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promise back to your homelands, always re- know with certainty that day will come bemembering the words of the Greek national cause, as a persecutor of Orthodoxy admitanthem: “Now as ever valor prizing/Hail, ted: “Religion is like a nail. The harder you all hail sweet Liberty!"

hit it, the deeper it goes into the wood.” And what a splendid place Washington is

But while the events of this past year have for you to meet. Here in his hometown, you

been a glorious beginning, there is still can proudly tell the story of your Greek

much to do—because peace is more than American predecessor, Constantino Bru

just the absence of war. midi—Brumidi, the Michelangelo of the As we continue the struggle for liberty U.S. Capitol. More than 100 years ago, Bru- for all, our way will be lit with the inner midi produced those eloquent friezes show- radiance of pastoral pilgrims of peace like ing scenes from American history and said Your All Holiness. I've often spoken of hope with reverence: “My one ambition is that I as a Thousand Points of Light ablaze in the may live long enough to make beautiful the black sky, and so, I was struck by this conCapitol of the one country on Earth in ference's theme: “Walk as children of which there is liberty."

light." I noticed how this first began in In Washington, you can rejoice in the Ephesians: “For you were once darkness magnificence of your Cathedral of St. but now you are light.” Sophia. When I was Vice President, I used Eastern Europe was once in dark bondto live just down the road from Hagia age and now begins to see by the pale glow Sophia: the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom. of a new dawn. It's like your own Easter How impressive is its rich Byzantine style; midnight service. As the priest calls, “Come how moving the sight of its candlelit icons and receive the light,” he brings a candle, and those astonishing mosaics. It must have I'm told, from the altar into the unbroken been a place of rare beauty much like this blackness of the church. And then he passes that, back in the 10th century, inspired the the flame to each worshiper's own individenvoys of Prince Vladimir to bring your Or- ual candle until the church is ablaze with thodox faith to Kiev. For they said that, flickering lights proudly shining together to upon their first glimpse inside an Orthodox defeat the dark. church in Constantinople: “We knew not Your All Holiness, you are that candle. whether we were in heaven or on Earth." Your faithful here and around the world are

Your All Holiness, you are today trying to that congregation which takes the light of bring the peace of heaven to this earthly your vision and spreads it through all lands. life. Your global vision is one of hope, hope I was touched to hear that, during this trip, for what we can do with and for your 250 you will be walking across the Peace Bridge million spiritual children, so many of whom that links our great country, the United have lived in the chilled darkness of reli- States, and Canada. And really, if you think gious persecution. The world rejoices that about it, what a wonderful symbol of what the new freedoms of the past year mean all individuals and nations must do: build that your Orthodox followers in so many peace bridges that link-not separate—nalands are now once again able to follow tions, and then walk upon those bridges to freely and openly the road of holy light. meet others halfway in order to celebrate

We celebrate the dawn of hope for these our similarities, not to battle our differpeople, particularly those for whom you speak in Eastern Europe. We also celebrate Together, we ask your prayers, Your All the tremendous strength of spirit which has Holiness, that God will guide us in our efsustained them through these generations forts for peace and that the wide arms of of repression, spirit like that of the 50 mil- faith and forgiveness will one day soon emlion Russian Orthodox believers who still brace a world with justice and compassion dream of the day when they can worship for all. openly in their faith which is, after all, 930 God bless you, Your All Holiness, and years older than communism itself. We God bless every one of you gathered here tonight. Barbara and I were honored to be (b) The President shall select a Chairman your guests. Thank you very, very much. for the Commission from among the eight


members that he appoints. Note: The President spoke at 7:40 p.m. in (c) The Chairman shall select a Federal the Sheraton Ballroom at the Sheraton employee to serve as Executive Director for Washington Hotel. In his remarks, the the Commission. President jokingly referred to Ted Koppel,

Sec. 2. Functions. (a) 'The Commission of ABC News, as Peter Jennings, also of shall advise the President on the best means ABC News. The President also referred to

of simplifying the Presidential appointment His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Di- process through reducing the number and mitrios I, His Eminence Archbishop lakovos complexity of forms to be completed by of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Presidential nominees. The Commission North and South America, and John Brade- shall give special attention to: (i) achieving mas, president of New York University. A coordination between forms required in the tape was not available for verification of executive branch clearance process and the conient of these remarks.

forms required by Senate Committees for confirmation hearings; and (ii) identification of opportunities for the Office of Government Ethics to simplify the SF-278 Execu

tive Financial Disclosure Report and its inExecutive Order 12719-President's

structions, pursuant to the Ethics in GovCommission on the Federal

ernment Act of 1978, as amended. Appointment Process

(b) The Commission, through its ChairJuly 11, 1990

man, shall present its report to the Presi

dent no later than 90 days after its first By the authority vested in me as Presi- meeting. dent by the Constitution and laws of the Sec. 3. Administration. (a) The heads of United States of America, including section executive agencies shall, to the extent per203 of the Ethics Reform Act of 1989

mitted by law, provide the Chairman of the (Public Law 101–194), and in order to es- Commission with such information concerntablish an advisory commission to study the ing the Presidential appointment process as best means of simplifying the Presidential the Chairman deems required for the purappointment process, it is hereby ordered

pose of carrying out the Commission's funcas follows:

tions. Section 1. Establishment. (a) There is (b) To the extent permitted by law and hereby established the “President's Com

subject to the availability of appropriations, mission on the Federal Appointment Proc

the Secretary of Commerce shall provide ess” (“Commission”). The Commission shall

the Commission with administrative servcomprise 14 members from among officers

ices, staff support, and necessary expenses. and employees of the three branches of the Federal Government. Eight members shall

