well, we're moving along,

shores of Florida and transport them to the Helen. We all know what the dates are out

sanctuary, where they obtain treatment for

wounds, food, and nurturing. there. You'll see some figures next week on the magnitude of this problem. The figures July 3 are out there pretty much in the public Alpha Project, of San Diego, CA. Founded in domain, and certainly, the Congress has

1986 by Robert McElroy, the Alpha Project them. But the American people want some- hires homeless people at $6 per hour or more thing done. And so, I'm going to keep push- to work on construction projects. The employing, and our negotiators are working in total ees receive on-the-job training, enabling them good faith. And I think the problem is so to learn a marketable trade so they may seek important nationally that something posi- employment in the future. A variety of contive will happen. It has to.

cerned citizens, ranging from retired carpen

ters to college students, teach carpentry skills, Boris Yeltsin

administrative skills, and financial budgeting. Q. What do you think about Boris Yeltsin

In addition, the Alpha Project provides the em(President of the Republic of Russia] bolting

ployees with food, shelter, and clothing free of the Communist Party?

charge until they save enough money to The President. Boris bolting his party

become independent. So far, 88 percent of all

the homeless individuals who have worked for very interesting development, very interest- the Alpha Project have gone on to become selfing. Hey, I'm tired, come on, and so are the supporting, productive citizens. rest of you guys. I can tell from the quality of the questions.

July 4

The Grand Rapids Police Department's Crime Note: The exchange began at 1:33 p.m. on Analysis Unit, of Grand Rapids, MI. Founded the South Lawn at the White House, prior in 1983, the Crime Analysis Unit provides a to the President's departure for Camp

vital service to the Grand Rapids Police DeDavid, MD. In his remarks, the President partment. Retired Senior Volunteer Program referred to John H. Sununu, Chief of Staff

(RSVP) volunteers examine police reports for to the President; Secretary of the Treasury

serious crimes from the previous 24 hours. Nicholas F. Brady; and Richard

Each volunteer spends at least 8 hours per G.

week summarizing the reports, distributing Darman, Director of the Office of Manage

them to departments and patrol officers, and ment and Budget. A tape was not available analyzing the information to determine any for verification of the content of these re- crime trends. In addition, the volunteers mainmarks.

tain maps of offenses, including rape, robbery, and burglary, analyzing any geographic patterns in crimes. This effort helps the police department place the patrol officers in loca

tions where crime occurs in the community, Points of Light Recognition Program

while providing the senior volunteers an op

portunity to serve their community. The President named the following individ- July 5 uals and institutions as exemplars of his

Concerned Friends, Inc., of Tempe, AZ. Concommitment to making community service

cerned Friends, founded in 1982, provides resicentral to the life and work of every Ameri- dents of Friendship Village, a retirement comcan.

munity, the assistance they need to continue living independently. More than 100 volun- month offering advice and support to those teers substitute as friends and caregivers to who are in need. those residents in need of additional assistance and support. Some residents may need continu- July 10 ous help with grocery shopping and simple de

The volunteers of the Spartanburg County cision-making, while others may require occa- SAFE (Shelter Available for Emergencies) sional help with completing tax returns or

Homes Network, of Spartanburg, SC. Founded filing for Medicare. While many of the volunteers are residents of Friendship Village who

in 1982 by concerned citizens, SAFE Homes

Network is a shelter which offers emergency are able to care for themselves, members of

housing to victims of domestic violence and the community surrounding Friendship Village have also volunteered to meet the growing

their children. In addition, the network prodemand in this program. Over 250 residents of

vides crisis counseling and support systems for Friendship Village, one third of the resident

the residents. So far this year, the network has population, have requested the help of Con

served more than 850 individuals. More than cerned Friends.

100 volunteers, ranging from teachers to police

officers, provide services to the residents of the July 6

shelter. Volunteers also assist with the 24-hour Carol DeMayo, of Williamstown, MA. In 1984,

hot-line, receiving calls from individuals who Mrs. De Mayo began delivering food to the eco

need advice and emotional support. In addinomically disadvantaged. Because of the grow

tion, the volunteers educate the community on ing need for this service in her community, she

domestic violence issues. recruited young people to help her with deliveries. Today, Mrs. DeMayo's “Food Pantry,” is

July 11 located in St. Patrick's Catholic Church. Mem- The volunteers of the Tutor Exchange, of San bers of the community donate food, clothing, Jose, CA. Founded in 1981, the volunteers of and toys to the pantry, which Mrs. DeMayo the Tutor Exchange offer tutoring to neglected and other volunteers then distribute to those and delinquent youth between the ages of 5 who are homeless, unemployed, or financially and 18. More than 60 volunteers are matched burdened. In addition to her work with the

to young people according to the interests and “Food Pantry,” Mrs. DeMayo is called upon by needs of the youth. The volunteers spend at local social service agencies to counsel needy least 4 hours per week with the youth, develindividuals.