(c) The Commission shall cease to exist be appointed by the President, two mem

upon submission of the report referenced in bers shall be appointed by the majority

Section 2(b) of this order. leader of the Senate, two members shall be

George Bush appointed by the minority leader of the

The White House, Senate, one member shall be appointed by July 11, 1990. the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and one member shall be appointed [Filed with the Office of the Federal Regisby the minority leader of the House of Rep

ter, 4:54 p.m., July 13, 1990] resentatives. Any vacancy on the Commission shall be filled in the same manner as Note: The Executive order was released by the initial appointment.

the Office of the Press Secretary on July 13.


Message to the Congress Transmitting a have been no amendments or changes to Report on Hungarian Emigration orders of the Department of Commerce or Policy

the Department of Transportation impleJuly 13, 1990

menting aspects of Executive Order No.

12543 relating to exports from the United To the Congress of the United States:

States and air transportation, respectively. In October 1989 I determined and re- 3. During the current 6-month period, ported to the Congress that Hungary meets FAC has issued a limited number of specific the emigration criteria of the Jackson-Vanik licenses to individuals and corporations to amendment to the Trade Act of 1974. This permit them to engage in activities that determination allowed for the continuation would otherwise be prohibited by the Reguof Hungary's most favored nation (MFN) lations. Under FAC licensing procedures, 15 status without the requirement of an annual individuals registered to travel to or remain waiver.

in Libya with Libyan immediate family As required by law, I am submitting a members. Fifteen licensing decisions were formal report to the Congress concerning made authorizing or prohibiting transacemigration laws and policies of the Republic

tions in connection with Libya. The most of Hungary. You will find that the report significant licensing activity since the last certifies continued Hungarian compliance report was the authorization of U.S. involvewith U.S. and international standards in the

ment in a U.N. Food and Agriculture Orgaareas of emigration and human rights nization program to eradicate the screw policy.

worm, an infestation that threatened both George Bush humans and animals in North Africa.

4. Various enforcement actions The White House,

tioned in previous reports continue to be July 13, 1990.

pursued. In February 1990, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota, Sealed Air Corporation and two of its

former corporate officers each received Message to the Congress Reporting on

criminal sentences for engaging in shipthe Economic Sanctions Against Libya ments of rust inhibitor chemicals to Libya July 13, 1990

in violation of the Regulations. The corpora

tion was fined $500,000, the maximum penTo the Congress of the United States:

alty permitted for a violation of IEEPA. A 1. I hereby report to the Congress on senior vice president of the firm was fined developments since my last report of Janu- $ 100,000 and was ordered to perform 400 ary 25, 1990, concerning the national emer- hours of community service. A general gency with respect to Libya that was de- manager was fined $40,000 and was orclared in Executive Order No. 12543 of Jan- dered to perform 200 hours of community uary 7, 1986. This report is submitted pur

service. suant to section 401(c) of the National In April 1990, FAC closed the offices of a Emergencies Act, 50 U.S.C. 1641(c); section Libyan student group for failure to abide by 204(c) of the International Emergency Eco- the terms of its FAC license. All tangible nomic Powers Act, 50 U.S.C. 1703(c) property of the organization and all bank (“IEEPA”); and section 505(c) of the Inter- accounts of the organization were blocked. national Security and Development Coop- The student group has since elected a new eration Act of 1985, 22 U.S.C. 2349aa-9(c). board of directors and has agreed to renew

2. Since my last report on January 25, its licensed contractual arrangements for 1990, there have been no amendments to outside monitoring of financial transactions the Libyan Sanctions Regulations, 31 C.F.R. and to obtain funds from Libya in order to Part 550 (the “Regulations”), administered resume its operation in accordance with by the Office of Foreign Assets Control FAC licensing requirements. ("FAC") of the Department of the Treasury. 5. The expenses incurred by the Federal Additionally, since January 25, 1990, there Government in the period from January 25, 1990, through June 1, 1990, that are direct- want to build on the positive achievements ly attributable to the exercise of powers and cited in this report and to work with the authorities conferred by the declaration of Congress toward our common goal: a safer the Libyan national emergency are estimat- and more secure future for all mankind. ed at $442,541. Personnel costs were largely

George Bush centered in the Department of the Treasury (particularly in the Office of Foreign The White House,

, Assets Control, the Customs Service, the July 13, 1990. Office of the Assistant Secretary for Enforcement, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, and the Office of the General Counsel), the Department of State, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Justice, the Federal Reserve Statement on Congressional Action on Board, and the National Security Council.

the Americans With Disabilities Act 6. The policies and actions of the Govern- July 13, 1990 ment of Libya continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national se- I am delighted that Congress has now apcurity and foreign policy of the United proved the conference report on the AmerStates. I shall continue to exercise the icans with Disabilities Act. I am looking forpowers at my disposal to apply economic ward with great pleasure to signing this imsanctions against Libya as long as these portant civil rights legislation. This is a measures are appropriate and will continue great day in the history of our country beto report periodically to the Congress on cause for the first time Americans with dissignificant developments as required by abilities will enjoy full civil rights protection law.

with respect to employment, transportation,

places of public accommodation, public George Bush

services, and communications. Further, it is The White House,

proof that individual rights can be given full July 13, 1990.

and necessary protection without undue regulatory burdens. In this month of the 214th anniversary of the independence of our nation, this legislation will serve as a

declaration of independence for millions of Message to the Congress Transmitting

persons with disabilities in this country. the Annual Report on Nuclear Nonproliferation July 13, 1990 To the Congress of the United States:

Remarks on the Proposed Balanced I have reviewed the activities of the Budget Amendment and an Exchange United States Government departments

With Reporters and agencies during calendar year 1989 re- July 13, 1990 lated to preventing nuclear proliferation, and I am pleased to submit my annual The President. Let me just say before I report pursuant to section 601(a) of the Nu- leave here that on Tuesday the House is clear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978 (Public going to vote on a balanced budget amendLaw 95–242, 22 U.S.C. 3281(a)).

ment. And if enacted, that would halt the As the report demonstrates, the United steady buildup of the national debt. I think States continued its efforts during 1989 to it will bring much-needed discipline to the prevent the spread of nuclear explosives to process, discipline on the executive branch, additional countries. This is an important discipline on the legislative branch, on the element of our overall national security Congress of the United States. policy, which seeks to reduce the risk of We've had one surplus in 30 years. And war and increase international stability. I 30 State legislatures—more than that-have

already called for this action. I think this would be a very important tool. This passage is important too, I think, to the current budget negotiators. It would send them a good signal. We are very, very serious not only in the budget negotiations now in process but the commitment to the balanced-budget process. I think this vote on Tuesday is important, so I wanted to urge strong support for it.

Q. What about the civil rights compromise?

Q. How practical is it, Mr. President?

The President. Phase it in and it will be very practical, and it will work. And it ought to be tried. We've tried a lot of other things, and it hasn't worked. And we hear a lot about controlling spending, and then we see bills up there—we're going $4 billion over the President's request in 1 day. Turn around and that's what happens. So, I'd like to give this a shot, and I think the country would like to give it a shot.

Q. When you can't meet Gramm-Rudman in 1 year, sir, how can you reach zero?

The President. We're not going to reach


it in 1 year.

The President. I think-well, I don't know, Helen (Helen Thomas, United Press International). That's a good—and I can't tell you. Sometimes I think our negotiators—Brady, Darman, and Sununu—are optimistic, and sometimes they come back with a little less optimism. But I hope that this statement today will be supportive of the process, and I hope that what I've suggested will happen because I think in the long-run that's what's required to keep our fiscal house in order. Civil Rights Legislation

Q. Where do things stand on civil rights?

The President. Negotiations going on. John Sununu was back today and had a fairly, I would say, reasonably optimistic proposal. My position on that one remains clear: I want to sign a civil rights bill; I will not sign a quota bill. And that's about where we are, but I think it's looking encouraging. I saw (Senator] Ted Kennedy down here yesterday and had a chance to share my views with him once again. And he's been working, I would say, quite cooperatively with us the Republican side, under Senator Hatch-most cooperative. So, as I leave here for the weekend, I hope I'm right in saying that it looks like we can work something out on that. I want to do it. Federal Budget Negotiations

Q. Can you say, sir, if in fact the administration has signed on for the need for about $25 billion in tax revenues as part of this overall package?

The President. No. I've said I wasn't going to discuss the specifics of the negotiations. And I really think I-I know it's not too specific, but I really feel I ought to keep my share of the bargain on that. I see a lot of speculation and a lot of people saying what we will or won't do or what they will or won't do—Republicans and Democrats, and, look, I understand that. But I gave my commitment to the leadership—Republican and Democrat-in the House, and I'm going to stay with that. And at some point, I may have to go out and say, Look, this is all we can do, or here's where we go. But I'm not going to do that now.

Q. Is your commitment-
The President. I'm going to try.

Q. Has the budget bogged down? Civil Rights Legislation

Q. Are you feeling optimistic about the civil rights compromise now, after Sununu's letter?

The President. Well, we're trying very hard on that. Do I get credit for a full press

conference here? Otherwise, I'm leaving.

Q. Half credit on it.

Q. We'll give you credit. Federal Budget Negotiations

Q. How about tax increase revenues? Have you decided

The President. The budget process? I think they're working in seriousness as of today, and I've vowed to stay out of it. I notice others are positioning themselves on what they will or won't accept. I made a deal with the leadership that I wouldn't do that, and I'm going to keep my pledge as long as I can. I may be the only one in town doing that, but —

Q. Have you gotten closer to a package on taxes?

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