oping one-to-one relationships. They teach July 7

basic reading, math, and science skills, assist

with career selection, and offer advice on study Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte, NC. Habitat skills.

for Humanity, a national organization, operates
in 450 cities across the United States and in 60 July 12
other countries. This effort helps those in need

Operation Read, of Lexington, KY. Founded in break the poverty cycle, helping turn ghettos

1979 by a group of concerned citizens, Operinto communities. Volunteers build three bedroom, one bath homes for the working poor,

ation Read offers tutoring to adults. In 1989, who receive no-interest 15-year mortgages.

more than 250 individuals spent over 15,000 Habitat families help to build the homes,

hours tutoring 420 students. After a 16-hour spending a minimum of 100 hours working on

training session, each volunteer is matched a neighbor's home before theirs is begun. Once

with a student. For at least one year, they meet selected, the family continues to invest "sweat

twice a week, enabling them to develop a close equity” in the building of their own home. The

relationship. The tutor plans each lesson, focusCharlotte-based Habitat for Humanity has built

ing on the interests and goals of the student. over 90 homes for those who would otherwise July 13 be unable to afford one.

Mountaineers, Inc., of Phoenix, AZ. MountainJuly 9

eers was founded in 1985 in response to the Rebecca Tinkham of Tulsa, OK. Since 1988, Ms. deteriorating deserts of the Phoenix landscape.

Tinkham has been a volunteer for “Call Rape,” More than 250 concerned citizens, including a 24-hour crisis service for individuals who doctors, lawyers, students, teachers, and senior have suffered from rape. Ms. Tinkham com- citizens, remove trash from the desert, replant pleted 20 hours of training on sexual assault desert vegetation, eliminate unnecessary roads, issues, learning how to comfort and soothe vic- repair damaged paths and trails, and install tims of rape. She spends over 150 hours per signs and markers.

July 14

sistance to supplement State and local reHarold Craig Reynolds, of Seattle, WA. Four

covery efforts. years ago, Mr. Reynolds, the Seattle Mariners' second baseman, founded the Rap Outreach July 5 Program. Before each Saturday home game, The President announced that the followMr. Reynolds invites young people to meet ing individuals will comprise the President's with him and other players at the stadium. He

delegation to the 10th anniversary celebraaddresses the concerns of the youth, discussing topics such as peer pressure, family problems,

tion of the independence of Vanuatu and and drug involvement. He encourages them to

the annual heads of state meeting of the continue their education and participate in

South Pacific Forum, July 29–31, 1990: community service projects. Mr. Reynolds also

Delegate chairman challenges other black men to be positive role models for inner-city youth.

Fred Zeder, President, Overseas Private Invest

ment Corporation, and Martha Zeder. Delegates

Former Governor Hugh Gregs of New HampDigest of Other

shire and Cay Gregg. White House Announcements

Nancy Thawley, Director of the Republican

Eagles, Republican National Finance CommitThe following list includes the President's tee. public schedule and other items of general

Former State Senator William Saltonstall of Masinterest announced by the Office of the sachusetts. Press Secretary and not included elsewhere in this issue.

July 6

In the evening, the President arrived at June 30

Ellington Field in Houston, TX, for the ecoThe President declared that a major dis

nomic summit of industrialized nations. He aster exists in California as a result of wild

then went to the Houstonian Hotel, which land fires that began on June 26. He direct

was his residence during his stay in Housed the Federal Emergency Management

ton. Agency to provide assistance to supplement State and local recovery efforts.

July 8 In the evening, the President spoke with

In the afternoon, President Bush met at Nelson Mandela on the telephone. Mr. Man

the Houstonian Hotel's Manor House with dela thanked the President for their recent

President Jacques Delors of the European meeting.

Community and U.S. and European Commu

nity officials. July 2

In the evening, the President and Mrs. The President met with advisers at his

Bush hosted a barbecue and rodeo at the home in Kennebunkport, ME, in prepara- AstroArena for the heads of delegations and tion for the upcoming Houston economic their official parties. summit.

July 9
July 3
The President met with advisers at his

In the afternoon, the President went to home in Kennebunkport, ME, in prepara

Rice University, where he attended a retion for the upcoming Houston economic

ception for delegation heads at Cohen summit.

House and participated in the opening ses

sion of the summit at Lovett Hall. July 4

In the evening, the President attended a The President declared that a major dis- working dinner for delegation heads at aster exists in Nebraska as a result of severe Bayou Bend mansion. Later, he visited a storms, tornadoes, and flooding that began dinner for corporate sponsors of the ecoon June 10. He directed the Federal Emer- nomic summit at the Houstonian Hotel's gency Management Agency to provide as- Manor House.

July 10

Susan Goldwater Keenan, of South Carolina. This The President went to Rice University,

is a new position. Currently Mrs. Keenan where he participated in the morning and

serves on the board of directors for Pace Indusafternoon plenary sessions at Herring Hall

tries, Inc., in Aiken, SC. as well as the working luncheon at Cohen

Chesley Pruet, of Arkansas. He would succeed House.

Herb Hunter. Currently Mr. Pruet serves as In the evening, the President and Mrs.

president of Chesley Pruet Drilling Co. in El Bush hosted a reception and dinner at the Dorado, AR. Museum of Fine Arts for summit leaders and members of their delegations.

The President announced his intention to

appoint the following individuals to be July 11

members of the Architectural and TransIn the morning, the President participat- portation Barriers Compliance Board for ed in the final plenary session of the

terms expiring December 3, 1992. summit at Herring Hall at Rice University.

Porfirio C. Diaz, Jr., of California. He would sucJuly 12

ceed William J. Tangye. Currently Mr. Diaz The President met at the White House

serves as assistant director for external affairs at with:

the department of rehabilitation in Sacramen-the Vice President; John H. Sununu,

to, CA. Chief of Staff to the President; Brent Scowcroft, Assistant to the President for

Scott Moore Duncan, of Texas. He would succeed National Security Affairs; and members

Gene A. Chappie. Currently Mr. Chappie

serves as a fundraiser for Duncan and Associof the CIA briefing staff;

ates in Houston, TX. -members of the Cabinet; -Members of Congress;

Robert T. Kelly, Jr., of Florida. This is a reap-the Vice President, for lunch;

pointment. Currently Mr. Kelly serves as col- John H. Sununu, Chief of Staff to the lections representative for Southern Bell in President.

Miami, FL.
The President announced that John C.
McGraw, of Pennsylvania, will continue to

The President designated Eugene R. Sulserve as Assayer of the Mint of the United

livan to be Chief Judge of the United States States at Philadelphia, PA. Since 1983 Mr.

Court of Military Appeals, effective October McGraw has served as Assayer of the

1, 1990. He would succeed Robinson O. EvUnited States Mint in Philadelphia.

erett. He was appointed to the court on The President announced his intention to

May 21, 1986. appoint the following individuals to be members of the J. William Fulbright For- July 13 eign Scholarship Board for terms expiring The President met at the White House September 22, 1992:

with: Vartan Gregorian, of Rhode Island. He would succeed Nathan Glazer. Currently Dr. Gregori

-the Vice President; John H. Sununu, an serves as president of Brown University in

Chief of Staff to the President; Brent Providence, RI.

Scowcroft, Assistant to the President for Margarita B. Tonkinson, of Florida. She would National Security Affairs; and members succeed Marvin Howard Alisky. Currently Mrs.

of the CIA briefing staff; Tonkinson serves as associate director of the Office of International Programs at the Univer

-President-elect Cesar Gaviria of Colomsity of Miami in Coral Gables, FL.

bia; The President announced his intention to -Secretary of State James A. Baker III; appoint the following individuals to be members of the Advisory Committee on the

- John H. Sununu, Chief of Staff to the Arts (John F. Kennedy Center for the Per

President. forming Arts). Upon appointment, they will In the afternoon, the President went to be designated Cochairmen.

Camp David, MD, for the weekend.

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Joyce Elaine Tucker,

Advance text: of Illinois, to be a member of the Equal Remarks at the welcoming ceremony for Employment Opportunity Commission for the Houston economic summit the remainder of the term expiring July 1, 1991, vice Clarence Thomas, resigned. Transcript:

Press briefing on agricultural issues related Submitted July 12

to the economic summit-by Secretary of

Agriculture Clayton K. Yeutter Stephen G. Milliken, of the District of Columbia, to be an Associ- Transcript: ate Judge of the Superior Court of the Dis- Press briefing on trade issues related to the trict of Columbia for the term of 15 years, economic summit-by U.S. Trade Reprevice Joseph M. Hannon, deceased.

sentative Carla A. Hills

Nomination of Stephen G. Milliken to be an
Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the
District of Columbia

of White House Press Releases

Released July 10

The following list contains releases of the Office of the Press Secretary that are neither printed as items nor covered by entries in the Digest of Other White House Announcements.

Remarks on presentation of the summit po-
litical communique-by Secretary of State
James A. Baker III

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